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Being a blogger for so long, certain habits have gone into me in a way that it has become part of my life. To name a few, late sleeping which results in late rising, sitting on the computer for hours and the posture getting worse with every passing hour. Starring on the computer screen for long hours and especially night time screen gazing has given me painful and red eyes many times over. But again, we take all this for granted and don’t even think about it. Very recently, I saw one of my friend’s status update which made me think about it. Below, is the exact, unedited status update of my friend from facebook.

Benjamin Franklin said- “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead” Life is for living.. So wake up & enjoy every moment ♥ ♥ ♥. This is why we bloggers work late nights… Bloggers Rock \m/

Night Blogger

Night Blogger

Source – 97103921@N00

This is all very good and touching, yes we bloggers work real hard and I do agree that we rock. But late night working is so unhealthy? Let’s focus more on the “wake up part” and that reminds me that late night sleeps and waking up late has stolen my early mornings for quite some time now. So, for a change I tried to wake up early and I must say, the day starts with watching the sun go up, that is the very positive thing which relates to living, tells you that you are alive and let you enjoy the best moments by just watching the sun rise. And err… Benjamin Franklin, sorry to be rude, I know you are awesome and everything, but please, let me just state in straight words that you are wrong on that statement. The more you sleep the better you will be. Sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day to live longer and keep death away. Body requires a long and peaceful sleep to regenerate, so make sure to sleep plenty while you are alive.

This also made me to think of some of the other unhealthy habits that I was developing and cherishing. So, let’s discuss some of those unhealthy habits here and then in the comments section you can come up with more unhealthy habits and discuss on how we can get rid of them.

Sitting long hours – Sitting long hours in front of the computer screen can cause several health problems like back, neck and shoulder pain and it can further damage the bones and make it a chronic disorder. So, why not take small breaks, like a 5 minutes walking and roaming around the room or taking a small nap in the bed if you have already exhausted yourself on the chair. For relaxing you can try Epsom salt, there are some excellent health benefits of Epsom salt that you can use at your advantage.

Changing to LCD from CRT – nothing technical here, if you are having the old computer screen then it is time to move on to the super sleek LCD monitors. That way your eyes will be less strained, but I think you are already are on a LCD because CRT is so backdated now.

Exercise – Bloggers need specific exercises for neck, shoulder, back, hips and even hands as we type quite a lot. But I don’t have to write more on it, because Lisa Johnson has already written an article on fitness for bloggers. In case you are developing some extra weight, you might consider some exercises or lifestyle changes seriously, try eating some super foods to boost metabolism.

Posture – Have you tried sitting straight while you are on the computer? Has it happened that while you started your day with a straight back, in the next hour or so you have completely gone round on the chair in an almost sleeping posture? It had happened to me, I was almost round on the chair after a few hours and I think I can take a bit of my own tip from the first point and so can you. Also, try to fall back on the desktop if laptop is creating a posture problem. Get a computer chair and avoid taking the laptop on the bed, that is where the real problem of poor posture starts.

Maintain your routine – This starts from sleeping early because unless you do it, you won’t be able to wake up early in the morning. Once you finally wake up early in the morning, start your day, drink some water, do some exercise and then get to blogging. There is plenty of time in the morning that can be utilized for blogging and the early morning clean air provides plenty of ideas and thoughts that late night blogging can’t. As a matter of fact, am writing down major part of this post in the morning fresh air, because it is giving me more ideas than a late night sleepy head can.

Take break – No, am not taking about the five minutes break or a small nap here and there. Take a real break, for 3 to 5 days time and appreciate the life you got. Go on a holiday, a small vacation and have your mind clean of all the regular worries and pressures. Blogging does put plenty of pressures in our mind starting from fluctuations of traffics to ups and downs of retweets on the latest posts or not getting enough link love from fellow bloggers… and while we are at it, please do link… and to the ups and downs of revenue and everything that surrounds our everyday blogging, creates so much of tension into our heads, seriously, every blogger deserves a good rest whenever possible. So, how to take a break and not lose readership. This question will require a whole post to answer, however here I will just put two ways. The number one method is to allow guest post and then sit back and relax while the guest poster takes up your work and the next method is to schedule a few posts in advance, something that I always do.

