5 Reasons Why You Should Not Completely Blog For Money

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Sandeep Singh
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Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
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I believe that people should get their share of something for whatever they do. Blogging is one such area where you not only get money by blogging but also respect which not many professions get you. Lately I can see that trend is changing and blogging is taking a business perspective i.e.  Just money, which is very wrong and it really degrades the Blogging Terminology.  In this post I will uncover 5 points which I feel will be a real negative ploy if you just blog for money.

I would also like to inform my readers that I am not against making money because I also make money but my point is not to blog just for money.


Blogging Needs Patience:

Blogging is something which anyone can have a go at and if he is good may be succeed in it. Do you want to know one main thing you need to succeed in blogging? Patience. You will never have patience if you just blog for money ! Making money from blogging takes time but once you start making it, it becomes real easy.  You can always make money from blogging but try not to over do it. Better start with the motive to blog and learn. Keep money factor aside for some time.

Blogging is an Art:

Many bloggers along with me would certainly agree that Blogging is an art and only some can master over it. I can see millions of blogs today but how many are active? Not many because they don’t exactly know what

blogging is. Many newbies think that it is real easy to make money and lets blog. Only after reading several blog posts, terminologies and stuffs you will be able to know what blogging is. It took me 7-8 months to actually understand the basics of blogging and I am not ashamed of it. But if i had been blogging to make money i would have quit a long time back.

Money Does Energize:

I have already stated in the earlier part of my post that I am not against making money and one of the reason is this. When you see money flowing in for your work, it re-energizes you and  helps you get stronger. Bloggers also have to get a living right? Thus we also need to make money. One other fact is that when you don’t make the money you used to, it gets onto you and it may degrade your passion towards blogging. So better be prepared before you get in.

Going All Out On Making Money Can Be Harmful:

Some bloggers openly sell links and accept sponsored posts which may not be useful for their readers. This can bring about a negative impact on their blogging reputation. This may lead to lowered readership and authority in the blogging world. For the worse ! Google can identify it and penalize with the Pandas and Penguins

Readers Love Content Not Ads:

Readers who come to your blog are actually coming to read something but over saturated AD’s can really piss them off. Not only it looks odd but takes a lot of time to load as well. Make sure that you don’t have lot of AD’s but place less Ad’s in a better place to get you clicks.

What do you think on my views ? Would love to hear on them