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The world is a beautiful place full of different smells, sounds and tastes. There are big people, small people, and some that are in between. Many believe in certain things; others don’t believe in anything. These differences help to make the world beautiful. Unfortunately , people choose to conform and refuse to savor the beauty that is difference. By doing this, they are shortening their journey and missing out on what could be a remarkable life. Here are 4 ways to savor the beauty in difference and in your world.

1) Be real.

Realize that the world is full of different sites, customs, and ideas. Everyone will not look or think

like you. That does not mean that you have to forget who you are. It just means that you have to be confident.

2) Be confident.

Being confident in yourself is the first step to understanding others. Take the time to decide what really matters to you in life and why it makes you happy. Just don’t forget to give others that same privilege.

3) Be understanding.

True beauty begins when you realize that it is okay to be different. Understanding is not a service to the misunderstood; it is a service to the world.

4.Be open.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Change is the thing that makes the world go ’round.¬†Jump In!

The next time to run in to some one who is a little different, talk to them. Realize the beauty in difference and challenge yourself to understand. The world was not made for us to stick to our own. So, get out there and make a difference.