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craig hoffmann
My name is Craig and I started doing Internet Marketing due to suffering a serious injury at work. So I needed something to fill in the time while being at home, so I was introduced to marketing by a top Internet Marketer by the name of Anthony Morrison and I have never looked back.
craig hoffmann
craig hoffmann

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craig hoffmann
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article marketing
Trying to write articles can be difficult for someone who has no experience, but trust me with a little knowledge under your belt you can become a great writer. Article marketing has been around a long time, and having said that it is still misunderstood by people in the marketing arena. Simply put articles are there to solve a problem or provide quality information. This is how you can break it down in it’s simplest form to start of with, but we are going to go a little deeper into article marketing lets say the “nuts and bolts of it”.

A Guide To Article Marketing

The first thing you want to focus on is what you are going to write about when doing article marketing, preferably something you are interested in or a subject you have experience in. Research in niches that are getting a lot of traffic to them and one’s that you are interested in or have some knowledge about can be a great start. You really don’t want to be writing about a subject that you don’t have little of or if any knowledge about because it’s just going to be harder to write about.

Research some good keywords for your article via Google Adwords, SEO Book or Google Insights will be your next move. Typically try to find around six good keys words and one good focus keyword. You want to find keywords which are low competition and have over 1,000 searches per month, the more searches the better though. Make sure your focus keyword is in your article heading and a few of your subheadings and spread through out the article, but don’t go overboard with this. If you go overboard with your keywords, it’s what Google calls keyword stuffing and your site won’t rank very good.

The Basic Elements Found In A Good Article

1. Define the problem for the reader so that they can get a better understanding of the subject and that will entice them to read on further. When defining the problem try to Re-frame your phrases… Example “I’m not getting traffic to my website” try Re-framing it to “getting traffic can be hard to find without the right knowledge and guidance”. You want the reader to think that you are going to help them with their problem. Be clear when defining the problem and maybe state some key

points to why this problem occurs.

2. Reviewing possible solutions to help the reader with their problem, give good information to possible solutions and where they can find them. At the end of the day the more information you can give a reader the more likely they are going to come back to your site and that’s the whole point of doing article marketing. Also make sure the solutions you are providing have quality not quantity, otherwise you will just drive people away from your site.

3. You can propose your solution here whether it be one of your own products or services, or something you are promoting as an affiliate. Give as much detail as possible, but not to much you want to keep them interested to the end. Your products should be of quality and at a reasonable price.

4. Here you can point out some steps to your solution, 4-5 steps should be sufficient you don’t want to go overboard because this is where the reader should be intrigued and hopefully read on.

5. Summarize your argument with something like how your product or service compares to others on the market and what features can be of benefit to the reader, as I said earlier you want to be seen to be trying to help the reader with their problem and keeping them interested. When a reader is interested in your articles they will almost certainly come back for more, and this is exactly what you want to achieve with article marketing.

6. Now it time for the good bit, you can propose a call to action step now, this is very important this step because you don’t want to come across as a pushy salesman..we know what everybody thinks about them. You want your reader to be able to make an informed decision based on the quality material you have provided in the article.

Having completed all the steps now it’s time to get your name out there, one tip is to put some share buttons on your site. This can have a viral effect, which is of course going to great for you. Start submitting to the article directories, this is to help with back links to your site. This method is not instantaneous, but if your article is of quality it won’t be long before your article is noticed and hopefully bring people to your site. A lot of marketer’s today are guest posting on other blogs, which can further see you as an authority in your field. Just make sure you adhere to the rules of the directories and blogs, otherwise your articles will not be published.There are places online where you can get paid to write, so have some fun with it and hone your writing skills and article marketing will become second nature to you.

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