Feeling Lonely on Twitter? 3 Fun Tricks to Becoming a Twitter Leader

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Twitter can feel like a desolate place.  Many times you feel like you are simply having a conversation by yourself.  You share something and then there is no answer.

But you stay, not because you like talking to yourself but because you know Twitter has 500 million people there and eventually you too will have conversations on Twitter like so many that came before you.

You know that as a blogger you need to be on Twitter, it is a premier social media platform.

Gaining followers and feeling part of the Twitter community can take a while so why not speed up the process a bit?

Here are 3 tricks to try:

Share What You Enjoyed Reading or Watching

When you come across a great post in your niche be sure to share it on Twitter.  Always.

Don’t worry, your readers and followers won’t leave your blog, they will come back because you give them great content, right?  They do not read your content exclusively, they do read other blogs.  So why not lead them in a direction that you know can help them.

Here is a tip I love using:

Read a great post on a blog.  Now click the “share” or “tweet” button, usually a window pops up, right.  STOP.  Before you hit “tweet”

add a few words of your own as to why you liked that post or simply put “awesome post” or “must read”.  This gives the tweet a little personal touch from you, a sort of recommendation to your followers.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags, which look like this #, are like placing your tweet in a category for others to find easily when they search for that hashtag.

When you include you # hashtag in the tweet you are inviting thousands of others to read your tweet on top of your followers.  This gets you noticed.

Get into a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats use hashtags to create a conversation online for a given time period, usually an hour. They are a great way to get you noticed as an expert in your field, or at the very least some new followers who believe you had some cool things to say in 140 characters.

Simply search for “tweet chats your niche“.  Fill in your niche with whatever you write about.

I have gained from 5 – 25 new followers simply by tweet chatting for an hour with others in my niche.  Not bad, considering I had fun and learned more about my field in the process.

Use Tweetchat to make your chatting easier to follow.

Twitter can be a huge daunting place when you first begin but it doesn’t need to be.  As you familiarize yourself with the way Twitter works and interact with others, you will soon feel comfortable.