4 Quick Ways to Make Your Blog Known

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Joseph Adediji
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Creating awareness for your blog and getting people to know your blog do exist is very important except if you are keeping a personal blog you will love to read all by yourself, if not, you will surely want to make your blog known to the world.

Making your blog know to the world is not quite easy (what is easy in this world) but not unachievable. We have seen people who built super blogs within a short time frame (like 3 months) and you too can achieve such feat by following the 4 methods I will be sharing with you in this post.

So let’s dive straight into it.

1.            Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to get some attention for your blog, blog commenting simply involves leaving value-adding comments on top blogs around the web. For this to work, your contribution must be “meaningful” so that other readers will be curious to know more about you.

When your comments add values to this post, other readers will want to know where this intelligent person surfaced from, and since you will usually put your blog URL in the URL box when commenting, there is high probability of them clicking through to your blog and they may eventually become a fan of you.

2.            Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is no doubt the best marketing technique of this century with lots of bloggers using this technique to build blogs with massive following within a short period of time. Bloggers like Onibalusi Bamidele, Danny Iny and Jon Morrow to name a few used a guest blogging to make their blog known.

They created a buzz and lots of awareness for their blogs by writing on various top blogs in their niche and result was “extraordinary”.

So “start guest blogging to get Known” Today.

3.            Blog Communities

Blog communities are becoming popular in recent times; blog communities are sites where bloggers come together to share, vote and read contents from various bloggers from around the world.

Joining these blog communities will give you a chance to showcase your blog to lots of bloggers from around the world who are members of these communities, so it’s more of like putting your blog and content directly in front of the eyes of a gathering of people.

There are quite a bunch of blog communities out there such as: Blokube, Blog Interact, Biz Sugar and lots more. Some of them are free (like Blokube & Blog Interact) while some are paid. Go join them today and make your blog known.

4.            Social Media

Social media sites like: Facebook and Twitter can also be used to create awareness for your blog. We all know that lots of people are addicted to social media sites (I am one), so it will be a great place to create awareness for your blog.

The trick to make effective use of social media sites is to connect with like-minded people, you should follow and make friends with people that has the same interest as you and at one point or the other, don’t be shy to ask for a “Retweet” or “Share” as the case may be.

All the methods I have shared with you have been proven to work effectively provided you are willing to put them to practice.

These are the same techniques top bloggers have been using and it is working like “magic” for them and I believe with persistence and commitment you will surely get your blog know with these methods.

What other techniques do you use to create a Buzz around your blog, kindly share them with us in the comment section.