The Benefits of Ghostwriting for College Students

J. Wright
J. Wright
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If you hear the phrase “ghost writer,” you may conjure up the idea that the person is someone who writes ghost stories. However, ghostwriting is actually a type of writing that someone does for a client so that the client doesn’t have to write it themselves. In most cases, the ghost writer doesn’t get any credit for the work, but they get paid for their services.

College students are usually in constant need of money for everything from books to classes and personal items. If you’re a great writer in college, being a ghost writer can be a decent part-time job.

It Produces a Consistent Revenue Stream

Once you become established as a ghost writer, it can start to provide a constant income stream. There are several ways to become established as a ghost writer. You can advertise on places like Craig’s List, in writing magazines, on Facebook, or even start your own website to advertise your services.

Ghost writing pay varies greatly depending on your client and the length of the writing. It can pay as low as a few dollars to as high as thousands of dollars, depending on how good you are at it. Plus, it depends on the demand for your services and if you’re capable of writing only one topic or multiple topics and styles of writing such as essays, web content, books, etc.

Word of Mouth Builds Reputation

Once you start ghost writing, you need

to start building up your clientele and your reputation. The better your reputation, the more jobs you will get and the more money you can ask for. Word of mouth is a great way to do this, even though some may think it is old-fashioned.

In truth, if you do ghost writing for your fellow college students, and they show it around and talk about how good you are, then this will greatly build up your reputation and help you to get more orders, and of course make more profits.

More Students, More Website Traffic 

The more students that you can do ghostwriting for, the more traffic your website will receive if you have your own business website. For that reason, you need to bump up your online and offline advertising so that as many people as possible will know that you are a ghost writer looking for clients.

Plus, if you do own a website, your website needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate and find. If you want a high ranking website it should also be optimized and always contain current and up to date information, including the type of ghost writing you do and the rates that you charge, as well as all of your pertinent contact information.

The bottom line is that ghost writing can be a very interesting and profitable job for students to do in order to earn money to help them to finance their college and school activities.

About Author:

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  1. Hello
    Ghost Writer is a term which I hear first time. I am a college student but not a writer,actually a ghost writer. I will try ghost writing for sure in future but currently I write for my own. BTW nice and interesting post.
    Mahendra recently posted…Top 5 Best Dictionary App for Android (offline) free downloadMy Profile

  2. Hey,
    Nice post and Yes, Ghostwriting really seems interesting and helpful for college students as it helps them earning money but for this, College students required to be good in writing. Ghostwriting is a new concept for me. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  3. Ghost writing is the new term for me. And students usually do it for money and don’t get any credit. This is right for them to earn money with their writing skills.
    Prakash recently posted…Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/XP/ MAC/ PC Download FreeMy Profile

  4. I actually encouraged my younger sister to do ghost writing and it has grown into a full-time profession for her. If you can write high quality, interesting content, then you can charge a very nice price for your services.
    The nice thing about it is that Google is in your corner because they want you to only write quality content. The truth is, a lot of ghost writers aren’t very good, so the competition for an awesome writer is a lot lower. My little sister was surprised when some of her clients came back in disbelief of her quality because they became so accustomed to mediocre ghost writers. Great job on encouraging college students to get their feet wet in the digital age!

    All the best,
    Laura recently posted…Family Reunion IdeasMy Profile

  5. I definitely thought about doing this in university, especially since I actually really like writing – especially essays. In the end, I was too afraid of getting busted for plagiarism – but I wish I thought about ghost writing actual publications! Great tips.

  6. I hire a ghost writer from Fiverr to do a lot of writing for me. He does 500 original words for $5. I test his work to make sure it is original. There are ways to do this I will not go into here. Just that it is important the works are original. I trust him and like his style so I always call on him.
    It is important to find someone whose style is similar to your own in case they ever leave your service. this goes for their native language as well. Once I hired someone who spoke English secondarily and the words were all screwy.
    Troy S. recently posted…Basics to Build a Pond in Your Yard or HomeMy Profile

    • @ Troy S,

      Fiverr is a good site to find Ghost writers; I personally wouldn’t hire a Ghost Writer from there, instead, I’d probably hire one directly from a freelancer site or something. People on Fiverr are normally SWAMPED with work, hiring one person to do the job would be easier…

      Thanks for replying Troy
      J. Wright recently posted…A Simple Way to Curb Snacking for dummiesMy Profile

  7. It is a great platform for those who got great skill in writing and money is a fact I have to say.I used to do so and it was going very well for me but then the thing that struck my mind that there is only reward with money but no recognition made me sad…..And now I do writing for my own site and that feels good.But this will certainly help those who want to earn money.

  8. Ghost Writing is surely a great revenue stream for anyone who has decent writing skills. Students for sure will have more leisure time than freelancing writers and they can leverage this opportunity to earn while they are in college. But when the content comes from the students we need to do proper review as the content can be copied or will not be proof checked.
    Jayashree recently posted…Check your income tax refund status onlineMy Profile

  9. I actually thought its something related to horror stories when I first read the title but then I came to know what all it is about. I agree its a good thing for college students to manage their pocket expenses.
    Prerna recently posted…TIPS to avoid SUNTAN after coming from SUNMy Profile

  10. Thanks for introducing me to this concept.was fresh one for me
    Freddy M Thomas recently posted…#6 : PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSMy Profile

  11. Hi all, Im Aliff Wahab. It seems that ghostwriter is a good choice of people who want a part time job as a writer. Even i heard that some people realy making money on this, depending on the quality and the results that they wrote. Again, thanks for the info! :)
    Aliff Wahab recently posted…Idea Timeline Cover Semakin Unik dan Berkembang!!My Profile

  12. Abdullah Khan says:

    Ghost Writing is always an amazing and extra ways to make money online. However I think building a strong portfolio is must to get better gigs for Ghost writing. Anyone give any tips to get some initial steps to get some projects for the article writing?

