17 Most Effective Traffic Pulling Strategies For 2014 Bloggers

Oscar Frank
Oscar Frank is a Blogger who loves experimenting with different strategies to making money and building traffic to blogs and details his working methods at his all round tech and blogging tips blog. He recently completed a project that brought him 68% increase in traffic. He is someone who loves connecting with new people like you.
Oscar Frank
Oscar Frank
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It’s the dawn of a new year and as bloggers, we are all thirsty of the best working strategies to pull massive traffic to our blogs. Guess what, I have fresh ideas that can turn your blog into a traffic sucking machine.

17 Surefire Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

1. You can write articles on articles submission directories such as Squidoo and Hubpages as they have proven to be great places to getting targeted traffic to any blog as long as you write quality articles.

2. Join Forums that centers around your blog’s Niche and try to be of help in the little way you can to the forum members. Add your blog’s URL in your signature, and from time to time you can add links to articles on your blog that can serve as resources in situations necessary on the forum.

how to get traffic in 2014

3. Try making videos, upload them to youtube, do a little SEO and promotion and watch your blog receive targeted traffic from this stream.

4. Share your blog posts on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn. Google + shares have proven to have positive effects on a blogs ranking and SEO.

5. Press releases are great ways to pull additional traffic to your blog. You can leverage free press release sites such as Free-Press-Release and PrFree to get press releases that would turn into traffic for your blog.

6. Directories also have proven to be great for getting traffic. Submit your blog to Google and Yahoo Directories for better ranking and in turn additional organic traffic flow to your blog.

7. Join blogging communities such as Blogengage, Blokube and their likes in order to get targeted traffic since these are places where people interested in your articles would definitely converge.

8. Optimize your blog for search engines in order to improve your blog’s rankings and organic traffic. This might take a little while, but concentrating on White Hat ethical methods pay far better than the Black Hat SEO methods.

9. Comment on Comluv enabled blogs. From personal experience, I have gotten a lot of referral traffic due to the fact that I comment on Comluv blogs. This is of a huge advantage because anytime you leave a comment

on a comluv enabled blog, you also leave a link back to your latest post which people could click through down to your blog.

10. Run Contests and giveaways on your blog. This not only increases your traffic, but most times also increases your link backs and social media shares.

11. Write powerful and content rich articles, as this would leave your readers with no other option than to always come back to your blog for more, share your articles and often times link to your blog as resource page on their articles if they are bloggers.

12. Join social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit, promote your blog posts there and see the effect this would have on your traffic.

13. Blog consistently. You might not know the power of an improved posting frequency schedule. It has proven to bring about 68% increase in traffic to my blog after I conducted a test.

14. Setup a mailing list. This is a great way to get return visitors to your blog. As long as they subscribe to your mailing list, you can always pitch them with the latest blog post you’ve made. They would likely return to your blog since they trust and know your blog.

15. Submit articles to article directories such as Ezine articles and ACME articles. They have proven to be great ways to build traffic to any website.

16. Reply to comments on your blog. You might be wondering how this adds to your traffic, it gives your readers the feeling that you care about them and would leave them with no other option than to often come back for more of your care.

17. Do a lot of Guest Blogging. Submitting articles to blogs in your Niche in form of guest posts not only would increase your traffic but would also make people regard you to be an authority over time once your name spreads around the blogosphere. I have written a detailed guide on The Anatomy Of A Perfect Guest Post That Attracts Traffic, it has helped a lot of blogger drive massive traffic and should also work for you.

If only you can incorporate these principles into your blogging career, you would definitely see a spike in traffic within the first week of inception.

Feel free to experiment with these strategies that have already been working for me and they sure would work for you. Please share your thoughts below using the comment box.


