How To Increase Alexa Backlinks?

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Ansh Gupta
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Online businesses and websites dwell on two things which are social proof and the statistics. Even though they might not sound that much important, these two things determine how popular the online business or website is. The statistics might include a lot of popular things such as Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Mozrank, etc. Apart from these, there is one other statistic which clients and advertisers consider to be equally important – the Alexa links or backlinks.

How To Increase Alexa Backlinks

What are Alexa backlinks?

Alexa backlinks or Alexa links in short, is basically a measure, or a quantitative value, of the number of websites linking to one’s personal blog or website. As an example, if there are a hundred websites which link to one’s webpage, then the website’s score in Alexa links is 100. For any website to link to your page there should be a link on the website that points to your homepage or any page under the same domain as the home page. No you know what Alexa baclinks are; just go to Alexa and check the backlinks of

Now you might wonder how has managed to accumulate 5000+ Alexa backlinks? I am sure it would not be an easy task to achieve this figure, but believe me, it is neither difficult too. Here I am going to tell you how you could probably increase Alexa backlinks will the help of this short guide.

A different approach to scoring a website

Before showing how to increase Alexa backlinks, one thing should be pointed out. Unlike Yahoo and Google back links, Alexa back links or site links do not take into consideration the total number of links from all the domains which point to your website. Rather, Alexa measures only the number of domains which point to your website. So, it

would not matter if 5 links or 500 links from a single domain point to your page. This is because in both the cases, the Alexa score would be only 1.

Why this is a better approach?

Alexa back links pointing to the popularity of a webpage. The more the number of websites which link to your webpage, the more popular your page is. This is what Alexa measures, and it helps to correctly show how popular a page is, unlike Google and Yahoo. It clearly shows how many exact domains are currently referring towards your own site

How to increase Alexa backlinks score?

Learning how to improve your page’s Alexa backlinks score requires you to increase your sphere of activity. Reading and commenting on the same blog pages does not help. Neither is posting on just a few blog pages. Rather, it is a good practice to comment and post on a greater number of blogs. Most people do the mistake of commenting and posting on only blogs with similar niche. Well, I won’t say it doesn’t help, but why keep yourself behind.

In addition to similar niche, you should also post comments and try to get backlinks from non-niche sites too.
Another thing, do-follow or no-follow doesn’t matter for alexa, Even if you manage to get a no-follow link back to your site, your Alexa rank will surely increase.

This way, Alexa will find more number of links to your webpage, and it will help improve your page ranking. To increase the Alexa backlinks score, it is a very helpful practice to comment and guest post on new blogs regularly. The frequency of these posts can be one post per week or more or may be a bit less.


Submitting blogs to the same directories and blog sites never helps. To improve one’s website ranking through Alexa, using backlinks is a very intelligent and effective way. But one must remember that backlinks are only counted per domain, and not for each individual link.

Do follow + No-follow + Niche sites + Non-Niche sites = More Alexa backlinks.


  1. that’s right what is written in this article, but I am confused with alexa rank. When posting articles and blogwalking diligent, the traffic rank will rise but not necessarily increase alexa backlinks. One time I read an article how to increase the number of links (backlinks) that is by clicking a link or url name itself when finished write a comment, and it was shown to increase alexa link, but I do not know if it’s legitimate or not? Then there are others when I submit in imtalk dot org, tomorrow the number of links increases, when in fact too often submit web can be called spam. Thank you, success
    Anndiana recently posted…Fhatin, Gadis Remaja Taklukan Rampok X – FaktorMy Profile

  2. Hello Ansh..
    Very nice article. YA Alexa approach for calculating is slightly different from other backlinks checker tools.It only counts domains having your links. Increasing site linking is the best way to gain popularity around the cyber world. So nice idea of commenting to different sites rather than only few sites.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best Facebook Android App 2013 Free DownlaodMy Profile

  3. Very informative post brother, I think the key to earn more Alexa Backlinks, is to comment or Guest post on different and new blogs everyday,Coz Alexa indexes 1 backlink from one site, that’s why we should get backlinks from different sites !
    thanks for sharing this useful post mate have a nice day ahead :D
    anis recently posted…7 Cool Advices On How To Make Your Blog Readable !My Profile

  4. I’m dealing with my websites backlinks…and i am pretty sure things were moving fast with Alexa…but one thing that really hurts me is that it doesn’t give an exact count of mine is stuck for over two months…although i have made a lot of links in the meantime..