Remember friends, while you can get a penalized blog back or a sandboxed blog back in the serps, you cannot recover a bad back that easily. You could end up with Spondylitis, Slipdisk and whatnot if you do not take care of your health. Make sure to take care of your health in the same way you take care of your blog’s health. Taking care of your own health is also a responsibility of a blogger.


  1. What i personally feel as a blogger, online entrepreneur as well, is that losing weight and keeping in shape is still possible. Since one may find it harder to get time to go to the gym, we can make use of body weight circuit exercises to lose weight at home instead. Also, keeping our diet in check is important
    Alvin recently posted…Diet Shortcuts – Because You Deserve ThemMy Profile

  2. Yeah really true sometimes blogging seems like an addiction.
    Priyank Pandey recently posted…How To Stop Rapid Teeth Pain- Best WaysMy Profile

  3. hai uttoransen ,,this tips is useful begginers of blogger,. You got more energy when you get back to blogging and you can overview what you are doing, giving you more creative ideas,,thanx for sharing this post sir..waiting for awesome post from you ,,

  4. LOL I still have the old CRT monitor, i think i should buy a LCD, didn’t know that health is that much important for blogging :) Thank you for this awesome post!
    Zenu Khas recently posted…WinLock Professional 5.26 Free DownloadMy Profile

  5. I usually have had a back pain for working longer. A little stretching can really help in those circumstances. But, You know, prevention is better than cure. If we take some precaution, we can not be affected by any of these problems
    Andrew recently posted…GoPhone: Binding of the iPhone and GoPro CameraMy Profile

  6. Really actually accurate occasionally running a blog might appear to be the dependency. Agree completely with you, health comes first and everything after that, even blogging! thanks a lot bro. sharing very informative and helpful post with us. :D
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…Download Whatsapp for PC (Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  7. John Forex says:

    Hi Uttoran, this is just brilliant. I read your post and what comes to mind is police academy. I feel like I could break a leg being a blogger sitting at my chair and getting up real quick to go for snacks> ahahah

    I defintely aggree, health omes first. Great advice.

    Thank you

  8. Same with me, i have serious back pain for working late, but then, i love working late into the night :D
    Right now i have a very rocking chair that is helping a lot.
    Thank you for the health tips and most especially the quote!!
    Frank Joseph recently posted…How to master social media marketing to improve your online businessMy Profile

  9. Sleep is important but 10 hours is rediculous. Anyone who has a happy interesting life and is in good health wakes up after 8 or so hours and begins the day. Of course health habits are important and bloggers need to pay special attention to their backs. I do a set of back exercised daily and wear a brace if I am sitting at my computer. Usually I recline with a laptop. Your body is just as important as your brain so pay attention to its signals,

  10. Yeah it is almost true, for every blogger suffers from the same problem. Staring at computer through the night has affected by sight. After reading your post i realized How much i miss early mornings? It is so serene. I am also trying to change by schedule. Thanks for the great post. it has been a real eye opener.

  11. Loved the article as we bloggers go through a lot of workload and don’t give proper care to our health.As an example I can talk about myself because I’m facing great back problem for sometime now.My sitting posture isn’t correct and also the chair is also very uncomfortable to sit.Other problems like headaches,blur vision happens every now and then as I work without any break.
    I loved the tips and hopefully I can follow them because at last health can’t be neglected for money.
    James Frost recently posted…Klinker Apps presents its portal applications and updatesMy Profile

  12. Your “take a break” idea is very interesting – like a proper 3 -5 day excursion away from your blog. I think this is not just great for your physical and mental health but also your creativity. I stumbled upon another photographic blogger recently (no, I can remember the link) – his blog said he was going away for 6 months to immerse himself in the real world, wouldn’t be checking his social networks, just a minimal amount of emailing – so he could find some new and fresh ideas – not just ones recycled from other blogs. I thought – “way to go!”.

  13. awesome tips to get set live in blogging…..
    when i read the point “Changing to LCD from CRT”..i was surprised why you write this…
    But after reading inside it….i under stand that it is for our eyes….
    to take less strain…thanks for sharing….:)
    Riya Khurana recently posted…Best Ayurvedic Ways to Lose Weight | Domination over MedicineMy Profile

  14. Hi,
    Health is very important aspect in our life.Whatever you do you have to maintain your health. so nice tips to maintain health while blogging. thank you for sharing.
    sameer recently posted…WhatsApp to Add Voice Calls Service to Its Product in the Second QuarterMy Profile

  15. Mohit Farswan says:

    Hey uttoransen,
    I appreciate you for the way you have explained the points regarding the health of Bloggers. I agree with you that health comes first. but you might have noticed that a person who is in his first stage to earn money, he does compromise with his health which can lead some serious problems.

  16. health is very important for every person and for bloggers or any other person whose job is sitting job, it’s very important to take care about his health. exercise and proper sleeping are two major strategies which i think we can go for if we want to maintain our health for longer time period.


  17. This article is a threat for me. Because I am a blogger and I am using a CRT monitor. After reading I am going to buy a new LCD monitor. Thank you……..

  18. Hello Uttoran,

    If anybody needs to be fit, it’s bloggers, believe me. However, the task of working hard to make an impact in the blogosphere overwhelms us quite naturally! It’s either content promotion, creation or monetization – throughout! These tips, I’m pretty sure, will go a long way in changing things!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…5 WAYS TO KILL YOUR DREAMS (AND DESTINY) VERY FASTMy Profile

  19. Katrin Brandstetter says:

    Awesome tips Uttoran! Taking breaks is crucial. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and you can get stuck in a rut, so taking a break really helps. As copywriters, we also know how important it is to come back to a piece of copy with a fresh perspective – another reason why breaks really help. And yes, 8 hours of sleep is the goal. Although, I have to say I’m guilty of over-working (and over-playing!) and not getting enough beauty sleep.

    Do you stick to all these tips yourself? Thanks again!

  20. hello there
    I am also blogger and my friends also doing blogging… Health is the major concern among them.. I have to share these points..
    vikram recently posted…BEST PAID GAME RAYMAN JUNGLE RUN v2.08 FOR ANDROIDMy Profile

  21. Good advice all around.

    I’m very susceptible to the staying up late thing. I’ve had insomnia since I was a kiddo. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of sleeping in. I have six kids and homeschool the three who aren’t in college yet! I’m running on three hours of sleep today, so it’s going to be a long one!
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Build Your Blog Conference 2014 NotesMy Profile

  22. Hey Uttoran,

    I can definitely relate to the long hours spent in front of the computer and starting to feel the effects physically from the hours spent sitting. But like you said, you have to mix it up, get up and take occasional breaks. Go exercise, it’s so easy to get caught up in your work, but it’s also easy to get up and take a break from your passion!
    Jeffrey Wilson recently posted…Vape LifeMy Profile

  23. Hi Uttoran,

    As I was reading this article I thought you were writing it for me . I know that long hours of sitting at the computer are not really good for you (or me), yet I continue to do it over and over. Not only that I go to sleep late and when I finally crawl into bed I am still so wound up that I’ll for another hour just to get my mind of my blogs. I think I am addicted. Your article was an excellent reminder
    Dita recently posted…Comparison Of Oils In Meditteranean Diet And American Diet: Healthy or UnhealthyMy Profile

  24. Definitely Every coin has two sides, If Blogging has advantages then There are a lots of Disadvantages also.
    Proper sleep is also necessary for being healthy and Fit.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…10 important tips for Your Motorola Moto GMy Profile

  25. Just lately I’ve caught myself slipping back into the late nighters, and consequently getting up later. It takes real discipline to keep on a normal schedule. I know for me, its an attempt to make up for not being very productive through the day and trying to ‘catch up’ for the day.
    Carole recently posted…Is your Diet for a Mercedes, or an Escort?My Profile

  26. saqib ahmad says:

    Very nice article! maintaining routine is very important! just like the way I am doing it :D

  27. Big problem, I’m so glad I read your post Uttoran, when I start the hard work I start losing nights too, wake up late, way to late, pretty embarrassing but this is life, all this because I didn’t have a real list with tasks to be done daily, since I made the list I feel way much better, a must do list hanged near LCD is very very helpful.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Rank #1 in Google with Reinforced Tiered Link BuildingMy Profile

