The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

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conscious vs subconscious mind

conscious vs subconscious mind

It is often cited that the relationship between our conscious and unconscious mind is like an iceberg – our conscious part represents the visible 10% of the iceberg, while the remaining 90% is hidden underneath.

Sigmund Freud thought that the unconscious mind was a mind of its own that could not be grasped by the conscious mind. He thought that the unconscious mind is the place where we store ideas, desires and wishes that are unacceptable socially, but also our painful or traumatic memories.

According to Napoleon Hill, the subconscious is far more powerful then Freud seemed to believe. Mr. Hill believed, as many great people in history also had, that ideas come from “thin air”, as one of his exercises to unlock the power of the mind constituted of imagining you are talking to successful people. But, he found out that those people, called the imaginary counselors, became more real than he ever thought possible, and that they even took a life of their own. Hill said that these counselors gave him advice he could never come up with on his own.

Even Tesla reportedly got ideas for inventions in his dreams and was doing experiments in his mind. When what he conceived of ran perfectly in his imagination, he was able to execute it to work perfectly in our joint, physical world, form the first try!

Thomas Edison was quoted with a saying that seems to confirm Napoleon Hill’s thoughts on counselors. He said: “Ideas come from space. This may seem astonishing and impossible to believe, but it is true. Ideas come from out of space.”

The two parts of our mind

The subconscious is responsible for governing and processing our belief structure, our thoughts, our

feelings, our behaviors, and thus our self respect and motivation.

We started developing the subconscious before the conscious mind. It is the part of our mind that soaks knowledge like a sponge. That is why we could learn pretty much anything at a very fast pace when we were young children.

But, the subconscious mind is, just like children, very gullible. It will believe just about anything and just about anyone that seems like an authority (for example, all adults looked like authority at that age).

That is why we also developed the conscious or critical mind. Its job is to assess should incoming information or stimulants be processed by the subconscious mind.
Unfortunately it is flawed, as often things we do not hold as true, do not get processed. So, imagine if you want to improve your low self esteem. If or somebody else tell you that you have a healthy sense of self, the critical mind will simply disregard this thought before it even has a chance of being processed in the subconscious mind. That means that the thought would never have the chance of becoming true for you.

We are able to influence our subconscious

There has been much research done on the ways we can impact our subconscious and seize its power to aid our goals and dreams.

People started successfully using principles such as positive affirmations, subliminal audio messages, hypnosis, NLP, visualization, binaural beats and even the law of attraction for self help.

All of these methods of influencing the subconscious are based on the same principles – we are indeed able to influence our subconscious mind by repetition and by what we focus on.

So, there is no reason you should not be harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to better your lives. Align what you consciously desire with what you believe subconsciously, and even the sky won’t be the limit. 


  1. Twitter:
    This was a wonderful read..No one has been able to exploit the full power of the subconscious mind.
    Suraj recently posted..Far Cry 3: Harvest The Jungle – Mission ObjectivesMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hi Thomas !
    Thank you for your nice presentation here. I agree with your point. Your presentation is short but resourceful. Your input really help me to understand and would like to meditation.
    Googma Sansar recently posted..How to Promote a Blog – Easy GuideMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I too agree with your points Googma. Thomas, I must say that your presentation is awestrucking! Very resourceful. I am a follower of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. For many year subconscious and conscious mind are ventured and great places to be researched by many psychoanalyst . And you have wonderfully portrayed two states of minds beautifully. Once again thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  3. A very useful post dear,
    There is no doubt that the subconscious mind is so powerful and anyone can either use it either to better their life or to kill it.

    Seriously, if one can harness the power of the subconscious mind, the sky will be his starting point. Thanks for sharing.
    valentine belonwu recently posted..How To Keep Your Employees Focused On Your Vision StatementMy Profile

  4. Great post!
    What caught my attention was your reference to “imaginary counselors” :)
    Everyone has their own inner counselor within themselves and being able to connect with that part of your mind will be a key to self reflection, perception for growth, and something I would like to call the “me coach” thanks for sharing!

  5. You actually did know so much about so much Thomas, I really did love the post and how you explained it. i am not into this mystery things but you deserve a thank you note :)
    Babanature recently posted..Top 7 Tips for Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    hello Thomas i m totally agree with you that the subconscious mind is a children’s mind, it will also have faith in every one’s behaviour. it is also resourceful for us. :-)
    santosh recently posted..Spice smartphone with dual-core processorMy Profile

  7. Leslie Edwards says:

    Interesting.. I want to look into influencing my subconscious mind now

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the interesting post. It’s true, the subconscious mind has a lot of power and controls us to a much larger degree than most probably realise. Likewise, we have the ability to control our subconscious, if we just allow it.

