BOL newsletter 52 – Personal Assistant & Sales Video

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Transcript: Newsletter #52 Personal Assistant and Sales Video

Hey and welcome to another newsletter. I am not out and about walking along the canals today because the weather is not so great and also my leg is not so great too, but I am sitting next to the cabbage. Next to them growing. I am really proud of them they are looking lovely. I will give you a tour of them one day.

Now I’ve got 4 things to mention in this video.

I’ve got personal assistant,

I’ve got more subjects for the ten email series from an expert.

I’ve got that changes to the sales video that I have done, and the contest.

So first thing the personal assistant. Now I’ve heard and I’ve read all before from other entrepreneurs or business owners or successful people like that and they say ‘what is the biggest thing you regret?’ And quite a few times I’ve seen people say that you know ‘I regret not getting someone to do it for me, I tried to do everything myself, I was a control freak’, and that was the main stopper to their growth and they found that when they started employing people to do the things that they could do repetitive task then they were able to do more stuff generate an income or give ideas and you know more use of their time.

Now I can see their point because I am starting to bring on people that are paid to do a certain number of things for me, and I can see their point about that being a stopper to them growing their business because you know, if they spent all day trying to edit a video that could be done by someone for $10 an hour than they are not doing stuff that is earning them big money. So really I could see their point about that, but also on the other side of the coin I can see that advantage of doing everything yourself. I am quite technically capable.

You could say I am a proper geek, nerd guy! And so, doing all of these different things for the business it was never a problem for me and in fact in the beginning I didn’t even know it was going to be a business. And so, I had no choice but to do, if I wanted it done I did it myself, and I have become used to that. And that advantage to that is that when you get a bit of news that can affect your business like “by the way here you’ve got a chronic condition”.Then I am free to put the business not on hold, but put it on go slow for a little while because I don’t have any obligational requirement to make sure the people that I am employing have enough work to do so I don’t have to sack them.

Which is kind of how my Bricks and Mortar Business with my Mrs. and the Chinese take away. We’re to have a certain element and level of business to be able to pay the staff that make the business happen, and if we don’t have enough business to pay that staff we’ve got to find that money from somewhere. So there is an added bit of pressure, and pressure is not what I need when I’ve got this condition because it does funny things to me I’ll tell you!.


that being said I am bringing on someone as a personal assistant and they will be able to do the things that I’ve broken down into steps that they can follow: A, B, C, D. You know process a video. This video will be his baptism of fire so to speak and so he is going to process this video and do all the other things that happen when a newsletter video comes on. That’s like edit the video, turn it into a blog post, and send out the newsletter that kind of thing. So good luck Adnan that is going to be your job today.

Okay the second thing I want to bring up is Sales video.  I don’t know if I said that secondly in the beginning but the sales video. I am being quite disabled this week, but I have done a lot for some source of music for the video so it goes corporate then sad, then corporate, and then happy, and then corporate. That kind of thing, which is a difficult thing to do actually when you are browsing through these music files you think ‘oh that will work, or that would work’ and so on. Oh it’s a bloody nightmare.

Next we’ve got the suggestions for you know emails from an expert and so I want more suggestions  because I’ve got  another week now to accumulate all suggestions and choose the best ones and send them off to the writer, and the writer will get them done and we will have a little feedback and chin wags about it. And then I will be able to put it into the system for new members. And so, if you’ve got a suggestion it’s basically now you are an experience blogger (if you are) what advice would you give to yourself in the past?, what would you say to yourself just to make blogging a little bit easier on you or less time consuming or less worrying and stuff like that.

Or what would you like to have been told by an expert when you first started blogging. What would have made your blogging life easier? So send me an email, send me a support ticket, send me a response on the YouTube video, and send me a comment on the blog post. I will choose all the best ones. I will get 10 of them, send them off to the writer, and the person with best suggestion wins $100, which I shall pay next month sometimes and let everybody know what they won and what they said and what they suggested and all that kind of stuff.

Talk of wining, the contest is going really well so the last one been claimed, the one before that has been claimed. So check the blog post on for this newsletter and then you can see who won the premium license and this is a life time license as well so they always get constant updates as well as when I have released them as well instead of having to pay a recurring fee. The way that you can enter this contest is just use Commentluv, not even Commentluv premium, just use Commentluv and get some comments. More than one comment on your blog to get some Commentluv and I will get to know about that when the stats get updated every couple of weeks and then I will choose people that are using the latest version that got a comment and I will award them a life time premium license. Now if that one person is a premium member then they get a license to give away on their blog for anyone else, it is transferable.

All right, come to the blog and see who won. Send me suggestions for what you would like to be advised about blogging when you first started blogging and cross your fingers for Adnan who is going to be processing this video and transcribing it, and turning it into a blog post and newsletter. Hopefully I have done all the videos and the updates and put down the steps and set the column in the boards in the cards in trello that I can follow the which aspect he is doing and can follow along like that.

If you are interested there is this thing called trello and I just mentioned it before. It’s a free project management system and it is really good for what I want to do and it’s free, but if someone joins through my link then I get a free month of gold so it’d be really nice if you look at the link below and you click through the trello join that and I will get notified that you are then and maybe I will give you something nice as well. All right, so I will see you next week.