Search plus Your World – The Merging of Social Media and Search Engines

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Kostas Chiotis
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Kostas Chiotis
Kostas Chiotis
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If you have been “Googling” your way too long for personal content and for people that are important to you then the new Google Search plus Your World is for you. This is not just Google’s tag line for this new feature, it actually works that way.

It is very frustrating coming up empty with personal searches, diving into thousands of results that do not have anything to do with you. Now you can eliminate all that irrelevant web searches and zero in on results that talks back to you – personally. Get to your personal content fast, or connect with people you care most about in one effective search.

You can also tailor fit the search results in your Google+ account by expanding your circle of associations – adding people in your list whom you want to see at one click of a mouse. If you have been asking how you can benefit from personal results on Google search and get more traffic, then this is your answer.

How Google+ Search came to be

The Internet has been very successful in getting everything in one platform and allowing its netizens to search for it anytime, anywhere. But what people really need today is an online environment that knows them in a personal level.

What brought in this innovation? The simple explanation is that hundreds of millions of people are connected to the Internet now. Your friends, family, academic and professional connections are all in this giant virtual world – posting photos, videos, and other content that is relevant to you. You would love to tap into that search results in one go. I know I would!

How does that translate to more traffic?

If you are searching for people that are connected to you, well they are searching for you too. With Google+ you are positioning yourself to be discovered with a bang. You are practically letting your connections access you and what you are up to now.

If you are maintaining a blog then your blog posts pops out on the first pages of google search results when people on your circles search for a relevant term. If you are a seasoned marketer, this is an opportunity to talk to like minded people, and know them by interacting with your online presence. As

far as “Googling” is concerned, this is something new, and something you can exploit to your own advantage.

How it Works

There are many ways to generate traffic to your site, but not through optimizing personal results. With Google+ search you can do this fast and easy.

How does this new Google feature work anyway?

How does Google personalized the search process?

First of all you need to be signed in to your Google+ account . Why do you need to do this? Because you can have full access to privacy settings and mechanisms, making your Google+ experience truly meaningful, and equally important, safe. The people that you want to connect to through this manner also do the same, thus giving you a “private” domain inside Google’s framework. The good thing is you can turn personal results off and get that mainstream search process you have been used to before in one click.

Who can you search and can search you back personally in return?
It is the people that also have Google+ and those suggested by your Google+ connections. This makes the whole thing expansive, growing your network of Google+ connections consistently.

Google+ means working smart

How much traffic you can get from Google+ search depends on how many many people have you on their circles so it can be improved overtime with your network expanding every day.

People can even go back to their previous searches using their web history and apply the personalized feature of Google+ on those searches, improving the odds of finding what they were really looking for back then.

Searching for people will also not be as hard. You can see their profile as soon as you begin typing their name to the search bar. It is that fast! What’s more is that you can discover and connect with people, organizations, and brands that are related to your searches. This can build up your personal network over time and makes you more searchable to contacts that matter and could relate to what you do.

With Google plus you do not have to work hard, you can just easily work smart by making personal search your online bread and butter for connecting with people.

In today’s online landscape what matters most is relationships. With social networking part of the overall web picture, you might as well have a personal domain within the vast platform of the world’s leading search engine, complimenting your social networking activities.

The Merging of Social Media and Search Engines is not just an inquiry of a distant possibility. It is here and it will change the way you are searching the web forever!