  1. Twitter:
    Another good post Oscar!
    i am trying use these tricks to get traffics.

  2. Twitter:
    Thanks for remembering most important ways to boost website traffic. I got some new points also with this post. Thanks again.
    saimohanreddy recently posted..How To Solve Blood Relation questions With Simple Aptitude TricksMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Good stuff Oscar. With an Alexa rank of 40,000 that shows you are certainly getting a lot of traffic. Speaking of which, I was wondering if anyone knows how to convert Alexa rank into hard numbers of visits per month without actually joining a paid service like Alexa’s premium service?
    Kirby Hopper recently posted..Do Not Use Google AdWords Unless . . .My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Nice tips Oscar, and am pretty sure if anyone can religiously follow the steps you outlined here, they are going to get the same results you are getting.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..How to make $20 daily online with Pinterest.com and AdsenseMy Profile

  5. I have just started up with a new blog. I hope the suggestions given here will help me in getting a small portion of the www traffic :)

  6. Twitter:
    Thank you Oscar for this great post.It will help me because i have a very new site and i’m going to try some of your method.Great post.Keep going like that
    sunil recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Oscar!!
    I found your post very useful, It will help me to build the traffic on my new website.. Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge with us, and I all agree with your point that sharing posts on social networks are really useful to build more traffic, but YouTube is blocked in my country :( So please suggest me a good website for videos with High PR.. Thanks

  8. Twitter:
    A great post and top advice, thanks!

  9. Twitter:
    I will this article to “Better than best”…
    such kind of information you will find very rare…
    fabulous job..keep doing…
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  10. Twitter:
    Hy Oscar, very nice post and a good summary of ways to get targeted traffic! I am new to the blogging business and this list will help me get the right traffic. Happy posting…
    Ferdi recently posted..Houten zandbak met deksel dak en/of bankjesMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Some great tips Oscar, i’m off to try those free press release sites you recommended they look like an interesting way to gain extra traffic and also maybe a few backlinks in the process
    Mark recently posted..What Are The Best Ceramic Knives?My Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Great tips, like the blog community information. I was with a great one that is no longer in operation, but got great traffic and backlinks when I used it so will definitely start looking for others.
    You mentioned white hat SEO for blogs…any suggestions? Thanks for the informative post.
    Sondra recently posted..Upcoming Penny Auctions: Apple iPad MiniMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Another interesting post. Guest blogging is one of the best and evergreen way drive traffic to a blog. Every weekend I submit at least two guest posts on high quality blogs. Thanks for the share.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..10 Best Security Plugins For WordPress BlogMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Great post Oscar !!!. The strategies you discussed above are the best. I do agree with you guest blogging has more power its increase traffic and Domain authority too.
    Syed Aly recently posted..Tips and Tools to Pick the Best Domain for Your BlogMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Hi Oscar,

    We all are concerned about continuous targeted traffic for our blog/website. You really share some useful and fruitful points in this post. Content plays a crucial role in the building your brand and generate relevant traffic but you need to ensure that you’re doing right promotion of your article so that it get required exposure.
    Pankaj recently posted..Network Marketing SoftwareMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Excellent piece of work and many thanks for sharing some authentic information about website traffic Strategies. I think these are great tips for both starting new and existing website owner. I’m still trying to accomplish boost my site traffic, but it takes time and a lot of effort!…. Thanks for your tips.
    somon recently posted..One clue game all level answersMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    From this article i learned not only content brings traffic, I must be active on other blogging fields like forums, Blogging network and others as i can. Thank you for this. Nice article.

  18. Twitter:
    Hi Frank,
    I think the best strategies are: setting up a list, youtube videos, blog commenting (with Commentluv) and forums.

    Blogging communities? Might work but only if you have a niche. So many people don’t have a niche. This is the first and most important strategy you need in the beginning.

    Contests and giveaways? In the first week? :) When you begin and you know so little things, it is very difficult to run Contests and giveaways.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted..Test Your Site for Mobile Devices Before They Test YouMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Hey Oscar, great article man. Videos like vines are hot now-a-days. They are becoming trend like memes and infographics and surely, are great way to build traffic. And yeah, social media, its power is just stunning. In minutes one thing can go viral and grabs you thousands and sometimes millions of hits.
    Gonna apply your strategies. :)
    Arslan Shoukat recently posted..How to Install New Custom Maps in Counter Strike 1.6My Profile

  20. Hi Oscar, What to do If we are building an niche blog for short time and need links fast. Please tell how to build link fast for niche blog.

