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Ngah Benoit
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Ngah Benoit
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romantic date secrets

No matter how creative you can be, coming up with the best romantic date ideas is usually a stressful and time consuming task. Worst of all when you’ve been in a relationship for quite a long time and are probably running out of ideas. When it comes to romantic dates, planning is King, and designing a good plan should be the first thing to do if you want to have an enjoyable and romantic date. Your plan should include; choosing the venue, what to wear, and how to behave. It’s usually difficult to come up with these romantic date ideas, so I’m going to help you design a killer romantic date plan that’s going to make you have the date you’ve always dream of.

Choosing the venue

Sometimes with women it’s not WHERE you take them but how romantic and enjoyable the date turns out to be. Despite this, making the right choice on where to go is something very important to do. When making a choice, avoid places you frequent very regularly as you are likely to run into lots of people you know, who will have to say hi now and then. Also, don’t go somewhere too private cause your date might feel uncomfortable.
If you have little information on the kind of places they will love to go to, there’s no problem in asking the other person for their opinion as to where you should go, after all the goal is to make them as comfortable as possible. Remember that you want your date to be special, so instead of going to a fancy restaurant which they may not like, get their opinion and make your date special.
If you prefer choosing the venue, then you have to do your homework properly. This involves finding out what the other person likes and dislikes, and use it as a guide to choice a venue they will enjoy. I’ve come up wit a few romantic venues which you may consider when making a choice on the venue.

  • The Beach: You can watch the waves together at a beach. Play together and get to know each other more.
  • Take a walk at a park: Talking while walking is romantic cause it makes the conversation more friendly rather being an interview.
  • Have dinner together: Having dinner together is cool since you will have so much time to talk and understand each other better.
  • Watch a movie: You can have a wonderful date watching a romantic movie together. And unless you really know the kind of movies your date love, don’t take her to watch a horror movie.

There are other romantic places you may consider going to depending on how you want your date to be.

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What to put on

When it comes to dressing, dress to impress. Before picking an outfit, you need to bear in mind what kind of date you’re going on, as well as external factors such as the weather, location and time of day. You have to look good in order to make a go. Avoid putting on so much make up, and try as much as possible to be simple, no matter how expensive the things you are putting on are. One very important way to complete your outfit is to always put on a genuine and approving smile. This creates a sign of friendship and makes your date feel more comfortable.

How to behave

Your behavior during a date, especially the first date, has a great part to play in the future of your relationship. The first thing to do is to arrive on time and give your date a warm welcome. In the course of the date, you can talk about the things you like and learn what your date enjoys doing. Don’t turn your conversation into an interview by asking so many question. Remember that your date dressed to impressed you so it wouldn’t be fair to separate without you complimenting their appearance. This is something you should not forget doing. Make your date feel comfortable with your actions and words, and try to be as soft as much as you can.


I will like to know which romantic dates you’ve gone to and also what made your date so special. Please use the comment box to have your say.