4 Lethal Mistakes You Are Making On Your Blog That Makes The Money Run!

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Akaahan Terungwa
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Akaahan Terungwa
Akaahan Terungwa
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How To Make Money Blogging

Making money online is certainly hard – at least harder than you’ve been imagining or have been taught and programmed to believe: thanks to the poor infrastructure in most ┬ácountries and the less than honest persons who only use the internet for scam and fraud. However, if you have started a blog (with the intention of making money online) and you are not recording success, the problem may not be the poor infrastructure of your country or the less than ideal fellows around you…

The problem may instead be you!

If you are the problem, it would be a great idea to figure out why you are the very cause of the lack of growth your blog is experiencing. What have you done wrong? Have are you still doing wrong? And more importantly, what do you need to change? You’ll find the amazing answers in the next few lines below:

You Have No Defined Audience

With the wave of entertainment bloggers rising up everyday, the tendency to choose that niche is great. Then adding up the blogging niche, education niche and make money online niche would provide a perfect blog for your readers (in your estimation). No doubt it will – after you of course add the personal finance niche, the travel niche and the sexual health niche.

You’re now officially a jack of all niches!

The temptation of towing this path is that you’ll attract readers from all walks of life and in no time, have very impressive traffic – and hopefully, a great Alexa rank. Fail – completely! Lack a clearly defined audience makes it very difficult to pinpoint who exactly you are addressing as a blogger – or information marketer. Now, if you do not even know your prospective clients and actual readers, how exactly will you tailor content to serve them? How exactly will you get content that excites them? How exactly will you be able to craft awesome products for them?

Do you now see the futility of insisting on serving everyone?

You Have No Clear Monetization Strategy

Monetizing a blog isn’t the best part of blogging – believe me. This is because, many of the different audiences respond differently to monetization efforts and it produces different results that vary from niche to niche…you will do well to know the exact niche you are covering and how traffic in such a niche responds to monetization efforts.

If you are covering the entertainment niche, it is unimaginable that you’ll be interested in writing eBooks and other information products! Readers to such a site would usually visit your blog when they’re in a light mood and suggesting an eBook would be monetization suicide! Aside, what would you have to say in your information products that would be compelling enough to make your readers want to part with some cash? How to be a good musician? I doubt.

Instead, you should consider PPC ads – your chances would be higher that way!

What if you blog about career and are focused about job hunting tips? In such a niche, you can intelligently combine PPC ads with email courses and maybe, even eBooks (with other information products). The audience to such a blog will be

able to relate to these monetization strategy…usually, in a brilliant manner.

To make money as a blogger, your foremost task is to intelligently choose a monetization method that would serve your niche and interest your audience. Remember, monetization is about smartness. Think!

You Waste Time With Untargeted Traffic

Blog traffic is a concept that is least understood. Every blogger wants more of traffic. Then more. And then, some more. This is perfectly normal but what manner of traffic are you attracting? Are you with some of these poor traffic generation websites that dish out “credits” when participating members land on your site for about 5 seconds then bounce away?

Think! Such traffic is useless – utterly useless!

The traffic worth driving over is traffic that would most likely be interested in what you have to say. Traffic that may convert to readers. Or buyers. Or subscribers. Or the best: raving fans! In this wise, it’s far better to have a site that drives in 10 targeted visits a day than one that attracts 100 visitors who immediately rush to use the red button.

You Have Not Earned The Trust Of Your Readers

It’s impossible to make money online with a blog without first garnering the trust of your readers. When it comes to opening up a wallet, very few persons would dish out money to a complete stranger – a stranger whose stuff they are not sure of. If all your posts/offers are just about buy this or click here, believe me, great chances are that you’ll never make the bucks as quick as you intend.

There are a million and one ways to earn the trust of your readers and make them buy whatever it is that you’re offering. This is a basic guild/tip:

  • Keep to your word. If you are supposed to update every day, do it – or let your readers know why you aren’t going to keep your schedule. If you forget this bit, the least you could afford is an apology. If you’re unfaithful in small matters, how can you be trusted with bigger tasks?
  • Make your content awesome – and free. You can always monetize via other means.
  • Answer all queries sent your way by readers whether by way of comment, phone calls or email communication. If readers can relate with you, they’ll build trust faster.
  • Sometimes, it pays to talk about yourself (not too much though). You see, we all long to know what each other’s story is…once you begin telling your story bit by bit, readers begin to enjoy themselves bit by bit and the trust develops bit by bit!
  • And still be warned: this doesn’t happen overnight: this otherwise simple illustration may take you over a year to realize…and till that year comes – and goes, be patient. Supremely patient!

Capping Up

Sometimes, ‘luck’ shines on a fellow and you imagine that he hasn’t done any of these and yet, has succeeded in reaping all the benefits that come with doing things the right way. Don’t be fooled – such bloggers and information marketers have done their homework perfectly – and like the duck, they have managed to keep their hard – struggling and pedaling feet underneath the water.

Don’t fall for it!

It’s A Great Day (Already!)

It’s always my sincere pleasure writing articles like this and clarifying some obscure concepts or better still, demystifying myths…I’m also certain you did enjoy the entry as much as I did (in writing it). If that’s the case, I wish you a great day – and look forward to interacting further with you via comments!