Business Bloggers: Using a Success Code Strategy

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Business bloggers Success code

Business Bloggers: how has the journey gone so far?

This time of the year is always a good time for business bloggers to look back and reflect on their progress.

How has your blogging journey gone so far? Are you happy with your achievements this year?

When you look back, don’t count yesterday’s failure, but plan tomorrow’s success”.

I have developed a success code for myself and I am happy to share it with all business bloggers. I use this piece of success code to keep myself focused so that I won’t lose track of my goals.

“Success does not come easy, even when you stay busy, but it does come, with a step at a time”¦”

S – Strategize. Review and visualise your dream blog – Is your blog what you want it to be now? Where do you want to be with your blog tomorrow? Strategize and draw up your plan. Develop new business ideas. Planning is a very essential part of everything you do. From the time you wake up until the time you fall back on your pillows.

U – Understand what you are getting yourself into.  Blogging for money is not the same as blogging for pleasure.  That said, it is important you enjoy what you are doing. Understand your strength and your weakness. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing; create your blog around whatever it is you know you can comfortably and effortlessly blog about. Everyone is good at something and whatever that is; that’s your key to success.

“Blogging about everything won’t yield anything but common hives, but uniqueness attracts reactions”


– Concentrate on your creativity and resist all distractions. Create useful, helpful, fun and quality content. Whatever you do with your blog, let your content speak to someone. Have a central message.  Create content around your skills and passion. When I write, I try to ask myself, is this article useful? Will it help someone? How can I make it more useful? Will it add more value to my theme?

C – Connect and collaborate. It is true that content is king, but very king needs a queen and in the context of blogging, the queen is your traffic. Connect with potential readers, connect with social communities, interact with other business bloggers, build a mailing list and connect with the needs of your members. Even though these are common strategies, very few bloggers take the time to follow them through.

E – Expand your knowledge to fulfil your readers’ expectation. Just as the natural world is evolving, the web is also changing constantly. Find out the latest SEO techniques. Review your blog and make sure you are in the loop of things.

S – Sacrifice time and effort. Who said it’s easy to make money online or offline?  As a business blogger, you need to put some extra efforts into your blogging site if you want to gain anything from it.  You need to nurture it like a baby and watch it grow and blossom. It takes time and effort to get to that stage we want it to be. It’s not an easy road but then hard work tends to pay off.

S- Stay steady and focused on your tracks. Look heard and don’t lose track of your aims, that way you will achieve your objectives.  It’s not unusual for business bloggers to want to reach goals very quickly, but that only happens with a few people and most people realize their goals more slowly.

Finally, if things are not going as planned for your business blog, review and make changes to your success plan, but don’t abandon your aims and objectives, else you will lose everything you have worked so hard to build.

“Abounded aims don’t make gains, but relentless efforts can bring chains of successes.”

All business bloggers should have a success code. Do you have one? Let’s hear it!