  21. hii oscar
    thnx for sharng these nce stragies these are the most important ways to boost website traffic. I got some new points also with this post.nice share
    monika recently posted..how to root htc one | htc one custom romMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    That is a great list !!
    There are a couple of things I could improve on my own blog from reading this, but I’m glad I picked up the ‘headlines are important’ thing early on.
    sagar nandwani recently posted..List of ten Sexiest Bollywood ActressesMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    hi Oscar,
    Great post indeed.Almost all point which are essential to getting traffic you cover in this post.Thank you for such useful post.
    sameer recently posted..Smartlet:Turn Your iPhone Into Ultimate SmartwatchMy Profile

  24. Kristall Brown says:

    Social Media is the best way to get traffic for your site now a days. People are ranking their Facebook Pages for the exact keyword on the Google for generating targeted traffic.

    Thanks :)

  25. Twitter:
    Hello Oscar,

    Bloggers can never get enough of traffic…like Oliver Twist, we always ask for more! These tips, I am pretty positive, would help both the newbie and problogger achieve this very noble objective of blogging!

    Thanks Oscar for contributing to this all important topic!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..HOW TO BEST MONETIZE YOUR BLOG/WEBSITEMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Awesome post buddy. Thanks for sharing such valuable tips. After all traffic is what makes the bloggers happy !! :)
    Anirudh Anand recently posted..[Giveaway] Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 worth $1000 !!My Profile

  27. Twitter:
    Killer strategies Oscar … Nice share !

    AFAIK, google directory no longer exists, so do you recommend any others?
    Salman recently posted..7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is the Future of MobileMy Profile

  28. Great post Oscar!
    You wrote so many useful and valuable tips that I will for sure be implementing for my own blog. Thanks!
    Ann-Elizabeth Wittke recently posted..Eating out? What to watch out for with gluten intolerance!My Profile

  29. Twitter:
    Impressive list you got here although i’ve learn most of these strategies from various bloggers i really need to get into the habit of doing some guest posting . Thanks for the tips on in one big list :)
    Osei recently posted..New Smart Linked Toothbrush Unveiled At CES.My Profile

  30. Twitter:
    These are really effective traffic pulling strategies buddy :) ,I am thinking of creating videos for some extra traffic these days, and social media has always been the best method to drive traffic to your blog.
    Abhishek recently posted..Google Adsense Pin Verification Instantly Without Any IssuesMy Profile

  31. Hey Oscar Frank,
    Great tips to get traffic. These can be really so helpful for Newbie bloggers like me and others.
    Thank you!

  32. Twitter:
    Hey Oscar Frank,
    I had made a blog four months ago but i am not getting traffic :( I’ve published upto 40 articles on my blog but still page views are no more than 200 ? any tip regarding this problem?
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Rocket Style Back to Top Button for BloggerMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    Another informative post. All the bloggers should follow all the tips you have mentioned in your post to increase their blog traffic. Thanks for the share.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..10 Best Security Plugins For WordPress BlogMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Nicely done Oscar, there are quite a few options you’ve listed here that I’ve not thought of.
    Of course to keep up with this many tasks on a regular basis could become quite taxing on time, especially for a blogger like me that works full time. I try very hard to keep up with all my social accounts and to maintain a consistent posting frequency and that takes most of my free time already. I guess one would just have to implement ideas as time allowed.

    Oh the world of blogging… most folks don’t realize just how much work goes into maintaining a good blog. Thanks for the tips!
    Robert Tuttle recently posted..Are You Addicted to CARMEX, ChapStick and Lip BalmsMy Profile

  35. Twitter:
    Well said Frank,
    These are valuable points that are time tested, proven to be working for anyone who is ready to put in the required hard work to bring in the desired result.
    Am a big fan of guest posting, the benefits that comes along with successful guest post campaign is massive.
    Thanks for sharing with us, your wealth of experience.
    Shamsudeen recently posted..How To Rank Number 1 In Google Search EngineMy Profile

  36. Twitter:
    #9 is certainly something I am going to do more of. I love spreading the love via Comluv enabled blogs.
    Troy recently posted..Interesting stuff people buy on Amazon part 2My Profile

  37. Shahin Abdulla says:

    Very useful post. I was searching for some tips to increase traffic to my new blog. At last I found the best solution here in your post. Thanks for nice share

  38. Great info, Oscar :)
    anyway i still prefer to get a traffic from social media and forum.
    and i don’t use english language to my blog. just a local blog :)
    willy recently posted..Hal Penting Yang Manusia Pelajari Waktu Kecil, Namun Berbeda Saat DewasaMy Profile

  39. Mahendra Kumar says:

    Many of the bloggers offer give away with some contest. I am not sure whether they really give those gifts.

