How To Increase Alexa Backlinks?

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Online businesses and websites dwell on two things which are social proof and the statistics. Even though they might not sound that much important, these two things determine how popular the online business or website is. The statistics might include a lot of popular things such as Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Mozrank, etc. Apart from these, there is one other statistic which clients and advertisers consider to be equally important – the Alexa links or backlinks.

How To Increase Alexa Backlinks

What are Alexa backlinks?

Alexa backlinks or Alexa links in short, is basically a measure, or a quantitative value, of the number of websites linking to one’s personal blog or website. As an example, if there are a hundred websites which link to one’s webpage, then the website’s score in Alexa links is 100. For any website to link to your page there should be a link on the website that points to your homepage or any page under the same domain as the home page. No you know what Alexa baclinks are; just go to Alexa and check the backlinks of

Now you might wonder how has managed to accumulate 5000+ Alexa backlinks? I am sure it would not be an easy task to achieve this figure, but believe me, it is neither difficult too. Here I am going to tell you how you could probably increase Alexa backlinks will the help of this short guide.

A different approach to scoring a website

Before showing how to increase Alexa backlinks, one thing should be pointed out. Unlike Yahoo and Google back links, Alexa back links or site links do not take into consideration the total number of links from all the domains which point to your website. Rather, Alexa measures only the number of domains which point to your website. So, it would not matter

if 5 links or 500 links from a single domain point to your page. This is because in both the cases, the Alexa score would be only 1.

Why this is a better approach?

Alexa back links pointing to the popularity of a webpage. The more the number of websites which link to your webpage, the more popular your page is. This is what Alexa measures, and it helps to correctly show how popular a page is, unlike Google and Yahoo. It clearly shows how many exact domains are currently referring towards your own site

How to increase Alexa backlinks score?

Learning how to improve your page’s Alexa backlinks score requires you to increase your sphere of activity. Reading and commenting on the same blog pages does not help. Neither is posting on just a few blog pages. Rather, it is a good practice to comment and post on a greater number of blogs. Most people do the mistake of commenting and posting on only blogs with similar niche. Well, I won’t say it doesn’t help, but why keep yourself behind.

In addition to similar niche, you should also post comments and try to get backlinks from non-niche sites too.
Another thing, do-follow or no-follow doesn’t matter for alexa, Even if you manage to get a no-follow link back to your site, your Alexa rank will surely increase.

This way, Alexa will find more number of links to your webpage, and it will help improve your page ranking. To increase the Alexa backlinks score, it is a very helpful practice to comment and guest post on new blogs regularly. The frequency of these posts can be one post per week or more or may be a bit less.


Submitting blogs to the same directories and blog sites never helps. To improve one’s website ranking through Alexa, using backlinks is a very intelligent and effective way. But one must remember that backlinks are only counted per domain, and not for each individual link.

Do follow + No-follow + Niche sites + Non-Niche sites = More Alexa backlinks.