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I am Thomas Allan, I am passionate about positive affirmations and all areas of self improvement, and I run and am growing the world's largest resource for free affirmations. I am always happy to talk, and would love your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on my writing and ideas!
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Thomas Allan
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Guest Blogging

I thought I would bring this question to the ComLuv community as it seems to be one of the more successful sources I have personally found for guest blogging.

Perhaps you guys can let me know what you think of my formula and idea, I have a little bit of a different approach to guest blogging.


My website is about positive affirmations. Basically we have currently about 200 pages, mostly written by myself, but  recently have received some guest posts after opening up and putting an open invitation to submit your own and have us publish them.

The idea is that the guest posting is win-win for me and for the people who write – I get unique content and the faster growth of my website, and they get free backlinks, and exposure for their website (if they are business minded), or just a chance to share their writing with a wider audience and actually perhaps help people improve their lives like they have already (if they are just a fan).

The Usual Blogging Formula

Usually, like it is here or on most places which accept guest posts, the formula is very open and flexible.

1. The article should be of interest and related to the area of the blog (ComLuv is perhaps the most flexible to let people write about everything)

2. The article itself is open to the style of the writer; you write an article how you want, in your style. It should provide an introduction to your speciality usually, and provide free value for the reader

3. There is usually allowed a couple or more backlinks to the site, usually at the end of the article.

This seems quite standard.. but I wanted to do things a little bit differently – to try and get the writing done to my formula… my site isn’t a blog, it is a fixed website rather than a news site or a personal story, so I have set pages and a specific style of writing… so I set a different guest blog formula.. let me know what you think:

My Formula

I wanted to take the guest blogging idea a step further. To ask people to build pages to MY FORMULA. To write to the style of page we create…

So we have 200 or so pages, each page is a collection of positive affirmations with an introduction (how the affirmations will benefit you) and 3 sets of positive affirmations written in 3 different gramatical tenses.

If you want to guest blog with us you can’t just write “an article”. You have to write a page for us – like the others on our site.

The Benefits for Me

  • Other people actually build my site along side me. My website grows faster.
  • The posts are often higher quality – they CANT be spun, or junk submissions.
  • I know my formula is “good”. I know people are searching for this sort of thing.
  • I get different experts in different areas, with different ideas, who think of pages and areas
    for affirmations I hadn’t even considered or know little / nothing about.
  • There could be a bigger social effect – as people share their writing either with their blog readers, or just fans share with their friends and family on facebook (I hope this will be the case, and already seen a little of this happening with the first few submissions I’ve received).

The Benefits for the Writer

  • It’s FREE!
  • It is a unique source to get backlinks and exposure from – not everyone will be submitting articles to my site like they are other article sites or even other guest blog sources.
  • The formula is simple, and if people want to write 10x “guest blog / pages” then they can, pretty easily – to get different links to different pages on their site or to multiple sites (could be great for an seo company even to be able to get links to different clients?)
  • It is a high quality link from a unique site, which has big plans, good structure and which is growing rapidly.
  • The writer gets in on the ground floor while were still accepting guest blogs while we grow, and they are locked in for life.
  • I know the formula works! Already the site is getting found, the titles are simple keyword formulas for “something positive affirmations”. They are easy phrases to get found in the search engines, and they are relevant – someone searching for “something positive affirmations” is interested in “something”. They have a problem that needs solving, which also happens to be the speciality of the writer, back on their home website (which is linked into the set of affirmations)
  • The writer writes once, and then our marketing, seo, and future growth builds the site into the future.
  • As the site grows, it grows, and grows and grows – other articles feed into each other into related areas, link to each other and help each other get found in the search engines.
  • It is an evergreen site, not a blog – it is not date categorised, the page will always be available in a relatively top layer of the website, or at least organized into a specific relevant category forever.

Overall I think it’s harder for a new writer do the first page – a new formula, being told how to write, I think it is harder and less appealing.. and this will put some people off…

… but for the people who do take it up and write with us this just means it is a more exclusive link source, even more so it is somewhere that not every blogger and internet marketer out there is using..

.. but what do you think? You guys reading this are the experts in this area, much more so than me – so I would be interested in your thoughts, ideas and comments (please post them in the comments below and i’ll answer and reply)

Or of course if you would like to write for us then you can see our writing formula and write for us here