10 Ways To Improve Your Writing To Become A Master!

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Samuel Pustea
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Samuel Pustea
Samuel Pustea
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How well a writer gets thoughts down on paper will determine how much the reader gets out of it.

The audience comes away with an impression about a writer’s ability to communicate effectively.

Writing at your best will get more followers on Twitter and your blog!

There are a variety of techniques a writer can use to improve their writing and clarify their message for the reader, just like they’re techniques for getting more likes on your Facebook page.

#1.  Write Your Introductory Paragraph First

Readers do not like being taken on a wild goose chase when seeking information.  They like organized and easily understood text with a logical format.

Open with a clear introduction letting the reader know what the intention is. Make sure that there is a strong opening with good descriptive words.  When writers wander around their subject too much at the beginning, readers lose interest.

#2.  Monitor the Length of Sentences

Make sure sentences do not drag on forever.  Use shorter sentences when possible to get points across.

Use longer ones for explanations or definitions of your main points. Make sure commas are in place to break up sentences that require lengthier explanations.

When sentences are too long, readers may find themselves having to reread passages.

Sentences should never convey more than one point at a time. Also monitoring your articles that you write in social media through top wordpress plugins can further enhance the visibility of your article.

#3.  Read Other Examples

Nothing helps us to better understand how to come across than to read how other authors structure theirs.  If you are going to write a classified ad, read other ads for ideas.  Many new ideas can be infused into your writing by taking the time to study other authors.

#4.  Change Sentence Structure


Keeping readers interested to the end of a piece can be a challenge.  If the entire article is a string of boring statements or commands, they will quickly scan it and move on.  Make sure there are a variety of questions, statements and commands to keep the reader interested enough to want to finish reading to the end.

If they are actively engaged in thinking

about the subject and asking themselves questions, the message has hit its mark.

#5.  Edit and Proofread


If there is too much talking in the article and the main points are being buried in too many extra words, take them out.  Stick to the point and remove the fluff words. Much can be said with a few simple sentences.  It is not necessary to give a lot of descriptions about things in general unless the subject calls for it.

Many times proofreading just exposes simple little mistakes that you are grateful to have caught by going back over the piece.

Make sure you edit your writing as much as possible since writing can be a powerful source to generate traffic!

#6.  Accurate Spelling and Punctuation

Nobody wants people to read an article and leave readers with the impression that they are uneducated.

Make sure the message is accurately conveyed through proper spelling and punctuation.  Many office programs offer spell checks and correction settings for writers that make it easy to spell and punctuate correctly.

#7. Edit and Proofread Out Loud


When you read with your eyes and not your voice, it is easy to miss mistakes.  Professional editors often read books backwards so they will not get involved in the story.  It is easy to pay more attention to sentence structure that way.

#8.  Use Strong Nouns and Verbs


Using good, strong and clear language clearly illustrate exactly what you intend.  Action words and adjectives are a sure way to accomplish this.

When authors write, they have a clear picture in their heads about what they want to convey.  However, without good nouns and verbs to convey it to the reader, the message can get lost in translation.  Take time to make sure the message is unmistakable.

#9.  Use a Dictionary and Thesaurus


The whole point of writing is to communicate.  Do not neglect the basic tools of writing.  A good dictionary will provide spelling and usage.

A good thesaurus helps with using different words with the same meaning to eliminate redundancy.  Make sure both are updated frequently.

#10.  Read Out Loud to Someone Else

Writing alone can sometimes cause authors to miss things.  Often other people can catch things we completely missed.

When we read aloud, we are looking at the words and wanting to pronounce and say things correctly.  It is at this time that many simple mistakes can be discovered.
Readers will appreciate every effort made by a writer to simplify the message.  Use the basic tips listed above and always consider your audience when writing.