  5. Good post Ansh,
    Alexa backlinks are important these days because Alexa stats are considered seriously while deciding the reputation of a website. On doing bit research I could also find that Alexa also shows NoFollow links.
    Suhas recently posted…The best business name generator tools and services on the web.My Profile

  6. Hello Dear

    nice post and i agree with your points alexa back link is very important part of your site and that not easy really and most important solutions of this problem create back link really, so thanks for sharing me

  7. Mustapha says:

    The good thing in alexa ranking is that they don’t take into consideration if the anchor link is dofollow or nofollow, thank you for this post

  8. Really nice info, my site’s Alexa links are stuck to 3 maybe now I’ll able to improve it.

  9. hmm, some good methods there to building lins and increasing the links on alexa. but do the alexa links matter quite a lot?
    myles recently posted…Different Keyboards for Android | Top Keyboards | 2013My Profile

  10. That’s why link diversity is so important
    Leslie Edwards recently posted…Top 10 Microphones For Your Recording StudioMy Profile

  11. Hi Ansh Gupta, I Totally agree with you. This is marvaless post, yes Alexa backlinks or Alexa links in short, is basically a measure, or a quantitative value, of the number of websites linking to one’s personal blog or website. nice share

  12. My Alexa ranking has been stuck just in one place for a while. I will definitely utilize this information to increase it. Great article

  13. What does it mean, “Posting on the same blog pages does not help”?
    You mean to say, if there’s a blog with hundreds of blog posts in it, it is not helpful to leave comments on all or most of the blog posts? Just one comment on one blog post will suffice?
    Pitt Goumas recently posted…How Accurate Are Home STD Tests?My Profile

  14. Improving your Alexa ranking is really a great way to go for every webmaster and this article just did the best job of highlighting the very points needed to improving ranking and raking in lots of backlinks.

    Many have been really scared of going through an all too familiar route that usually leads to getting penalized by Google and at the same time getting stuck in one place with no visible improvement. This really has been my dilemma and with this great points I will take my time to follow through.

    Thanks for doing this.
    Ahmed Magem recently posted…2Tyte ::::: Every artistes’ home baseMy Profile

  15. Thank you for the article but I stopped care Alexa rank long time ago. Google is king and I must focus every on it.
    Tien recently posted…Origin – Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for ArtistsMy Profile

  16. yap, i agree. I always do that everyday. Keep comment at do and no follow blog everyday. If we can, different kind of niche blog everyday.
    titan recently posted…Jobdirumah Payment – Kali ke 34My Profile

  17. First time I hear this. I’m learning SEO that’s for sure.

    Thanks you so much Gupta for this helpful article. I’ll share it. I always share good stuff to my buddies.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Claas Cougar 1400 v 1.0 – Mods For Farm Simulator 2013My Profile

  18. Good to know re to include no follow and also the benefit of non-niche blogs for commenting. Re the later, I was under the impression the opposite was true and would hurt rankings or at very least have no impact. Thanks for you insights …. I have some work to do :)

  19. Do we need to care about Alexa Back links really ? i go by the webmaster tools back links and open site explorer back links also does no follow links are counted in there ?
    harshi recently posted…Android Rooting | What is it ?My Profile

  20. Fantastic article regarding backlinks and Alexa. Anyone who is going to succeed with online marketing is going to have familiarize themselves with Alexa and building backlinks. Both are crucial SEO elements to get website traffic and increase your search engine rankings. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Greg recently posted…What Keywords Get Website TrafficMy Profile

