I Bet You Too Are Making These 5 Blogging Mistakes

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Ansh Gupta
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blogging mistakes

It is well known that a successful blog is one of the important keys to wealthy online marketing. When you go to the sites like Monetize Blogging, you can earn plenty of tips which are very essential to establish a successful blog. But certainly there are common mistakes which can affect a blog’s success. You should avoid those mistakes come from the best lessons. There are so many mistakes that a blogger should avoid. But among them the top 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid for creating a flourishing blog. These mistakes are given as follows:

Failure to link to old posts

Every post has an important part of your blog. The traffic will be high if you are able to link to older posts which give fresh life to those posts. The link includes key words that support to search engine rankings. These key words are one of the finest ways which guide Google spiders to the site of your blog. Linking to older posts can also be a brilliant way to carry a new idea or points in a new post.

Duplicate Content

A blogger should avoid duplicate content to the blog. If you have a duplicate content the search engines will ignore it which affects to your blog and your post never be listed or index on the search engines. But the most important question is how making a distinctive content? There are lots of resources which are related to your topic. You can write your own view with the help

of these topics. You can share their ideas but you can’t copy them. To create a successful blog, it’s strictly prohibited.

Inconsistent postings and updates

This is one of the most important of 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid. You should provide consistent and regular updates to your blog which is known as the “golden rule”. Frequent posting of content will attract visitors to your blog which will increase traffic to your site. Besides the posts should be understandable and realistic. A daily update to your blog will also enhance the popularity of your blog.

Cluttered Design

If your blog or website is not perfectly designed then it can’t attract visitors to your site. Some bloggers post excessive information on the front page using sidebars and headers. You should avoid this. The best you can do, display only the crucial information. But you should not be obsessed with the design of your blog. You should concentrate on the content of your blog. You can use some graphic pictures but overuse can cause slow performance.

Little posts with poor quality

In many cases we notice that many bloggers write too little. An article with short writing can never be expressed properly. It can’t be acceptable to the reader. This will not rank your page with high quality on search engines. In previous days ten 200-word posts was better than 1,000-word posts which could gain high traffic. But Google Panda updates change this thinking. Each post should contain at least 500 words.

So if you want to create a successful blog with high quality and higher rank than these 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid.