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replyme premium
I announced last week that I was intending on bringing about a new ReplyMe plugin to the CommentLuv Premium stack and I’ve spent a few afternoons doing just that.

I even added a couple other additions that seemed to be wanted by users.

What’s new

ReplyMe Premium – an advanced version that complies with CANSPAM laws and updated to follow WordPress API standards

Redirect First Comment – Send users to a page after they submit their first comment.

Email First Comment – Send an email to someone after they have their first comment approved.

What’s Different

One of the biggest things to change in the ReplyMe plugin was to give the blog owner the ability to fully control whose replies trigger an email notification.

The original plugin sent out replies to comments whoever replied and it did so immediately after the comment was submitted if the comment was from an approved commenter.

Email content

Visual editor for setting the email content (click to enlarge)

If you’d already had the plugin before then this plugin will automatically import your reply email content.

You can use any of the standard tags found in the original plugin in the content. This plugin uses a visual type editor so it is a lot easier to see how the email will look.

Approved Comments

On ReplyMe premium, the user who replies gets their comment emailed to the original comment author once their comment is approved so everyone gets their replies sent as long as the administrator approves the comment.

Choose whose replies trigger an email

Choose whose replies will trigger an email notification (click to enlarge)

One thing that I wanted the original plugin to do was allow the blog owner to choose whose replies will trigger an email to be sent so I set the plugin to allow just admin replies, the post author replies (useful for multi author blogs) or replies from anyone.

Another useful feature is the ability to add email addresses of anyone else whose replies should trigger an email.

This is useful if you have only admin replies set but you have someone that replies to comments for you. Just set their email in the field and any comment reply made that has that email address will be sent to the original comment author as an email.

Additional Settings

ReplyMe additional Settings

Even more fine grain control over settings (click to enlarge)

First off, you can require the user to tick a checkbox to say that they want to receive email notifications of replies (the default is not to use a checkbox).

You can set the label used and also if the checkbox should default to being ticked.

Another thing that I felt the original plugin needed was the ability to set the name and email address of the email that gets sent out so you can now do that too.


One thing that was definitely needed to make the plugin CANSPAM compliant was an unsubscribe link in the emails.

Now whenever someone does not want to receive the notifications any more, they can click a link and the plugin wont send any more notifications to that address. You can edit the unsubscribed emails to remove or add any that you want.

Redirect First Comment

Redirect a user to a page after they have commented for the first time (click to enlarge)

I’ve seen this on a few blogs and it seemed pretty easy to do so I added it in to the plugin.

You can choose a page from the dropdown list or if you want a post instead, start typing the post title in the field and click the add button once it is found.

Email First Comment

Email a user when their first comment gets approved (click to enlarge)

Someone suggested the ability to email a user after their first comment so you can now do this too.

The email does not get sent until they’ve had their comment approved.

Anything else?

Those are the things that I wanted the plugin to do but if there’s something else you’d like to see then leave a comment and let me know!

I’ll test it out on this site for a while and then release it to beta testers for a few days…