5 Guest PostingTechniques You should Live and Die by

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Hamza Butt

Hamza Butt

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Hey guys , my name is Hamza Butt i am a blogger and a professional writer from Pakistan.I like to write on S.E.O , Blogging , widgets and from the basic tutorials to the advanced tricks that can lead a blogger to success.
Hamza Butt
Hamza Butt
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Guest Blogiging Secrets

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Guest Posting your way to blogging Success :

Nowadays guest posting is one of the greatest platforms available for bloggers to get their blog and skills displayed  in front of the world.Guest posting is not only a way to get backlinks but quality backlinks , by quality i meant that you can guest post on blogs having High Pr and good Alexa ranks.Which will not only help you increase your organic traffic from search engines but also it will help in introducing your blog to new audiences and communities.

Now guest posting isn’t  really an easy task if you are looking to get your guest posts published on well developed blogs that can bring your blog tons of traffic .Especially when you are new to it.Most people will think to get a guest post approved all you need is quality content.Well it is true that quality content matters a lot because it is the main reason why someone visits your blog.To get a some useful and rare content that is not quite found on the internet.

But in my opinion quality content is not just enough.There are a list of things that you need to keep in mind before hitting the review button.Today in this article i will share some Simple and Basic techniques that will help in inclining your approval rate.Let’s just suppose that you have found your desired blog for guest posting . now you need to take a look on the factors that can lead your guest post to approval.

Things to Focus on :

1. Take All the Time to Study the site :

It is very important that you don’t just read the guest posting guidelines and start writing your guest post.Nope , that’s not the way.Study the blog or site you have choosed. By studying i meant that you should give importance to the points i have mentioned below :

  • Checkout Previous Posts :Do read their previous posts atleast 10.It is important to get an idea about their writing style , that will give you a better idea that how the post needs to be written.e.g : Some bloggers like the articles to be written in a manner that has a title then the introduction and then the body and in the end the conclusion or a request for social shares or comments.
  • Figure Out Their Interests:Guest posting means that you are going to write for a totally different audience which may have different interests than the audience you have on your blog.To get a better idea about their interest you should read the the comments and a more effective way is to have a look on the social share counts , the post with the most shares is more likely to be the most successful one.

Now that you know what you need to value the most before writing the guest post lets get towards the next step.

2 .Time to Get Your Topic and Start Writing :

Now if you have followed the points that i mentioned above then you will have a good idea what the admin of that blog is mostly looking for and what pleases the readers most.

You need to write an article which can satisfy the readers and the admin both.Now while writing the article you need to focus on the following points :

Create a Title that Attracts Attention :

You need to make awesome headlines.Make sure your title doesn’t sucks because if it does then no one will be interested in reading your article.Because title is the first and most important thing in your article by which the reader decides to read or ignore it.

3 .Keep the Article Free of Copyrighted Content :

Till now i have been searching alot for sites that accepts guest posts and every single guideline i read about guest posts ,  appreciated the attachment of media files as it increases the interest of  readers in the article.

Now how can attaching media files to your article can ruin your chances to get your

guest post published???? The answer is attaching Copyrighted Content to your article.

Most bloggers that are new to to guest posting make the mistake of using Google image Search to get images for their guest post.Which is not a good idea because images shown in the Google Image search results could be copyrighted.

Putting copyrighted content on your blog can result in decline of organic traffic from search engines and a lot more which i don’t want to discuss right now.

4 .Submit the Post for Review :

Most frequently Email is used to send guest posts and get a reply about the approval.Despite the fact that some people do every thing right including creating quality content and studying the site they mess up this part , i am talking about the emails you send to the admins for approval.You need to follow these points inorder to increase your chances of getting your guest post published.

  • Personalize the Email : Try not to send short unpersonalized emails to the blog owner.At the beginning of the Email just try to give an impression that you are a loyal reader of his blog who want’s him to write about something.Keep the subject like this “You should blog about [your guest post title].Then in the body of  the email just talk about the interest that you have in the [guest post title] and tell him that you want him to write something about [your guest post title]. Then just say that i am well aware of your busy schedule and i know it is not very easy for you to write about [your guest post title] . So i want to give you an offer, how about i write a guest post about [your guest post title] for you.This way you will be able to maintain the interest of the blog owner in your email till the end , and it is also a very personalized way of asking for a guest post.
  • Check for Spelling and Grammar mistakes: Don’t ever send the Email if you have not checked it for spelling and grammar mistakes because it simply gives an impression that if you can’t write an Email without mistakes then how are you going to write a guest post of 600 words.
  • Link to your Previous Posts:Do link to your previous guest posts as it will give the blog owner a good idea about your knowledge and writing skills.
  • Link to Their Previous Posts Related to Your Guest Post: link to some of their posts related to your guest post , just write like “your posts [enter link 1] ,[enter link 2] ,[enter link 3] are really informative but i think they could be all tied together in one post [your guest post title]. this will give an impression that you are a loyal reader of his blog which may increase your chances.
  • Give The Owner a Good Idea About Your Guest Post:Incase you have sent the email  just to confirm whether they accept guest posts or not , so you should not only mention that you are interested in writing a guest post for them but give them a good idea about your guest post and if they were interested they will reply for sure.

5. Don’t Give up :

Till now if you have followed all the points i mentioned above there are alot of chances that your guest post would have been approved but if you are not getting a reply from the blog owner so don’t forget to send follow up emails every week.Just try to keep them short and simple just like the one below.

[blog-owner name] i just wanted to follow up to get a reply from you about the guest post i sent to you last week.I am looking to get a positive reply from you soon.


[your name]

Just keep sending follow up emails every week.One day or another he will reply you for sure.

Share your views :

Guest posting has got the potential to give your blogging career a lift.All you need to do is to stick with it and as the time passes you will start noticing improvement.These were the some tips i knew that can help increase the approval rate of guest posts.Do share your views about this article.And let me know if there are any other tips which i forgot to mention.