Top Ten Ways The Earth Can Get Destroyed

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earth can get destroyed

Since Earth is an unique place in our universe because it harbors intelligent life, many often worry about how the Earth can get destroyed or what will happen if something catastrophic happens. The outer space is a violent place and some of things out there are really powerful. Some are powerful enough to wipe out our planet in a matter of moments.

10. Asteroids

Asteroids, also called minor planets are mostly found in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Thanks to Jupiter’s incredible gravitational pull, all of the asteroids are kept in control and it prevents them from flying off in different direction. But sometimes, some of them do occasionally get out of control.
earth can get destroyed
One such is named as 99942 Apophis. The asteroid caused a lot of worry because it was predicted that it would strike the earth in 2029. That however was ruled out, and it was stated that it could come back and hit earth in 2036 if it passed through a Gravitational Keyhole. Later, it too was ruled out with more accurate predictions. Even though we managed to avoid one disaster, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other asteroids out there.

9. Comets

earth can get destroyedUnlike asteroids, comets are mostly ice that shows off a tail when they pass close to the stars they revolve around. Comets follow generally follow hyperbolic or elliptical paths from way outside the solar systems.

Though comets are smaller than asteroids, they have much higher speeds than asteroids. When close to the stars, they can travel at speeds of 250,000 km/h. Higher speed means higher kinetic energy and when it hits something (if Earth) with that speed, you can only imagine the kind of destruction it will cause.

8. CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejection)earth can get destroyed

Coronal Mass Ejections are a form solar storm which are mostly associated with Solar Flares. Huge solar flares are created on the surface of the sun because of the incredibly complex magnetic fields of the Sun. The complex magnetic fields are a result of the movement of plasma in the different directions.

The magnetic field causes super storms which shoots out highly energized radiations. Severe or powerful CMEs can wipe out the entire electrical infrastructure around the globe. High radiation can cause lot’s of problems for us humans. A super CME can easily make conditions difficult for us and make Earth inhospitable.

7. Black Holes

earth can get destroyed

A Black Hole Sucking A Star

Black Holes are one of the most elusive objects in the universe. Invisible to everything , they are one of the most powerful forces in the university. Even the fastest in the universe – Light can’t escape it’s grip. Black Holes are the densest entity in the universe.

With infinite mass compressed into a infinitesimally small (almost zero) it has almost infinite density and this is where the laws of physics breaks down.If one of them were to come too close to Earth, our planet would be sucked into it almost instantly and shredded into untraceable pieces.

6. Supernovaearth can get destroyed

Supernovae are one of the powerful explosions in the cosmos. Caused by a star which has

exhausted it’s fuel and when the core of the star explodes. The threat to our planet from supernova comes from it’s gamma-ray bursts.

A close enough supernova (about 26 light years) could deplete half of the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere and then there would be no stopping by the radiations coming towards the earth from different directions of outer space.

5. Hypernovaearth can get destroyed

Like the supernova, hypernova is also a type of stellar explosion. Mostly occurs in heavier stars than the sun (at least 15 times more massive) , they are more powerful than standard supernovae and are often associated with long duration gamma-ray bursts.

A long duration gamma ray bursts can cause the life on earth to end. It has long been considered that the Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction was caused by a long duration gamma ray bursts from a hypernova.

4. Pulsarsearth can get destroyed

Pulsars are powerful rotating neutron stars that emits gamma ray bursts. Pulsars are formed after a supernova when the core of the star collapses onto itself to form highly dense neutron stars.

Neutron stars retain most of their angular momentum and they pulsate after frequent time intervals. The longest known pulse upto now has been calculated as 9.5 seconds. If that were to hit earth , it would have vaporized earth’s ozone layer along with significant part of the atmosphere.

3. Quasarsearth can get destroyed

Quasars are are the most luminous objects in the universe. They are the most powerful and and brightest objects in the outer space. Quasars are usually found at very large distances typically at few million light years or few billion light years.

Quasars emit extremely powerful gamma ray bursts constantly and they are powerful enough to be seen billions of light years with the naked eye. One hit of the powerful gamma ray to Earth and it would disintegrate everything in a matter of moments.

2. Sun becomes a Red Giantearth can get destroyed

The mass of the sun is small enough that it won’t go supernova. Instead, it would ultimately collapse into a white dwarf. But before that, it goes through the Red Giant stage. It’s a stage where the sun’s atmosphere expands because of higher fusion temperature when the hydrogen fuel runs out and it starts burning helium to fight gravity.

The Red Giant would be so large that it would consume the orbits of Mercury and Venus. The Earth would not get sucked into the sun because of lower gravitational pull and it would have floated much farther from the sun.

Though life as we know it would end because of the heat from the dun. All the water would vaporize and the earth would become inhospitable.

1. Galactic Collisionsearth can get destroyed

Galactic collisions are very common although they take millions or billions of years to occur. The Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxy are destined to collide in the future about 1.4 billion years from now. Galactic collisions creates much larger super massive black holes because of the merger of the two.

Although there are huge distances between the stars of a galaxy and it is extremely rare for a solar system to be wiped out because of the merger, you never know the odds. If it were to collide with other planets, life as we know it would be completely wiped out.

So, which one is your favorite among the top ten ? Share your views in the comment section.