  21. Great post. Thks for sharing this info. Will take it into consideration right away! Cheers!
    Diego Martin recently posted…Finding the Best Wireless Headphones for TV: RF / Infrared or Bluetooth?My Profile

  22. Thank you for this article Ansh, I find the whole back linking thing very confusing. It was good to get some clarification.
    Kerry McNally recently posted…Choices And The Law Of Attraction.My Profile

  23. I will start commenting on other niches so that I get more back links.
    Wilfred Imbukwa recently posted…Understanding SEO Through Traffic Travis Page Warnings ToolMy Profile

  24. Mostly, webmasters consider Alexa stats and other relevant matters useless but I believe in Alexa ranking as a blogger. Thank you for these beautiful tips Ansh.
    Rehmat recently posted…4 Top Alternatives to YouTube for Sharing VideosMy Profile

  25. Hey Ansh,
    Nice post and Yes,Alexa really play an important role on determining the popularity of any blog and for increasing alexa backlinks we have to do lots of comment on different sites. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 10000My Profile

  26. These tips will surely help in increase the alexa backlinks. Thanks for these tips.
    Prakash recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Computer (Windows 7, vista, xp, Mac) free downloadMy Profile

  27. I have to say my alexa rank is jumping down each day, wont be long before I hit 100k, just a one week old blog :D
    Gautham AS recently posted…How To Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks PR9, PR8, PR7, PR6My Profile

  28. the alexa links are just a measure of how many sites have in them a link to your site. These can be increased either by making back links to various sites or by guest posting.
    yogesh pant recently posted…Google page rank updateMy Profile

  29. I didn’t know that your Alexa rank also depends upon the number of domains linking to yours. I thought it was only the traffic that was recorded by the toolbar.
    Well! I never focused much on Alexa rank for it only determines how much traffic I am getting and does not bring me much in turn.
    Chetan Bhasin recently posted…4 Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your BlogMy Profile

  30. Nice post for getting backlinks but it doesn’t reach readers for the reason of paragraphs. If it is in listpost format it would be great to read and easy to understand. This is my opinion about this post and the other content is good on this post.
    raman bathina recently posted…How To Make Windows 8 Faster?My Profile

  31. You have given out some of the nice tips to easily increase the backlinks which will surely help me out to increase my blog’s alexa rankings (as increasing backlinks will automatically be doing that)
    Krishna recently posted…Download WeChat for PC, Windows, Android, iPhone, NokiaMy Profile

  32. Hello!
    Nice tips to incrase alexa backlink but i think now a day alexa rank is not important so much!
    but having backlink in alexa is so good!
    thank you !
    Alex recently posted…webinar express reivew & bonus – why you need?My Profile

  33. Since Alexa has higher page rank and domain authority so Google just like the information provided by Alexa and indirectly we are benefitted for Google.
    himanshu recently posted…3 ways to recover deleted photos from iPhone or iPad.My Profile

  34. Hi Ansh,
    These days bloggers and webmasters are keen on alexa ranking and Page rank as they measure sucess of a blog based on these factors. Building backlinks for alexa is also a technique to lower the alexa rank more number of backlinks there will be a drop in the alexa rank for soon. i checked allbloggingtips it has more than 1200+ alexa backlinks and comment luv indeed has 4000+ backlinks which is a great number.

    Thanks for the article…

  35. I guess this goes to prove that though do follow links are important, no follow links matter as well, in the long run.
    Narcis recently posted…Three Things That Suck About EnglandMy Profile

  36. Ouch, sounds like I still have a lot to learn! Thank you!

  37. Well, to increase my alexa back links I don’t do anything because they don’t matter to me and on the other hand I would do everything to force Google to index my backlinks and help me rank higher and in the end both of my Google and Alexa back links get increased. So, focus on Google, Alexa would increase automatically.
    Anurag recently posted…Free Download Premium WordPress Plugins? Say Never!My Profile

