5 Sure Fire Tips on How to Meet Mr Wrong Right Now

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Veronica Spriggs
Veronica Spriggs is a full time graphic designer working from home creating photographer album templates. She is also an amateur photographer always looking for the perfect shot. She has a love of art, music, movies, food and all things beautiful. She is also an avid digital scrapbooking enthusiast.
Veronica Spriggs
Veronica Spriggs
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how to find mr wrong

How to Meet Mr Wrong or How NOT to Meet Mr. Right

Would you like to know how to meet Mr Wrong? Finding Mr. Wrong isn’t as easy as one might think. In fact finding Mr. Wrong is probably a lot easier than you would imagine! Some of you may already be able to attest to this as you may have already met Mr. Wrong.

If you want to be certain you will meet Mr. Wrong follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Sit down on any park bench, actually any public gathering area will do fine. Be sure to be alone. Mr. Wrong often lacks confidence and just may be intimidated if you are surrounded by friends or family. Don’t hinder your chances with the use of any fancy props such as a laptop, iPad or any book with more than 50 pages. Mr. Wrong doesn’t understand such gadgetry and surely won’t be able to come up with anything more interesting than “Oh, you are on your computer?” You don’t want to make it difficult for him.
  2. Join any free dating site. Spin the Google wheel and find the cheesiest dating site you can. The free-er the better. Be sure to post a photo and add to your profile that you are only interested in serious inquiries and not looking for any casual hook-ups. Increase your chances by adding an in-depth detailed profile about who you are and just what it is you are looking for. Silly girl, didn’t you catch the hint from above? Mr. Wrong doesn’t read!
  3. Say hello to everyone greets you. Look at them for more than 10 seconds. This is a sure signal to Mr. Wrong that “Oh yeah, she wants me!” Mr. Wrong has a high perception of himself. He is a gift you see and surely he isn’t misreading your intention to simply be polite.
  4. Limit your search to one “type” of guy. You are attracted to the tall Grecian God type with the washboard abs. Or perhaps you are a fan of flashy cars and the drivers of said fancy cars. Whatever your “type” may be if you are limiting yourself to a particular asset in your would be mate it’s a safe bet you will run into Mr. Wrong. You see Mr. Wrong lacks depth. He may be all about getting that perfect set of abs or keeping his sparkling. But if that’s all he’s about, SUCCESS, you’ve just met Mr. Wrong.
  5. Do nothing at all. Mr. Wrong will find you, he’s crafty like that.

Most of us are probably already experts on how to meet Mr Wrong. It is all too simple to meet him. You just need to be able to recognize Mr. Wrong when you see him. Don’t let appearances fool you. It’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover be that cover shabby or shiny. Turn a few pages before you leap to a conclusion. Trust your instincts. If you have a moment’s hesitation or even the slightest cause for pause you want to listen to that little voice. Don’t “make do”. If your plan is “fix” some of Mr. Wrongs less desirable traits, forget it. That’s not going happen. At least not before your patience runs out. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Expand your horizons. If you don’t generally go for the geeky type give it a he just may surprise you. Finally don’t be tempted to settle for Mr. He’s Ok. Your Mr. Right is out there. Don’t waste precious time in a less than optimal situation. And most importantly, stay true yourself.