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I'm a full time blogger. As of last month, I have helped over 10,000 people get fast traffic with my free ebook Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight! I love helping people make money blogging! let me know if I can help you!
Wade Harman
Wade Harman

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Wade Harman
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Can’t Make Money Blogging?

Most people that set up a blog have high hopes that it will make them lots of money. More often than not, they are hoping for that cash payout quicker than humanly or Googely possible! More people quit their blogs before they even get started because there is no quick money in it.

If you have started in the blogging industry their are lots of things that you need to do to get it noticed by Google. Now, this is not going to be a post about HOWto do this, because a lot of you already know about finding a niche, long tailed keywords, on page seo, and the different things that is needed for off page seo as well.

There is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars with a blog. You have to have goals to reach, and getting noticed on a national level would be a great place for your blog to be to make money! However, most people don’t realize that once they throw their “hat” in the ring for a particular keyword, you are competiting with thousands of other people that are wanting the same thing that you want-to get on the first page of Google. So in a sense to make money, this is harder than it sounds. Getting noticed by Google takes a lot of time and patience to do! This is why many people quit 3 weeks into the journey. They don’t understand why their blog is not making any money!

The New Idea


am no professional, and I have only been blogging for two years now, so I’m no expert, but I do know this. Google follows people. Make sure your site is optimized fairly decent, however, don’t go so overboard with it that the Penguin will slap you! Here is my motto: Readers first, Google second. In other words, when you blog, blog for your visitor. Too many times I have stumbled onto a great site, only to be confused with the wording. It is evident in these blogs that they are trying too hard to make money with it. You can see the keywords stuffed inside the blog posts and it really deters from the blog and/or the idea or product that you are trying to push.


Don’t give up the first few weeks. I was one of those people two years ago that thought that blogging was a way to make easy money. Nope. Just like any other job, you have to work hard at it to get the nice payout. Time and patience is key when waiting for the big money.

Don’t be afraid to do your on site SEO. If you have a WordPress site, I recommend using WP Yoast. Fix up your meta descriptions, meta keywords, title tags, etc. But when it comes down to blogging. Be yourself, and blog for the person on the other side of the screen that will be looking at it. When I finally learned this, I started converting sales. More people started coming BACK to the site! Make your site for the reader and not the search engine and you will succeed!

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