The Benefits of Ghostwriting for College Students

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J. Wright
J. Wright
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If you hear the phrase “ghost writer,” you may conjure up the idea that the person is someone who writes ghost stories. However, ghostwriting is actually a type of writing that someone does for a client so that the client doesn’t have to write it themselves. In most cases, the ghost writer doesn’t get any credit for the work, but they get paid for their services.

College students are usually in constant need of money for everything from books to classes and personal items. If you’re a great writer in college, being a ghost writer can be a decent part-time job.

It Produces a Consistent Revenue Stream

Once you become established as a ghost writer, it can start to provide a constant income stream. There are several ways to become established as a ghost writer. You can advertise on places like Craig’s List, in writing magazines, on Facebook, or even start your own website to advertise your services.

Ghost writing pay varies greatly depending on your client and the length of the writing. It can pay as low as a few dollars to as high as thousands of dollars, depending on how good you are at it. Plus, it depends on the demand for your services and if you’re capable of writing only one topic or multiple topics and styles of writing such as essays, web content, books, etc.

Word of Mouth Builds Reputation

Once you start ghost writing, you need to start

building up your clientele and your reputation. The better your reputation, the more jobs you will get and the more money you can ask for. Word of mouth is a great way to do this, even though some may think it is old-fashioned.

In truth, if you do ghost writing for your fellow college students, and they show it around and talk about how good you are, then this will greatly build up your reputation and help you to get more orders, and of course make more profits.

More Students, More Website Traffic 

The more students that you can do ghostwriting for, the more traffic your website will receive if you have your own business website. For that reason, you need to bump up your online and offline advertising so that as many people as possible will know that you are a ghost writer looking for clients.

Plus, if you do own a website, your website needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate and find. If you want a high ranking website it should also be optimized and always contain current and up to date information, including the type of ghost writing you do and the rates that you charge, as well as all of your pertinent contact information.

The bottom line is that ghost writing can be a very interesting and profitable job for students to do in order to earn money to help them to finance their college and school activities.

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