  28. Hey Uttoran,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips. Yes, sitting in front of computers for hours really make tired body and taking five minutes break between work really helps in refresh us. Routine is also very necessary point.
    Sudipto recently posted…Snapchat for PC (Windows 7/8/mac) Snapchat for Blackberry OnlineMy Profile

  29. Hey Uttoran,
    You mentioned the great tips bro..taking proper breaks between the work and drinking as much as water helps in keeping active and healthy during the work. And instead of working at late nights, i used to sleep early and wake up early too..the productivity of work will surely increase in this case rather than working at late nights. What you say?

  30. Really loved this post , thank you for share.. I have a backbone pain after blogging sometimes,, I think that my posture also not good lately..
    sagar nandwani recently posted…Best and latest 5 ways to download YouTube videos quickly 2014My Profile

  31. Well, sleeping for 8 – 10 hours is a must for me. In addition to that I have just fixed around 4 hours a day of my time for blogging. I get more ideas while being offline.
    Earlier I used to have late night blogging sessions but then I started working out in the evening. Seemed to do the trick to let me sleep early and wake up early :)

  32. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 says:

    very right said above mentioned is very difficult to maintain continuity.Aslo it is very necessary to take rest or break from your work..
    seriously great tips to be shared………..

  33. This is so much more important than most people make it out to be. Body posture for instance can impact your health greatly in later life. In our office environment I am often sitting in the same position for hours on end. Just taking the occasional break to get up and walk around helps loads!

  34. Swadhin Agrawal says:

    very informative post just love it and will implement it soon. seeing long time at screens gives aches to my eyes and I am afraid that might cause me danger. Please reply me If you have a solution

  35. Totally agree with you on the need to maintain correct posture and avoid sitting long hours at the computer, and thanks for the tip on epsom salt. I would like to add that investing in a good chair is also important, and it really makes a difference.

    Sleep is definitely vital to health, and while I’m generally a morning person, I can imagine some bloggers do write better in the wee hours. Each to his own!
    Mike recently posted…Top 5 Best Selling Juicers 2014My Profile

  36. To Overcome the fitness blues of sediment sitting, and bad computer posture, my house is an As Seen On TV Fitness Room. The Iron Gym hangs from the door frame, you pass perfect pushups on the way to the living room, and the Shake Weight is weird, but it works… in like 3 minutes. Throw in the set of rubber bands, a sandbag, some body weight exercises, and anybody can stay fit, easily.
    Devin Bisanz recently posted…Goal Setting- The Top Brain Training Way.My Profile

  37. These are really helpful health tips for the blogger . these tips are very necessary for the bloggers. Health is the most important.
    Muneeb recently posted…Top 5 Best Blogger WidgetsMy Profile

  38. Thanks for your tips
    I always dont excercise when i tired because only thing i want to at the moment is go to sleep. Now i must change my habbit to improve myself.
    Jolice recently posted…Covert Store Builder Review – 70% Discount Code OfferMy Profile

  39. Does anybody still use a CRT these days? I doubt it… You did remember me of my 14 inch CRT which totally killed my eyes. Was so bad after 4 hours in front of it i’d get headaches.
    Andy Kent recently posted…Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

  40. Nice post. Doing exercise is must. One must spare time for exercising along with blogging.
    Monu recently posted…How to get teeth whiterMy Profile

  41. Very help information Uttoransen,

    Sitting for long hours is bad to one’s health, especially for bloggers. This alone can produce headaches, strokes, etc. It’s even bad when sitting for long hours playing video games! Great tips
    J. Wright recently posted…Top California Auto Insurance CompaniesMy Profile

  42. For bloggers health tips are essential. Bloggers used to keep in front of the computer all day and night with the same posture. So they need these tips.
    Prakash recently posted…Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/XP/ MAC/ PC Download FreeMy Profile

  43. Roshan Baskota says:

    I am a Ayurveda, yoga student. I would like to suggest that there are some very effective yoga postures for one working on office, sitting hours and hours and definitely the computer users who stand back in front of monitor for hours.