    • Yes, I am also appreciate with Anurag. I am also thinks that we don’t need to concentrate on Alexa ranking or Alexa back links etc etc. We only need to concentrate on getting Google’s trust to generate high traffic. Even there are many blogs which have very good Google Page Rank but have very bad Alexa ranking. Due to this, I don’t trust on Alexa every time.
      Chetan Gupta recently posted…How to Plan a Website in Few Easy StepsMy Profile

  38. Thanks for reminding me of the count per domain, not per link. However, alexa rank is an impotant element, but it does not decide everything. The content should be highquality for readers to keep comining back as well.
    Tony Nguyen recently posted…Fitness Training – How To Get A Perfect Body With The Warrior Warm UpMy Profile

  39. Great point Anis,
    I am NOT use too much with Alexa and my website is only depends on Goolge PR and Google PR not alexa.
    Chetan recently posted…Wynyard Hall Wedding VideosMy Profile

  40. Great and informative post, building backlinks is always a must do for every bloggers as it not online helps in your Alexa ranking but also on Google
    Collins recently posted…Don’t create a blog if you can’t blogMy Profile

  41. Ashutosh says:

    Hi Ansh,

    It was an interesting post that cleared the clouds of confusion hovering over my mind. I was confused before reading this post that whether leaving comments does some good or harm. Unluckily, somehow I had the confusion that it was a harmful activity and that made me restrict myself from posting my thoughts in comments. I have loved to debate and discuss over the things and commenting has been an important part of my thirsty behaviour. According to me, blogging is a two way communication and unless and until we interact and share our thoughts constructively with each other, it can’t be considered a a true and complete blogging experience.

    Thanks once again for the deep insight that you have expressed with the power of your thoughts.

  42. Good article to consider more about Alexa backlinks. So in this case one guest blog per site/blog and then move on to another blog to get a new link back.
    FERNANDO recently posted…Is Vemma Verve a viable business or a Scam to suck your precious time?My Profile

  43. Might add posting a Alexa widget on your website or blog as we have done can improve your online presence. Also consider reciprocating comments so that they can establish backlinks too. Sharing is caring. Thanks again for sharing this great information to get website traffic and increase search engine rankings via backlinks.
    Greg recently posted…How Social Media Can Help your BusinessMy Profile

  44. “Do follow + No-follow + Niche sites + Non-Niche sites = More Alexa backlink”

    I thought that the “no-follow” link doesn’t count, or if I’m not mistaken, it will not affect the Alexa’s score.
    Prabowo Murti recently posted…Strategy for Business : Simple ApproachMy Profile

  45. Is alexa ranking is important for all website.Some people don’t also have idea about alexa ranking.Its not popular but who knows about this like if you have a blog site and you are writing a blog that’s content about SEO and related to increasing visitor and discussion about SEM also so the viewer will come who are well known about Alexa then they will be interested to see your ranking of your website.
    Jonathan recently posted…2 conseils pour réussir dans un travail à domicileMy Profile

  46. Thank you for this wonderfull post!
    Didn’t know about alexa backlinks!

    Artiffex recently posted…Μαγειρεύοντας το ρύζιMy Profile

  47. Suhel Sayyad says:

    Fantastic description. Made complex analogies simpler with this one..!!
    Keep the good work..

  48. Can anyone tell me how Alexa gained the position of authority on site rankings? Who owns the site and why does it matter?
    Jake Harper recently posted…Getting Back With An Ex – Is It Worth It?My Profile

  49. stu walk says:

    I did nothing with my site except a little bit of sporadic SEO but what I did do was every few days I \”edited my listing\” . ( Need to claim your sites first ) I edited the description or the owners address slightly etc, basically to update it and force alexa to review the site ( I presume thats what happens)In 2 weeks I went from 2,174,000 to 870,000I know thats still high and it gets harder but its a jump of over a million and a half . Its working on another site but that gets more genuine traffic anyway.

  50. Ganesh Narayan Gupta says:

    Thanks for this nice post. After reading the post I came to know that nofollow links are also helpful in alexa backlink building, which I was unaware yet.