  40. Twitter:
    Hi Oscar,
    You mentioned almost every way or mean available to drive traffic to a blog. Out of the ways you have written above my favourites are the blog commenting specially on commentluv enabled blogs and guest posting on similar niche blogs.
    Above two strategies have been excellent for me in driving traffic to my blog. In addition to these, I will try forums like you said.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Five (5) Reasons To Start A BlogMy Profile

  41. Twitter:
    I must say this is a great share and I am gonna use them all for my blog to get traffic. Thanks a ton for this bro, really appreciate it. :)
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  42. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing a very nice list though I miss the point of 17 but who cares these are great tips and I will for sure try some of them to boost my own blogs traffic…
    Ferdi recently posted..Little tikes glijbaan – De leukste glijbanenMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    About number 4 – sharing your blog posts on social media accounts – I’ve set up RSS feeds from my blog to my social media platforms, which I assume is a good way of bringing back traffic to my blog. Would you agree? It certainly fills out my timeline nicely and because I also do number 13 – blog consistently – I blog each Monday, it quickly shows a lot of activity.
    Thanks for these tips!

    • Twitter:
      You are welcome James. Setting up RSS on your social media stream can be a great way to return traffic, but most people would appreciate it more and you’ll get more traffic from your social media stream if you can post manually. That’s actually what I’ve observed in the long run.

  44. Twitter:
    hi Oscar ,

    Great post and very good list form me. for my side i love 9 and 12 and in social book marking i love reddit. I have never tried 15 and 17 so this is time for me to test these .
    Thanks Oscar for sharing.
    diwaker recently posted..Power steering studded nano TwistMy Profile

  45. THX! Good article.
    How about a new algorithm Yandex 2014? What do you think about this?

  46. Twitter:
    This is a great post! I\’ve seen a lot of these same techniques on other blogs, but this is a very comprehensive list. How about a list of commentluv enabled blogs for your next post?
    Frank Azar recently posted..We’ve Signed up for TechnoratiMy Profile

  47. I’m not really sure about directory and article submitting anymore,
    Especially after the Google hummingbird update, you might be gaining a little more traffic but losing on the SEO terms,
    i’m not sure how Google feels about Guest posting too, i’ve heard many different opinions, but it would make sense that Google is trying to create a search engine spam free,
    flooding directories and blogs with similar content with no unique value will return in penalizing your website, don’t you think !??
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch_Akl recently posted..Web Design Dubai Lebanon KSA | Website Design Company | Digital Agency From LebanonMy Profile

  48. PR or Press Release is one of the powerful tool to get rank your website in Google Search quickly. This method is tested and proved. Commenting and building links via high quality also playing major role in search Engines ranking.
    Nikhil recently posted..IRCTC Online Ticket BookingMy Profile

  49. Twitter:
    I heard that there was a new update on 10th January 2014 is that true ?
    Mohit recently posted..Valentines Day Quotes 2014My Profile

  50. Twitter:
    Hey Oscar Frank,
    Thank you so much for sharing these 17 traffic increaser plugins with us. I am sure that it will increase our traffic.
    Best Regards & Happy Blogging
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Making Money through Blogging is Haram or HalalMy Profile

  51. Twitter:
    These are some really good Traffic increasers. Although i personally feel like only a few of them are actually effective but i guess it don’t hurt to mix your linking profile with a larger variety of post. Thanks for sharing, Oscar!