    The difference between the conscious and the subconscious is that the subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, it can only react according to the stimuli it receives. This is why it is so important to feed our mind with encouraging, positive thoughts rather than worry, fear, negativity, anger, etc. All our subconscious will do is react to what it receives and it will absorb this. So if we feed it negativity then this is what it will absorb, get used to and give out to our bodies and our conscious minds.

    Conversely we can do the same with positivity, intent, determination and so forth. If we feed our subconscious with these things then, again, it will become used to them, react to them and feed the results back to our conscious minds and our bodies for our benefit
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..Are You Consistently Consistent?My Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Thomas, I thought your article was very well thought out and made some excellent points about the conscious vs the subconscious mind. I wonder, though, if belief systems have more to do with conscious acceptance rather than the cajoling of the unconscious. My question is, wouldn’t our belief systems remain static and unchanged if solely controlled by the unconscious mind? I do think that we get locked into habitual thinking but I think that is more of a learned behavior and a product of faulty perceptions rather than a function of an unconscious mind…Of course, I could be wrong.
    Harold James recently posted..Corrective Hair Color – Going from Blonde to Brunette and Back AgainMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Hi Thomas
    Fells great to read . This is really a good post and the main thing about this post is , it is slightly different from blogging niche.It is always good to read some informative post like this.Thanks for sharing this awesome post.
    santosh recently posted..Spice smartphone with dual-core processorMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Hi Thomas
    Fells great to read . This is really a good post and the main thing about this post is , it is slightly different from blogging niche.It is always good to read some informative post like this.Thanks for sharing this awesome post.
    Mahendra recently posted..Spice smartphone with dual-core processorMy Profile

  12. Hey Thomas,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really enjoyed this post while reading and after a long time I read such different post and it really feels good.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 10000My Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Great post about subconscious mind. I don’t know much about it but it is quite a good experience to go through the whole post. Thanks for this post.
    Prakash recently posted..UC Browser 12.0 Free Download for Android, Java, Symbian MobileMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Thanks for a great article Thomas. The mind is an extremely powerful thing and it’s reaches will probably never be fully understood. The way the human conscious and subconscious mind seem to act as totally different entities but remain as one has always fascinated me. Thanks for touching on some of the scientific aspects of this.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle
    Robert recently posted..Discovering the Powers of the MindMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    In my views subconsciousness can be reduced by performing regular yoga and playing sports. It not only recreates your minds but also provides you a sense of joyness.
    himanshu recently posted..Music player on android.My Profile

  16. William Benneck says:

    A couple decades ago, I read a book that I liked called “Learn while You Sleep” by James P. Duffy (I believe). Had some dandy ideas in it. Looks like you can score it on barnes and noble for about two buck.

  17. Our conscious mind is the guardian to the gates of the subconscious. It is the conscious mind’s role to make sure that only the highest quality thoughts gain entrance to the subconscious. When we fully understand that whatever thoughts and beliefs gain entrance to the subconscious will eventually manifest in our life, we become very diligent in monitoring and directing our thoughts…
    The post is very informative, thank you.
    Evan recently posted..20+ Retina Ready WordPress Themes – Top ShowcaseMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Nice informaition about subconscious mind a bridge between consicous and unconscious mind…after reading this post i am familier with all these things and what they do….

  19. I have been reading “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy for the past 7 months and what a world of difference it has made in my life… great idea to create an affirmation website!!

  20. Twitter:
    First time I hear this. The subject “subconscious” is something “strange” for me. Thanks for sharing Allan.
    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Play Goodgame Fashion OnlineMy Profile

  21. Our subconscious mind is very critical and it can control many things. This is true that it has many powers also and it can be influenced by us. By focusing on it we can help ourselves with subconscious mind. Very good work and thanks a lot.
    Jennifer Hardy recently posted..Five Things to Do When Getting PregnantMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    really inspirational post. i know lot of people think that they use their full mind on a particular things but this fact is true actually the part we are using is a small part of our mind. and 90% is the sub consious mind. thanks for this post.
    prabhat recently posted..Subway Surfers for PC Download (New Trick), Subway Surfers for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP ComputerMy Profile

  23. Amber Moore says:

    Thank you for this amazing article. I do not know much about harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, but I do know enough to understand that it can be a powerful life-altering thing. I am in the process of learning more about the different techniques of changing your mindset, and I have to say that I LOVE it. Looking forward to the new and positive changes that will be made in my life.

  24. Twitter:
    Great post. I love psychology and enjoy reading stuff like this. The study of the subconscious mind, however, is a deep subject and each time I decide to read about it, I get a lot of new information to learn. I strongly believe that we can conquer the world if we can just understand our subconscious mind as our conscious mind can never work without it
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Home STD Testing Procedure – Same Day Private STD TestingMy Profile

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