  51. Google will start penalizing those sites that have backlinks only from non-niche sites. So, be very careful.

  52. wow..this is what i’m searching for

    thanks for this article
    cikgu naman recently posted…MyKad Smart ShopperMy Profile

  53. I wonder how getting more alexa backlinks will help a website. It won’t get them more traffic. It is more link good to have, but I would say good relavent back linking and good ranking on Google, bing, and yahoo is a lot more important than any other websites.
    chang recently posted…Quickbooks LoginMy Profile

  54. Usually, many peoples follows blackhat backlink methods to increase their alexa rank, but after some time they always got slapped by the Google, because of the no quality links + blackhat method + non niche sites etc

  55. Rainer Proksch says:

    Nice article. Thank you. My strategy is also commenting on different blogs and articles to increase the backlinks and thereby Pagerank. I was a little bit confused whether it will work or not. But after reading this article I think that I am on the right path.

  56. Great post! Thanks for the clarity. This is very helpful as I\’ve been struggling to discover how I increase my number of backlinks to Alexa. So much of what I\’ve read is very confusing. So what you\’re saying, if I understand you correctly, is that if I post a link to my page here this will count toward my Alexa backlinks, regardless if this is a nofollow or do follow? Am I understanding this correctly?

  57. Marvin Park says:

    This article was helpful. But, I have found that websites having greater number of links on Alexa have a lower rank as compared to sites having just a few backlinks. Do you think even site traffic influences Alexa rank?

  58. Interesting post. However, beyond knowing how many backlinks, what good do the Alexa back links do? Or am I missing something?

  59. Muhammad Gohar says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips – I have started to build backlinks for my blog and this really helped me.

  60. Payal Bansal says:

    No matter how hard you work on your articles, there are many bloggers who copy 2 lines from your article and 2 from others making their own posts :(
    Backlinks and Alexa ranking is very important, Content is important too, but we can’t deny the fact that Alexa ranking and Backlinks play the supportive roles for the blog’s success. :)

  61. Wow, great content.

    I will use this information to increase my site’s traffic and ranking.

    Please check me out. I am beginner and has no experience, but my goal is to get up to top 4 PR in 2 months. I believe I can do it!!! :)

  62. Clayton Walker says:

    Alexa does not appear to report online back link activity very frequently. Their reported number of links for our Alaska Business Lawyer website has not moved in three months. It seems that their must be more to the magic of back links than meets the eye.

  63. Thanks for the post, I didn’t know this. Good to know about how the Alexa backlinks are calculated.
    Jessica recently posted…Top Must-See Waterfalls on the Big Island of HawaiiMy Profile

  64. Alexa checks a website’s ranking on a daily basis. I am a webmaster and my ranking shows a change every 24 hrs. I would also like to add that by installing their widget on our websites we can improve our site’s Alexa rank. The widget not only counts those users who have Alexa toolbar installed but any user irrespective of toolbar. My site rank was 2 mill a couple of months ago. Now its around 620k.

  65. Its true that alexa doesn’t count each and every of our backlinks, nice tips by you. Guest blogging also proven an effective way to get backlinks.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  66. Great post, I was looking for this since long time. But will it be helpful for search engine optimization?

  67. Now as you said its not necessary to comment on similar niches. Here i start with commenting on your blog thats totally different from my niche. Thanks a lot for this great advice. Hope it will work for me. :)

  68. Got an important method that was unknown to me till the last moment. As an example I never consider what kinds of blog site are used for commenting. Hope now on I can see a better result applying your suggested method.