    Thanks :)

  13. Nice and informative post

    Ghost writing is simply like freelance content writing. The need for good and unique content is always high. If you cannot write such content then hiring some one who can write is better option. Ghost writing is mainly suitable and helpful for college students.

    The only eligibility is that they should be able to create good content. You can really make good money through ghost writing. The range as discussed in the above article will be from few dollars to thousand dollars. Even after their academic studies the people who are really interested can make it as source of income . It is a very good and easy way of making money.

    Thank you for sharing
    Sagar recently posted…6 Steps for Planning a Successful Off-Site MeetingMy Profile

  14. i am also a student but i haven’t tried ghost writing.I love blogging on my own blogs but still i recommend it to my friends who wants to make some quick cash.
    Hamza recently posted…Some common ways to build links-beginners guideMy Profile

  15. Is This a Part-time job….OMG I’m a student too and I really wanna find a job to help my family. Money is a big problem ~.~
    Hai recently posted…Keyword Advantage Review – DiscountMy Profile

  16. It is a real posibility, though the competition is very strong. I doubt that many students can enter in the “game” and compete with experienced writers or team of writers.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Website templates Shop at WebmaisterProMy Profile

  17. Interesting idea, but at my college we get all the content through an online system. This idea is probably a good way to make money where possible, but I think it may soon become redundant. Good luck to anyone who tries it. Thanks for posting.
    Adam recently posted…High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  18. Though my college life is over but I seriously feel that ghost blogging is really beneficial for college students.
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…6 Best Daily Deals WordPress Themes & Plugins For Group Buying WebsiteMy Profile

  19. Consider it my ignorance that i didnot know about ghost writing before coming across this article… But it is really fun to know that such a thing exists… :)
    Aayushi recently posted…Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel EyeLiner Review & SwatchesMy Profile

  20. I myself have also been a ghost writer back in my college days. Yes you don’t get the recognition but you get to write for a client who pays you well enough for you to pay off college bills. I for one am all for ghost writing.
    Lalina recently posted…Clash of Clans Cheats and Tips 2014My Profile

  21. Ghostwriting is also pretty popular among stay-at-home moms. In addition to Craig’s List, Facebook and writing magazines, a great place for ghostwriter’s to find work is on, and similar sites.
    Kevin Ocasio recently posted…5 Super Simple Steps to Easily Put Your Social Marketing on Steroids!My Profile

  22. swetha says:

    Ghosting writing is good job option, you can do from home.
    I recommend to all homemakers.

  23. Ghostwriting!! This thing seems to be kind of scary :P Well i never heard of this thing before but as per your guidelines above. I thing i need to try this being a collage student.
    Thanks :)

  24. Yes you are right about the benefits of ghostwriting and I guess the most important one is learning and earning at same time.

    Secondly we can improve our portfolio and all that stuff

  25. I am a ghostwriter and I am earning few bucks online enough to bear my teenager expense myself. I did not become successful overnight. Too much rejection lead to me to bring up my own technology blog and start attracting potential customers.Nice post. You reminded me of my near past.
    mumin recently posted…How to make money on FiverrMy Profile

  26. hello,
    the very first time I heared about ghost writing.
    I am college student and now my summer vacations starts. I must try once.
    I hope it will help me
    Rohit Kumar recently posted…Nokia Lumia Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000My Profile

  27. Ghostwriting is actually a great way to start your career as a writer. Besides money, it helps to improve our writing. Once we’re very good at it, then we can add another channel to make money online by writing at our own site, while still doing ghostwriting.

  28. Ghostwriting is a great way to gain experience at college level. When I was in college, I remember writing something similar for pest prevention website. I wrote about 10 articles in a span of two weeks for them. It does provide consistent revenue stream as long as one is a little familiar with the topic. I did get negative feedback a couple of times when I tried to get into something I had no clue and reading about it did not help.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…KikMy Profile

  29. Hi,

    Ghost Writing is definitely an awesome platform for learning while earning. It helps us learn how to perform tasks within deadline while improving our language, grammar and typing speed.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…WhatsApp for PC | WhatsApp for Windows Computer DownloadMy Profile

  30. First of all thanks for introducing me to this new word “Ghostwriting” :) BTW Ghostwriting is very helpful for college goers as it pays your pocket money and other small expenses.
    Deeepak recently posted…Maharashtra SSC Result 10th Class 2014 DeclaredMy Profile

  31. DOK Simon says:

    Hello J wight !i love the whole idea of a a ghost post, but so far it seems to me that the advantages of being a ghost writer is accurately more than the disadvantages… Is ghost writing clearly different from guest post because I know some web-master that pay for guest post ……

  32. Hi Wright,

    Thanks for this superb post. I am a ghost writer myself, but I wanted my friends to know about it. Though I told them about ‘Ghost writing’ they just didn’t agreed with it. You just provided a clean, clear-cut and concise article that would help me to convince my friend.

    Sid recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Content like Copy BloggerMy Profile

  33. I have not heard of ghost writers I know Academic writers, I think its all the same

  34. Long time ago I worked as a ghost writer for a Spanish publisher. They paid little and received no credit for my work. When you have little money, it can be a way of life and a great workout. But over time, this makes you lose the desire to write.
    susana paz recently posted…Postboda Vera y TonyMy Profile

  35. Ghost writing is fun and profitable, you can do this from home. thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted…Adwords Update: Google Introduces Dynamic SitelinksMy Profile

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