  52. Thanks for the list, number 15 was new to me as I had never heard of them before!
    Greg Urbano recently posted..2014 Auto Moto Car ShowMy Profile

  53. Twitter:
    That’s an awesome list on getting blog traffic. I was already using a bunch of those strategies for my own blogs but there were a few I hadn’t heard of before. Does sending out press releases actually work for getting traffic?
    Mikey H recently posted..5 Best Websites for FreelancersMy Profile

  54. Twitter:
    I do all the things that you mentioned, except for 6 points. After all updates Google animal updates, directory submission is irrelevant and it passes bad signals to the site.
    Chetan recently posted..Mira Road: Dare to DreamMy Profile

  55. Traffic is what everyone work for, no traffic mean nothing

    thanks for sharing Frank

  56. Twitter:
    Thanks for the extra tips because i really need to extra ways to increase my traffic because my blog has like almost 1k articles and my trafic is like 15k for the month and i think i can do much better
    Osei recently posted..How To Market Effectively By Using Full Color Folder PrintingMy Profile

  57. Twitter:
    2014 will bring more opportunities for bloggers if they focus on the Mobile platform for which Google seems most interested nowadays. Hence optimizing your website for rich mobile experience is another sure shot way of increasing traffic to your site.
    Sumit Gupta recently posted..How to Bypass Online Download Surveys: By Passer, Skip PPD SurveysMy Profile

  58. Twitter:
    With Matt Cutt’s latest warning about guest blogging make sure to be careful now with this technique. Although it is still effective for traffic generation but it should not be used purely for link building purpose.
    Bilal Ahmad recently posted..10 Best Examples of Extremely Fabulous Contact PagesMy Profile

  59. Twitter:
    I recently designed or made a video regarding my blog on cricket updates and i am able to get traffic from youtube.Not much but decent and i am sure if i will update more and more videos on youtube regarding my blog than it will also make a mark on youtube search engine. These 17 tips or mantras are really great.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Priyanka Verma recently posted..Indian Cricket Team For T20 World Cup 2014 | Player NameMy Profile

  60. I have submitted my site to many directories of nice page rank but I did not observe ant traffic from the directories.Can you suggest any article for the directories to which my blog can be submitted?

  61. Twitter:
    Thanks for providing a good list to bring traffic.

    I already used Point Number 3, 12, 15 & 17 in one of my site and get good result.

    I’ll suggest bloggers to submit your post in Reddit to get good traffic.
    Swarup recently posted..Most Awaited Technologies of 2014My Profile

  62. Twitter:
    This is excellent post especially for beginners, i usually use all of this methods but i concentrate more on writing post consistently, promoting post on social networks, Q&A sites especially Answers Yahoo and Quora.com, comment on blogs, and i’m also always active on forums for the topics from where i can get traffic.
    Tamara recently posted..10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online | Without Downloading AnythingMy Profile

  63. Twitter:
    Really effective tips for getting more traffic. There steps are to be consider for all new sites to get more traffic. This could be a little hard but it must have to be done to get more traffic. More traffic more earnings. Nice article.
    Dilip Win recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  64. Twitter:
    Very nice list. Many of these I am doing but many I am not. I need to get busy on some of them. I have not gotten involved in forums in my tax and estate niche so that may be a good thing to do. As soon as I can find more hours in the day!
    Steven J Fromm recently posted..The Biggest (Tax) Loser: Misguided Gifts of Real Estate By Uninformed Do It Yourselfers, Realtors & AttorneysMy Profile

  65. Twitter:
    According to latest news from Matt Cutts submitting articles to directories (farm links) hurt your rankings mostly when you point back to your site with a backlink keyword.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..NeoBux.com – Best Pay to Click Program that Pays Since 2008My Profile

  66. Twitter:
    Thanks alot for sharing this knowledge full article. It really helped me to learn so many new ways to increase the traffic on my blog. I hope it do really help me out. Thanks again.

  67. Twitter:
    Alll these are surefire methods of getting traffic to one’s blog. What seems to work best for me is commenting on comment luv enabled blogs and participating in forums of my niche. However, you failed to mention one of the most effective ways of generating traffic which is making use of questions and answers site like Yahoo answers, Ask and Quora. Thanks for this wonderful and well educative post.
    Inyavic recently posted..The Rice Business Plan Competition For Students Worldwide (over $1m In Prizes)My Profile

  68. Twitter:
    Made accounts on acme & ezine which I never knew off … Made a facebook page for my blog and a twitter Id… Have to start doing guest posting.

