CommentLuv Premium: Traffic Generation vs Link Building

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Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe
You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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Here I am, sitting at my computer on a beautiful morning in sunny Arizona trying to come up with a clever opening paragraph for this post.

And the only thing that keeps coming back to me is how sincerely excited I am about the new CommentLuv Premium.

An ode to Andy: I had the privilege to watch Andy work on his new creation since its beginning stages.

He started with an already brilliant idea of CommentLuv and masterfully turned it into CommentLuv 2.9 – with an official launch and all! Whoever heard of going into so much trouble of releasing a new FREE version of an already popular plugin, right?

However, it all made sense once I saw what he was paving the way for: his new and spectacular CommentLuv Premium.

I’ve been one of the lucky beta testers for it and let me tell you: I absolutely love how the new CommentLuv Premium helps you increase reader engagement while encouraging them to promote YOU and YOUR blog!

Andy, I’ve learned a lot from you about how to successfully launch a product and can’t wait to see the new plugin spread like a wild fire throughout the blogosphere.

So… How’s that for a clever opening paragraph?

Butter up the blog owner to make sure that your guest post gets published… Note to self: great guest blogging technique.

It’s no secret that CommentLuv quickly gained its popularity in the blogosphere as a means to encourage our readers to read, comment, and build a community around our blogs by providing them with two major benefits: traffic generation and link building.

On the surface of things, those two go hand in hand: you comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog and leave behind a link to one of your 10 latest posts, thus enticing other commentators to click on your clever post title and bring them back to your blog.

Two birds with one stone, right? Not so fast.

Traffic generation and link building require two entirely different approaches and you might have to strategically choose which one you need to most.

Pure Traffic Generation

The ingredients for successful traffic generation from a CommentLuv enabled blog are:

  1. You need to read the post in its entirety to make sure you can leave an intelligent comment.
  2. Leave an intelligent comment.
  3. Link to a preferably relevant post on your blog as your CommentLuv link and make sure that…
  4. that post has an incredibly CATCHY and highly CLICKABLE title.
  5. Rinse and repeat over and over – the more other bloggers see your name, the more likely they are to get curious and start clicking on your links.

As you can see, traffic generation with CommentLuv is all about leaving comments that stand out with a brilliant title for your CommentLuv link.

How’s that different from link building?

Pure Link Building

As you may already know, getting ranked on search engines is vastly about link building.

However, not just any link will do.

The most powerful links come with the exact keywords you’d like to rank for.

Side note: you shouldn’t get 100% exact anchor text

links back to your blog pages – Google wouldn’t like that, but the more of them tell Google the exact topic your page is relevant to the better.

How do you generate exact anchor text links with CommentLuv?

As you know, CommentLuv taps into your RSS feed to bring up your 10 latest posts, which in turn taps into your blog post titles to pass the info to CommentLuv.

All that information is dynamically generated, meaning that your blog title is pulled out on the spot – whatever it is at the moment, that’s what will show up in your CommentLuv link.

Now imagine for a moment that you are going on the commenting spree to network a little, educate yourself on what’s going on in your industry, and yes, build some links.

What if you were to change your post title to your anchor text just for a period of time while you are commenting?

It might not be catchy and generate that many click-throughs back to your blog, but it will surely provide you with some solid keyword-rich links you need to push your blog pages to the top of the search engines.

By the way, you can always change the title back when you are done with your link building; once your comment is published, the CommentLuv link will remain the same even if you make the change.

Traffic Generation and Link Building Hybrid

I understand that many bloggers are not the kind of link building radicals you need to be to give up the potential for traffic generation from other blogs in favor of SEO traffic.

Is there an alternative?

Sure. It might not give you the push that you need in the search engine rankings for a particular keyword, but it will still help to build up your domain authority and possibly increase your PageRank.

The middle of the road is to use your keywords in the very beginning of the blog post title, as in:

Your Keyword: Come And Check Out My Brilliant Blog Post”

Of course, your title has to make sense with the keyword being ahead of the pack.

Since Google tends to give more weight to the words in the beginning of titles, it might still place your page in the running for your keyword.

On the other hand, since your title is not completely stripped down to keywords only, you can still catch the eye of other readers/commentators and make them click that link.

How Can CommentLuv Premium Help?

CommentLuv Premium has a great feature that allows you to add your top 5 favorite posts/pages to your list of 10 latest posts.

So when I go to comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog, whether the owner has the premium version installed on their blog or not, I now have a choice of 15 posts for my CommentLuv links.

I use my 10 latest posts to draw traffic to my blog and my top 5 favorites are keyword-rich titles that I use for link building.

Ahhh, the benefits of being a CommentLuv Premium user…

Speaking of which, how would you like your copy of CommentLuv Premium to be on me?

If that sounds good to you, then check out my CommentLuv Premium giveaway – participating is a cinch and I’ll announce the lucky winner on the day of the launch.