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Being a blogger for so long, certain habits have gone into me in a way that it has become part of my life. To name a few, late sleeping which results in late rising, sitting on the computer for hours and the posture getting worse with every passing hour. Starring on the computer screen for long hours and especially night time screen gazing has given me painful and red eyes many times over. But again, we take all this for granted and don’t even think about it. Very recently, I saw one of my friend’s status update which made me think about it. Below, is the exact, unedited status update of my friend from facebook.

Benjamin Franklin said- “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead” Life is for living.. So wake up & enjoy every moment ♥ ♥ ♥. This is why we bloggers work late nights… Bloggers Rock \m/

Night Blogger

Night Blogger

Source – 97103921@N00

This is all very good and touching, yes we bloggers work real hard and I do agree that we rock. But late night working is so unhealthy? Let’s focus more on the “wake up part” and that reminds me that late night sleeps and waking up late has stolen my early mornings for quite some time now. So, for a change I tried to wake up early and I must say, the day starts with watching the sun go up, that is the very positive thing which relates to living, tells you that you are alive and let you enjoy the best moments by just watching the sun rise. And err… Benjamin Franklin, sorry to be rude, I know you are awesome and everything, but please, let me just state in straight words that you are wrong on that statement. The more you sleep the better you will be. Sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day to live longer and keep death away. Body requires a long and peaceful sleep to regenerate, so make sure to sleep plenty while you are alive.

This also made me to think of some of the other unhealthy habits that I was developing and cherishing. So, let’s discuss some of those unhealthy habits here and then in the comments section you can come up with more unhealthy habits and discuss on how we can get rid of them.

Sitting long hours – Sitting long hours in front of the computer screen can cause several health problems like back, neck and shoulder pain and it can further damage the bones and make it a chronic disorder. So, why not take small breaks, like a 5 minutes walking and roaming around the room or taking a small nap in the bed if you have already exhausted yourself on the chair. For relaxing you can try Epsom salt, there are some excellent health benefits of Epsom salt that you can use at your advantage.

Changing to LCD from CRT – nothing technical here, if you are having the old computer screen then it is time to move on to the super sleek LCD monitors. That way your eyes will be less strained, but I think you are already are on a LCD because CRT is so backdated now.

Exercise – Bloggers need specific exercises for neck, shoulder, back, hips and even hands as we type quite a lot. But I don’t have to write more on it, because Lisa Johnson has already written an article on fitness for bloggers. In case you are developing some extra weight, you might consider some exercises or lifestyle changes seriously, try eating some super foods to boost metabolism.

Posture – Have you tried sitting straight while you are on the computer? Has it happened that while you started your day with a straight back, in the next hour or so you have completely gone round on the chair in an almost sleeping posture? It had happened to me, I was almost round on the chair after a few hours and I think I can take a bit of my own tip from the first point and so can you. Also, try to fall back on the desktop if laptop is creating a posture problem. Get a computer chair and avoid taking the laptop on the bed, that is where the real problem of poor posture starts.

Maintain your routine – This starts from sleeping early because unless you do it, you won’t be able to wake up early in the morning. Once you finally wake up early in the morning, start your day, drink some water, do some exercise and then get to blogging. There is plenty of time in the morning that can be utilized for blogging and the early morning clean air provides plenty of ideas and thoughts that late night blogging can’t. As a matter of fact, am writing down major part of this post in the morning fresh air, because it is giving me more ideas than a late night sleepy head can.

Take break – No, am not taking about the five minutes break or a small nap here and there. Take a real break, for 3 to 5 days time and appreciate the life you got. Go on a holiday, a small vacation and have your mind clean of all the regular worries and pressures. Blogging does put plenty of pressures in our mind starting from fluctuations of traffics to ups and downs of retweets on the latest posts or not getting enough link love from fellow bloggers… and while we are at it, please do link… and to the ups and downs of revenue and everything that surrounds our everyday blogging, creates so much of tension into our heads, seriously, every blogger deserves a good rest whenever possible. So, how to take a break and not lose readership. This question will require a whole post to answer, however here I will just put two ways. The number one method is to allow guest post and then sit back and relax while the guest poster takes up your work and the next method is to schedule a few posts in advance, something that I always do.

Remember friends, while you can get a penalized blog back or a sandboxed blog back in the serps, you cannot recover a bad back that easily. You could end up with Spondylitis, Slipdisk and whatnot if you do not take care of your health. Make sure to take care of your health in the same way you take care of your blog’s health. Taking care of your own health is also a responsibility of a blogger.