  69. Twitter:
    Great list, one of the hardest things is getting the right traffic to your site some of the ideas in this post will really help.
    Mark Buckley recently posted..A Day Out in WinchcombeMy Profile

  70. Twitter:
    Hey Very interesting article you have share. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial with us.
    Best regards and happy blogging
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Add Facebook Popup Like Box with Email UpdatesMy Profile

  71. Michael Monturo says:

    I liked your list a lot. The one thing we need to be mindful of is that Guest Blogging should only be of the highest quality and if we’re going to be accepting guest submissions on our blog we should make sure they are beneficial to the reader and that don’t come off spammy. Google is really starting to crack down on sites that are Guest Blogging.

    Again, great post.

  72. Twitter:
    Great article..There is more fun if we get good traffic . i mean without getting good traffi a person gets frustrated and then he leaves blogging. So we should apply these tips and tricks to get more traffic. yes sharing videos and images is a good way to generate good traffic
    Alan recently posted..HayDay for PC Download, HayDay for Windows7/8/MacMy Profile

  73. Twitter:
    Hi Oscar,The above strategies are very value full for new bloggers like me.Great post.Keep it up
    sunil recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  74. Twitter:
    Hello Mr. Oscar,I have a question.Do you know how to drive traffic from Pinterest ?
    Sunil Thakur recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  75. Twitter:
    Great stuff at all. I think this is the all about blogging and getting traffic. SEO and commenting is the best way to get traffic in once blog. Though the power of social media is not hidden from anybody any more. Thanks for the nice share.
    Mahendra recently posted..Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  76. Twitter:
    Hey Oscar,
    Nice tips and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. This post really gonna help all the newbies. Joining Forums, sharing post on social networking sites, commenting on other blog, guest posting are really very good way for driving traffic to our blog and it also helps in promoting our blog.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  77. Twitter:
    That was awesome, I mean most the tricks or the points written here are very common but other that that there also some of the point to which I never thought about. Thanks for sharing this article.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted..How to Lock Chrome Browser with a passwordMy Profile

  78. Twitter:
    Nice post, these points are really nice. Social bookmarking sites are good for boosting up our blog’s traffic. We can use these points for increasing our traffic.
    Prakash recently posted..BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry messenger for PC, BBM for Windows 7/8My Profile

  79. Very useful post. The article submission sites are good but hard to join, especially with some requiring subscriptions. Thanks.
    Adam recently posted..High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  80. Twitter:
    I love commenting on Comment luv enabled blog and that’s what i am doing right now.
    Noor Basheer recently posted..HostGator Vs BluehostMy Profile

  81. Twitter:
    Well all methods are sureshot to Pull traffic, seriously we can get Huge traffic from these methods, especially I love Forums to drive traffic to my blog.
    Atinder recently posted..500+ Free High PR Site Submission Directories List of 2014My Profile

  82. Twitter:
    I love commenting on Comment luv and keyword enabled blogs. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial with us.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..Adwords Update: Google Introduces Dynamic SitelinksMy Profile

  83. Probably my preferred method to get traffic is establishing a social presence and hanging on other’s people’s sites. Friends online are like those offline, they refer you to their visitors if they like you.
    Andy Kent recently posted..An Amazing Experience on Top of Burj KhalifaMy Profile

  84. Twitter:
    Well, Everyone knows that SEO is the best way to get traffic to your blog, but others methods like Social Media, blog commenting, Guest posting can also contribute a lot to your websites traffic. So, I always recommend these methods.
    Atinder recently posted..How to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog?My Profile

  85. Twitter:
    Done more than half of them. Will need to find time to do the other half. Working for traffic can be one hell of a job. I wish it can be much easier than this.
    Ismail N recently posted..Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  86. Twitter:
    awesome post you just shared…. traffic is very important in blogging, you get educated me on traffic generation…. thanks once more

  87. Good stuff Oscar. With an Alexa rank of 40,000 that shows you are certainly getting a lot of traffic. Speaking of which, I was wondering if anyone knows how to convert Alexa rank into hard numbers of visits per month without actually joining a paid service like Alexa’s premium service?
    Amazing amazing…..right
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  88. Twitter:
    I just entertained the idea about guest posting recently. It really make so much sense. Go on other popular broads, leverage their popularity to get traffic. It’s a win/win. You get needed traffic, they get epic content.

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