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I'm a full time blogger. As of last month, I have helped over 10,000 people get fast traffic with my free ebook Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight! I love helping people make money blogging! let me know if I can help you!
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Wade Harman
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Backlinks: An Idea You May Not Know

We all scramble for backlinks, we all know the processes that it takes to get our site noticed on Google or some other search engine, and therefore we race to get it done and get our site ranked fast. There are common ways to get backlinks to your site:

  • Commenting-A tedious process, but essential to get that precious backlink to your site.
  • Guest Posting-A great way to get backlinks, but it seems like it is so hard to get a guest posting gig these days!
  • Article Marketing-Still considered a great way to rank up in the search engines, however, will the recent slap of Build My Rank, people are nervous to get on anyone else’s bandwagon that does this!¬† Besides, the cost to¬†participate with a company like this seems to break you these days!

These are all still great ways to rank higher on the search engines and will still be used by people, however, there is one that you may not know that is pretty powerful!

The Benefits of Forum Posting

Forum posting is known for its backlinking qualities, but not a lot of people take advantage of what it can do for you. The common argument with forum posting is I don’t have time to sit there and type something for just one backlink! I agree with you, it is tedious, but forum posting can be a great benefit for your website! First of all, you must actually find

a DoFollow Forum to post your links on!
Here are two that I recommend:

The Benefits of Forum Posting for Backlinks

Once you have found a forum to post on, there are some benefits that you experience. The first one is, of course, getting those high quality backlinks! A forum that has a high page rank and a low Alexa rating is going to help you tremendously! The second is the people that you meet. I realize that social media sites are meant to be used for networking, however, there are people on forums that are highly experienced in a different variety of things. If you are having trouble with anything that is website related, I can almost guarantee that there will be someone on a forum that can help you with it

Another great benefit is getting extra links. After a few weeks at the DoFollow Forums, I made enough friends that allowed me to place my site links on their website! Having an account on a forum is beneficial for your website in all areas!

Creating An Account & Get Backlinks!

I would like to encourage everyone who does not have an account on a forum to get one! In the DoFollow Forums, it was so easy to talk to people that I got my posts up to 150 posts in less than one week! That means that my site generated 150 backlinks in a week! This is a great way to build links and best of all, it is free! No need to try to get a guest posting gig, or pay for article marketing, forum posting is a great way to get backlinks for your site!