Why Updating Your Blog Daily Is A Waste Of Time – And Energy: 6 Solid Reasons To Back Up!

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Akaahan Terungwa
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Akaahan Terungwa
Akaahan Terungwa
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Why uploading your blog daily is a bad idea

I’ve read many a bunch of bad blogging advice; and have even seen much more in practice – on a daily basis. However, none beats updating your blog daily… it is one of the most silly – and wrong advice you’ll ever receive. Ever.

If you are a newbie and are considering updating your blog daily, you must stop, immediately! If you are a Problogger or have been blogging for any reasonable amount of time and believe blogging daily is the key to success, I have a shocker for you: IT ISN’T. So, for both the newbie and professional alike, why is the daily routine such a bad fix?

There are many reasons blogging daily doesn’t produce great results. Let’s look at them one by one:

Updating Your Blog Daily Leaves You Little Time For Anything Else

Whosoever said writing (great) blog posts was easy was certainly being very economical with the truth or was outrightly lying. Brainstorming, drafting, crafting, editing and possibly rewriting (and then editing again) is one of the biggest time sapping ventures around. There are some epic blog posts that may take 15 or more (tedious) hours to craft – and publish.

This may mean almost 95% of your waking hours!

Now, if you really want to awe your audience (like all serious bloggers should), how exactly can you publish such epic content, share on social media, get it across to your social networks and possibly boost it on via commenting? That would be close to accomplishing the impossible!

Daily Publishing Means You Run The Risk Of Running Out Of Great Blog Post Ideas

Ideas are funny things – very funny.

There will always be days when you’ll have an abundance of ideas and you’ll be wondering what to do with them. Personally, some good days come along and on such days, immediately I wake up, I get an idea for a great blog post.

And, as my wife and I settle down to breakfast, I get yet another idea and before the day is half spent, yet another idea strikes…can you imagine? Yet, there has been days when it is almost next to impossible to even develop those excellent ideas into blog posts (even though the ideas may have been carefully outlined.

And, before you imagine that this is my problem, it isn’t. Infact, all writers and real bloggers face it…it’s called writer’s block!

So, if you’re the ‘update-the-blog-daily’ kind of guy, how exactly do you propose to go about it? Manufacture ‘excellent’ excuses?

Your Readers Would Find It Difficult To Keep Track With Your (Amazing) Content

A blog, though kept in reverse – chronological order, is still a blog and that means you do not write it for yourself… it is written for an audience. Sadly, the audience that it is written for is a super busy one with more than enough distractions…

Or, do you imagine that your readers read every entry you put up? Few do.

So, as you rush to update daily, it would be apt to remember that your audience also has many other things that are begging for accomplishment in their lives. Great chances are that most of your readers may in themselves have blogs and would also need time to craft compelling content for them. Also factor in the reality that your readers need time enough to be allowed to visit other sites too… (something that they must do).

Or, does it pay to talk to an empty room without an audience?

Updating Your Blog Daily Means You Risk Going Off Niche – Or Point!

There has been many a point you landed on a blog you knew too well and the content you saw confused you. What exactly was the blogger thinking? You imagine…the post is completely off niche!

Sadly, this is becoming the norm, rather than the exception. When such happens, be rest assured that such a blogger had the task of updating

his/her blog daily and because of the fact that something had to be on the blog – by all means, off niche material ended up landing there.

When such happens, an unsubscribe is close by. Often too, such a visitor may not bother to come back to such a blog…Can you imagine an opportunity thrown away? Such a reader would have converted brilliantly – if given the opportunity.

It’s not usually a great idea driving away readers and prospective clients. Don’t you think so?

Your Content Goes Stale – Steadily (And Without Notice)

Content gets stale – and once in a while, links get broken. Usually, this impairs user experience and severely hurts search engine rankings. When such happens, you’ll most likely imagine that you were hit by something greater than Panda and Penguin combined…

And you’ll be correct. You would be hit by your own decisions and their effects!

On the other hand, if you take things gentle, update at comfortable intervals and keep an eye on older articles, you’ll certainly be running a blog that would overall, be more productive, alive, relevant and user friendly – without any stale content.

Can you give up the above for the temporary pleasures of updating daily?

Importantly, Updating Your Blog Daily Makes You Imagine It Makes Money!

The last ‘sin’ (but obviously the most important) is that updating daily makes a blogger or information marketer assume that he/she is making money that way. Or would.

Nothing is further from the truth!

While updating daily may work for newspapers and newsmagazines (sometimes multiples times a day – because of their niche), great chances are that if you are not in the news niche, the opposite may even be the case – especially if you use PPC programs like Adsense.

In the blogosphere, bloggers and other webmasters recognize an ad when they see one. Now, if such a ad does not really capture their attention, the possibility of clicking on it is really slim. So, how exactly will more content (especially one produced daily) help you out?

What You Should Do Instead

It would be right to ask me at this juncture what exactly you should do – afterall, I just condemned all that you may have believed in arguing that updating your blog daily is an unpardonable mistake. So, what’s the ideal posting frequency?

Once in two days? Three days? Once a week? Twice a week? Once a month?


The ideal posting frequency is one that allows you enough room so that you can carry out all the money making activities (successfully) that a daily posting schedule may prevent you from…the very activities listed here.

The twist to this post is that if you can blog daily and not fall into the pitfalls enumerated here, congrats! You’re a genius – and super blogger. It is however doubted though – especially if you’re doing things solo!

But, if you can, updating your blog daily may present other fringe benefits you may actually enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

I did not always hate updating daily and wasn’t so vocal against it. As a matter of fact, I (like many other bloggers and webmasters), was a strong advocate of hitting the publish button daily. However, I grew older in the business of blogging and learnt some secrets many do not know even exist.

Fortunately, I now make more money as a result of failing to publish daily via such ventures like the Amazon Kindle Platform and other numerous online efforts. I thus (in advance), understand completely with my professional friends who will unfailingly disagree with me.

Addendum – What Should You Do With The Extra Time?

This is certainly a million dollar question: so, what’s the answer? Use it more productively to make more money. For me, this involves bettering user experience, publishing more titles on Amazon and writing best selling eBooks and guilds to be sold on my site.

Be creative – and have a great day in the process!