Who Should You Trust Online? Don’t Fall For a Shark

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Millions of blogs fill Internet space. These blogs do not come with warning signs. There is no club or organization that bloggers can join to prove they are worthy of a reader’s attention. So how do you know when you visit a blog that the writer/affiliate can be trusted?

Trust Online, Don’t Fall for a Shark

How do you decide if the content a blogger releases is worth your time? And not to mention, sometimes your money.

1. A referral from a trusted friend and/or other blogger is golden. A friend would never steer you in the wrong direction, they too have a reputation to uphold and want to remain a trusted friend to you. I assume they would send you to a great blogger.

If you need a quick referral from trusted online friends, Google Plus Your World is happy to give you the search results you need.

2. The age of a blog is a good indication of wealth of knowledge and persistency. How do you know how long a site has been online?

The Way Back Machine is

a fun yet accurate tool to see how long a blogger and his/her site have been churning words.

3. Have you seen this blogger elsewhere? Maybe on another blog or social media platform? Do they seem to be accepted by their peers?

This is related to #1 above but you are not getting a direct referral from a trusted friend but indirectly from trusted blogs you frequent.

4. When you visit the blog do you feel welcome?

Does the owner of the blog have a bio or about section you can explore? Do he/she have links to other posts and pages they have written? These not only help you to explore the blog, it gives the reader a sense that there is nothing hidden.

Does the theme and appearance of the blog have a nice ambiance? The appearance of a blog can reflect a blogger’s intent. It looks like a lot of time and effort went into creating a warm blog experience.

The blogger also takes great efforts to participate in discussions within the comment section. Again, the owner takes great strides to make his/her readers feel like they are wanted at the blog. And thus can create a sense of trust.

Trust online needs to be earned. Readers need to know if they follow advice or purchase something from someone that they are going to be around after the fact.

What if you have a question? Will he/she answer back?

What if you lost your version of their ebook? Can you email them and he/she will send you another copy (this happen to me).

You cannot always guarantee someone is trustworthy but you can look for the signs I listed above.

How do you determine if you can trust someone online?