  44. Thanks for the excellent info presented here. I will add that, besides maintaining physical health, it is just as important to have excellent mental health. A positive attitude and visualization of success are always helpful to maintaining a healthy life and a healthy blog :)
    Joe Dalio recently posted…How Great Is Your Drive For Success?My Profile

  45. Hello Uttoran,
    Really true, By sitting for long time in front of my lappy, specially working at night caused a eyesight problem as well due to plastic chair on which i sit for so long had given me a spinal cord lower back pain,

    Finally I have changed my working habit, 10 minutes break every 1 hour out of which 5 minutes I watch Tv and 5 minutes a bit stretching.

    Health for bloggers is much more important.
    Aquila A recently posted…iMessage for WindowsMy Profile

  46. I agree absolutely together with you, well being occurs very first in addition to everything next, also blogging! thanks for sharing this informative post with us. :D
    zareen recently posted…How to Download Talking Tom Cat for PCMy Profile

  47. Sure truly genuine occasionally running a blog appears like a craving. appreciate it pal. Nice do the job. give thanks to with regard to revealing valuable and beneficial submit with us. Thanks for sharing. :D
    anirudh recently posted…Download iMovie for Windows (iMovie for PC 7/8/XP)My Profile

  48. These remains always to be a great insights and helpfull tips for bloggers, thank for that.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Dead Trigger 2 for PC Download on Windows 7/8 TutorialMy Profile

  49. When I am blog about womens health issues I can sit at the computer for hours. I force myself to get out and do laps of the building regardless of the weather. If I do not do this, my whole body freezes up!

  50. Sitting for long hours in front of the laptop does takes a toll on my back and neck. And also pushes a lot of strain on my eyes. Thanks pal for suggesting these great tips.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…Ebola Virus Outbreak : Facts to KnowMy Profile

  51. Resting regarding hard before the notebook computer can has a cost about my own returning and fretboard. As well as shoves a lot of tension about my own eye. Thanks pal regarding advising these kind of excellent tips. Thanks for sharing bro…

  52. Wonderful – This is a great offer , It is my 3rd visit to this site and this post made me do my 1st comment. Keep up the good work.
    zareen recently posted…How To Download BBM for PCMy Profile

  53. Superb word of advice about Lavander, I’ve got used it and it functions – facilitates within decreasing sleeping faster. Thanks
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted…FaceTime for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  54. Slumbering regarding difficult prior to the notebook computer could carries a price tag about my coming back again in addition to fretboard. Along with shoves many tension about my vision. Thanks companion regarding offering their advice to this kind of exceptional tips. Thanks with regard to revealing bro…. Nice work!!!!
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted…FaceTime for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  55. Really actually accurate occasionally running a blog might appear to be the dependency. Agree completely with you, health comes first and everything after that, even blogging! thanks a lot bro. sharing very informative and helpful post with us. :DI highly agree wih you….
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  56. Anwar Sadat says:

    I have three sites. I pass a long time to write unique article for these three sites. But I have r never thought about my health. But after going through your post I am badly in need to take rest and exercises as you have described in different points in this post. Thanks for your great Information. From today I will follow your described routine. Best of luck.

  57. hi michelle,
    thanks for your comment,

    Excellent tip about Lavander, I have used it and it works – helps in falling sleep quicker.

    I try to avoid caffeine in the evening to night time, no point disturbing the little sleepy I can manage on my own,

    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran Sen recently posted…$500 in Cash Prizes Contest – The WinnersMy Profile

  58. Hi Patrece,
    thanks for your comment,

    agree completely with you, health comes first and everything after that, even blogging!
    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran Sen recently posted…Trying to Reach Women – 42 Ways to Make Social Media Work for YouMy Profile

  59. Hey michelle,
    Great point – “Sleep Hygien” – heard it for the first time from you! Will definitely use it a lot from here on :)

    Yes, we should treat sleep as a healing factor for not just the body but the mind as well.
    Uttoran Sen,
    Uttoran Sen recently posted…$500 in Cash Prizes Contest – The WinnersMy Profile

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