Common Mistakes Committed By Newbie Bloggers

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I have been blogging since the age of 13. 4 years of successful blogging has given me all, right from criticism to appraisal I have experienced every bit of blogging. When I started blogging, as a beginner I was prone to mistakes. As people say “Practice makes a man perfect”. Though 4 years of blogging did not make me a perfect blogger, still I have learnt a lot of lessons from blogging.

Blogging is a vast platform. Every day there are a lots of blogs being added. So its obvious that we have many newbies to blogging everyday. It is also obvious that they are prone to making mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that a newbie must avoid doing.

1. Waiting For Magic To Happen:

Every field in this world has competition. Though blogging is not a competition you do have people around you of same interests. You are not the only blogger in your niche. There is no way a blog can get visitors without promotion. Promotion is a major factor that decides a blog’s fate. Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Article Submission and social sharing are few ways one can promote blogs being a newbie.

2. Preferring Quantity of Posts than Quality:

This is a much repeated quote when it comes to blogging

Content Is King

It is rightly said. One killer post can prevail for a longer time than many poor quality posts. There is no meaning posting 10 poor quality posts a week. But one quality post a week can do it all. This can bring you traffic flooding. So Quality is always more needed than quantity.

3. Writing Out Of Niche:


out of niche increases a blog’s bounce rate and can also frustrate regular visitors. A Multi-niche blog is a tough job to develop. It needs a lot of work. Maintaining a single niche and posting within the niche is the secret behind every blog’s success.

4. Having no Good Knowledge about their Niche:

This is one of the several reasons people write posts out of their niche. You need to have a thorough knowledge about the niche before writing about it. If readers find you struggling with your content its tough to maintain the blog’s traffic.

5. Considering The Internet Giants (Search Engine Optimization):

Google, Yahoo and Bing would pose greater challenges to you than your blog’s traffic. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors of a successful blog. It is a major contributor of blog’s rankings and a blog’s traffic. Most of the newbies forget this key factor.

6. Work Smart Not Hard:

Finally it is for you to decide. Most bloggers sweat it out hard to bring up their blog. Especially in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online niches. It’s really easy to develop a blog if you work smart on it and not hard. There are conventional ways to develop blogs but smarter people take up unconventional ways. That’s where smartness comes into play. Working smart gives you more positive outcomes than working hard.


Work Smart Not Hard

The last one was one lesson I learnt in my blogging career that could be applied even in daily life. It is something every blogger must follow.

Its your turn now,

Is there anything I left out there?

Have you learnt any thing else from your mistakes?

Do let me know by commenting below. To connect with me you can visit my blogs linked in my profile above 


  1. Twitter:
    I do have some friends who are not even newbie but still commit same mistakes. The main reason behind that one is that they selected a wrong niche to blog on. They were just amazed looking at the CPC of particular niche and they started blogging about that one.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own WebsiteMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    These are quite good points to be noted. As newbies commits such mistakes like quantity of posts, Waiting for magic to happen. Nice post.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Subway Surfers for PC, Android FreeMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    i am totally agree.. these are some of the silliest mistakes that newbie bloggers can make.
    Duyu Nimey recently posted..5 Best Blogging PlatformsMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Hey harish,
    Nice post and Yes, these are some mistake taken by most of newbies. In starting blogging requires consistency and patience and we have to focus on one thing.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 10000My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    You told it right That Many Bloggers Prefer quantity Over Quality Which is not good and This post can help them know what mistakes they are doing and how this can help Them.
    Vishu recently posted..Download Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows,MacMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Great advices here for new bloggers. I’ve talked to some other new bloggers who get frustrated for the reason that their blogs are not making well. They are just following others successful blogger and started copying them as first as possible. They are always in hurry to find a shortcut way to achieve the success overnight. I think it’s the big mistake.
    somon recently posted..Blitz Brigade for pc windows 8 7 XP Mac computerMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    If you got traffic through bing or yahoo also then it’s good enough I think. Google is used widely but we should not ignore bing also.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Viber for PC or Computer, Mac, Android, BlackberryMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Yes you are right we should learn from our mistakes. Doing mistakes is not bad but repeating the mistakes is too bad.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Viber for PC or Computer, Mac, Android, BlackberryMy Profile

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