Make Your Blog Design Look Like The Eiffel Tower!

Samuel Pustea
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Samuel Pustea
Samuel Pustea
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blog-design-as-eiffel-towerYour blog is a content hub for visitors and readers to learn and engage with.

If your content is not engaging, then your design is pretty much useless.

Design is a very important aspect area of growing your blog.

Excellent design will help you get more followers!

If you can afford to buy a set of themes, try to fit one of the best designs onto your blog.

Blog design can be the face of your identity.

Each large blog has a unique design to it and that is what many people remember.

Humans are very visual to colors and images, which most just remember that part of something new.

If you can’t design for cents, then some top wordpress plugins will most definitely work.

Blog Homepage Design

That is what everyone sees.

That is the first place where all arrive at.

Just like an airplane when it arrives at a certain airport. You see the outside design of the airport.

Some airports don’t look too great while some look fantastic like the LAX airport in Los Angeles.

It impresses me and do expect the same thing when I get inside.

Your blog design needs to be dressed with the best possible theme you can afford.

When you do get your theme, it would be excellent

if you could customize it as much as your knowledge can take you.

A little knowledge of HTML and CSS can spare you a long headache of hiring someone else to do it.

Trust me, it has helped me tremendously fix and tweak some aspects of my blog design.

Post Design

There is a post design?

Yes there is. And I will help you understand it.

Writing posts is an art. Well, why not make it the best possible article you can create.

Designing an article can be the images, graphics, wording, paragraphs, and the personality of it.

All of those aspects play into the design if an article.

Try to mix up those characteristics that can make your article even better.

Work on one of those items in the list, one at a time, and make it the best possible one you can make.

Overall Design

The overall design is very important to put into play.

Before you ask what the overall design is, let me tell you this.

Success lies in the details of an accomplishment, and the design details of a blog goes hand and hand with that.

We all want to get more followers for our blogs.

Font, type of lettering, corners, and lining can make the view a whole lot pleasant to look at.


Before you feel bad about your design if you have one, tell yourself this.

“I did my best and I am willing to improve.”

That is all you need to say to yourself and you are half way there to accomplishing the best design of your blog.

Work on this aspect of the online world and make things the best that has ever been. 


  1. Twitter:
    Nice saying in between the comments.
    Really enjoyed the article and those words Content is King, SEO is queen and Design is their Castle
    Nitin recently posted..Best Permalinks Structure for SEOMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I look at the design of a website as being the same as how you would care for yourself. You could be a great person, but if don’t take proper care of yourself, you limit the number of people that are interested in getting to know you.

    Appearance makes a difference. Even if the content is great, design matters when it comes to how long I stay.

    Your design shows that you care about your content and your readers.

    Like the quote Anurag “content is king, SEO is the queen and design is their castle”
    Dorothy recently posted..Get Happy Now With These 8 TipsMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    At first, I didn’t understand what you meant when you said “make your blog look like the Eiffel Tower” but I understand that inspiration can come from the strangest places sometime! Everyone wants their blog to be efficient, informative and pull in traffic but people need to understand that the majority of readers are superficial and if the presentation isn’t to their liking they will quickly leave.
    But yes, it is important to make sure the blog looks nice and if the Eiffel tower is your inspiration then so be it!

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for the article!
    I do feel design is important for any blog that can represent the thinking of its owner. As for my blog, I ALWAYS designed my own header to be as representative as the Blog Message content itself. If it’s Educational, the picture already gives the visitors a rough idea even before exploring the contents within.
    I also feel more confident to help out or advice them how to do so.
    Cheers and have a great day!
    William Siong recently posted..Review For Newly Launched Generation PluginMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Simple. If your blog looks boring and sketchy, visitors will leave.
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..The Basics On How To Make Electronic Music: Drum LoopsMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Is it good to streamline the navigation links (to make it look like eiffel tower :D)
    Rich Amor recently posted..Perawatan Kulit Harian untuk Berbagai UsiaMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Samuel i have my website could you give me some tips related to it\’s design.
    himanshu recently posted..Increasing technology is it a boon or degrading one ???My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hey Samuel,
    Nice post and Yes, blog design is one of the most important factor of successful blog and it helps to attracts readers to our blog. Thanks for sharing these important points mentioned above with us.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Korean Romantic MoviesMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hey, so true man but they will still end up on the homepage out of curiosity.

    I know it happens to me :)

    But it is not wrong to make your post or article look the best you can.

    Make it as visually pleasing on the article too!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Yes it will Alka!

    It will definitely increase you chances of gaining more followers for your blog.
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Everything comes together for a successful blog!

    SEO, killer content creation, and a very beautiful design is such a killer combo to have on your side.

    Work on all to have a successful blog!

    Thanks Harshi!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Yea man, learn a little coding such as html or css.

    It can really help you in the long run!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  13. Twitter:
    The design like I mentioned in the article is going to be a good deciding factor if you are going to gain more followers.

    Hope the best to you!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  14. Twitter:
    I think it does :)

    I am not saying you won’t be successful with the design you got now, but you can’t ignore how you showcase your content.

    Work on both!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  15. Twitter:
    That is why you will need to make both equally beautiful, if you know what I mean :)

    Work on the content as well as the design.

    Thanks Dima!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Eiffel tower is beautiful and impressive!

    That is why I included it in this article ;)
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  17. Twitter:
    It should be totally easy to share your content!

    If your design is impressive, your credibility will grow your chances of them sharing your content :)

    Thanks for the comment Raphael!
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

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