BOL newsletter# 53 – Away for a week & Questions on walk & talk video

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Transcript: Newsletter #53 

Hey and welcome to another newsletter and it’s going to be a short one this week and I am not out and about walking and talking because you know I’ve got busy things. I’ve got stuff to do; I have an afternoon nap later and stuff like that. But let me just tell you, this week, next week I won’t be appearing in your inbox because my friend from London is coming up and we are going to spend a week doing some silly stuff, mostly playing Xbox. But, Tom sent me an email asking me about, well he’s not the only one loads of people of other people have sent me email saying about how do I make that walk and talk video?

How do I get it to look like its being filmed on an expensive steady cam. You’ve seen the ones where they make proper movies from and it stops all the jiggity jiggity. And other people have asked me do you have a pauperize following you? And I was like ‘No’, but I would like to be a famous enough to have a pauperize, and other people think I’ve got a crew or someone is following me or walking backwards with a camera. And how do I make it look so smooth and stuff like that.

And basically I’ve got a stick that I straighten out on a telescopic mono pod and a camera on the end. And my mate what he is going to be able to do when he comes up is he is going to be able to film me while I am filming myself because I can’t do both at the same time, and from that I will be able to do a little tutorial video for exactly how I do the walk and talk, and how

to make it smooth and how to use the extra features of YouTube so it looks professionally smoothed out.

It’s really quite cleaver and it’s quite easy and it’s really quite quick. So within a few weeks I will be able to really start and you will be able to watch that and make your own walk and talk video. I would love to be able to see some of your stuff.

Next we’ve got the promo video and I am not asking for more feedback because I have spent so much time on this promo video now. I listened to the first lot of feedback and I am putting it all together in my editing app and I am putting sound tracks to it, I’ve got a Morgan Freeman voice over and I’ve got loads of little screen shots, screen saves, and screen grabs that I am going to put in there as well. So hopefully that will explain what the plug-in sort of does.

And after that, I have got to send all of those suggestions from you about what you would like to be taught when you were a new blogger or what advice would you give, and I will be sending that to the writer, and the writer will be dealing with that and we will be having a little chin wag and stuff and feedback. And that will be given back to me sometime next month sometime.

So you know things are moving on and it’s going really nice, but I think I might need another nap or 2 before that’s all done, but definitely I want to say thanks very much for watching these videos and giving me the comments and all the feedback and all the support I got on the Facebook page, on twitter, on the blog, on the board tickets, on the email. All of that stuff, I do read every single one of your suggestions and your comments and your emails and I love to hear from people.

I read every single email. I can’t always rely, and I can’t always get feedback immediately to you, but I definitely really love to get all these emails and the support, and all the questions as well because now I get to answer you. And things like Tom asking for you know how I make the videos and the other people that have asked and now I get to show you. So that’s coming in a few weeks the videos coming and I might be able to give you a secret preview of the promo video in a couple weeks after I have had my week off.

And I’ve got to see what else is coming up. Oh I’ve got to award the prize to the best suggestion for the best subject. I will do that in a few weeks as well because there are some really good suggestions, and I am loving that. That means I don’t have to think of them either. Brilliant, all of this stuff has just been done for me. I’ve only have got to pay thousands of dollars to get it made. Thanks very much for that and I will see you in a couple of weeks.