  69. I am really having a Bad time with Alexa as i was having 900 links and now it’s 400 only.Can you tell me why and why is it happening??
    Gautam recently posted…7 Best Free Data Recovery Software For DownloadMy Profile

  70. Great artical, a lot of website owners focus only on commenting on post related to their niche, your right we should not limite ourselves and should comment on a variety of niche

  71. Wow, such a great write up bro. Thanks so much for sharing this ways of increasing alexa backlinks. I did not know that no-follow or do-follow doesn’t matter in alexa ranking till you made me understand that. Thanks so much for sharing
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…How To Get Over Your ExMy Profile

  72. Tony Nguyen says:

    Alexa is a great way to spy on competitors’ backlinking strategies, if we could use Alexa Pro version with Link Assistant simultaneously, we will know where our competitors get the backlinks from, it’s just like we know what our competitors are doing, and we know how to get better.
    Thanks Ansh,

  73. Sunny greetings from Kenya! Thank you so much for this! You have saved my life!
    July Ronder recently posted…Maji Boutique Hotel, Private RetreatMy Profile

  74. Does buying Traffic from People installing AlexBar helps ? or does it affect SEO in a negative way ?
    thank you
    Hossam Salem recently posted…Plan – G 0656 – EGP 424.00My Profile

  75. Alexa Ranks mainly on the no of visitors a site is getting .In my opinion Alexa Rank is important that Backlinks
    Sachin recently posted…UPME Group LTD $28 Spring No deposit Tour Forex bonusMy Profile

  76. Alexa Rank Always Been Important for Advertisers. So Getting High Number Backlinsk will Increase Alexa score and also google page rank.
    Atinder recently posted…How to get Indexed #1 in Search Rankings ?My Profile

  77. Hey Amit,
    Alexa rank is really important for webmasters and bloggers. This post was informative, I didn’t know that nofollow and non-niche site could also prove beneficial ! Thanks for sharing.
    Prerit Pathak recently posted…Pandora Chief Technology Officer Tom Conrad ResignsMy Profile

  78. Varinder Pal Singh says:

    Alexa Rank is very important for Advertisers. The more your Alexa Rank low the more advertisers attract to your site, nice article.

  79. Savita Thakran says:

    Really a very informative post.. from past few months i have been struggling to increase my websites backlinks . Will definitely try posting to non-niche categories as well . Thanks again

  80. Haritha sen says:

    Wow great information for increasing Alexa rank, Recently i was searched lots of sites for how to increase Alexa rank, but didn’t get any knowledge, when am reading this article, am happy to know that good information, please share more articles.. Thanks

  81. kamlesh nishad says:

    I was very much confused in this alexa link matter. I was doing lots of social bookmarking and article submission and i was getting my links show on alexa links.. I was wondering how alexa links are count. Today i came to know dofollow and follow links doesn’t matter in alexa..
    thanks a lot for this post.
    one thing i would like to ask does alexa counts only the popular website links or any links which links to our website

  82. Bishal Biswas says:

    Hi Ansh Gupta,

    First of all, I’d say you have done a great contribution. Apart from it, I do have a question that – According To Matt Cutts, or any Google Algorithm, generating/building backlinks from non-niche sites isn’t much profitable. I mean to say, if I’m blogging on a SEO niche site, then definitely a link from food niche site will add value, but less. Isn’t it? I’d be really glad if you could solve this query.

    Thanks, have a great weekend ahead.
    – Bishal Biswas

  83. youcef hammou says:

    but why Alexa Backlinks is Different from google webmasters Backlinks
    Who is the most important and what are different
    pls answer

  84. Daniel Anugroho says:

    Your post is open my mind.
    I always confuse, why alexa backlink different with other.
    Then I google it, and found your site.
    But, what is your choice? Alexa backlink or google backlink?

  85. Thank for these detailled instructions on how to increase alexa backlinks. These techniques were new for me. I’ll apply that.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8)My Profile

  86. Truly fantastic and informative article. We agree Alexa do score back links differently compared to search engines. We look forward to reading more of your interesting SEO articles. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Hi,
    Actually every blogger has to think about alexa ranking. Why? For various purposes, for example – if you show your site to an advertiser to put ad on your site, advertiser will check alexa information and alexa backlink count at first. I always try to keep a good alexa rank for my all of my blogs. I am following some tips to preserve good alexa rank. I am glad to find some techniques you include here, which I am currently applying.
    somon recently posted…Download Disney movies anywhere app for androidMy Profile

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