6 Steps to Building the Perfect Website

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webBusiness websites can be the meat of a company, especially when it comes to a start-up. Many customers want the availability that a website brings to the table.

Not only do websites stay open 24/7, they are also great places for the general public to browse and take in all they need to know about a company. Websites are simply one of the best tools of the trade, when it comes to starting a brand spanking new business. So what do you do to build the perfect website?

Below are six steps to building the perfect website. Website design can consist of many more aspects than just the company name.

1. Start the “old-school” way

Put all your ideas, dreams, and thoughts onto paper first; then take a step back and decide whether or not it’s feasible. Most successful sites are born from rudimentary ideas that spring forth randomly.

Some of the best ideas may have initially seemed pretty silly. After getting your overall project down on paper, you can move forward on the digital front.

2. Lettering designs

Choose your lettering design carefully. When you start to design your page, you want your lettering design to match in most areas.

This means to stay consistent with your ideas and make them harmonious. With the exception of your logo design, all other letters should be professional and connected in some way. This will keep the customer from getting distracted by unnecessary “noise.”

3. True colors

Carefully select your color theme. The direction you are headed and what your company represents should help to determine the color scheme you choose.

Don’t go wild and start adding a lot of different colors. Always stick with one basic theme and move out gradually with lighter or darker hues of that same color. There may be a good reason to use two or three different colors, but you should never start adding colors randomly to represent some idea such as “cheerfulness.”

If your company uses this emotion as a marketing tactic, then the idea should come through with the company itself, and not through the overuse of colors.

4. Structure

The structure is the next important step to designing your business website. The site must retain a structured

layout that basically tells a story for the customer.

The pages can have a design of their own but all aspects of the site should tie together. Remember to keep the layout simple, then add only the tools and components that are needed for the business.

5. Details

Details, or the lack of them, can really make the difference as to whether your website is successful or not. By simply adding a gradient to the coloring of your logo, for example you can bring attention to the name of your business.

There are other small details that, when tweaked, can also add value to your companies image.

6. Promote and advertise

After the website is designed and the details are perfected, it’s time to promote your business through the use of your company’s page. There are many methods of promotion, including utilizing social sites and SEO practices.

If you are already familiar with these areas, then all that’s left is posting in a timely manner and using your tools to draw in traffic. Promotion and advertising will come more naturally over time and with practice.

See them in action

To really get a feel for what a good website looks like, take a few minutes to check out some of these examples. Each one provides you with a foundation as to what your site should do for your business.

The Superior Washers and Gasket Corp. This isn’t a flashy site because it is designed to sell its products. It uses a clean look that is well organized and is easy on the eyes. Customers can find the product they are looking for and there are plenty of ways they cross-promote other products, including the use of video.

Graham Elliot This Chicago based restaurant makes navigation simple by providing links to all the basic questions on the left hand side of the page. The rest of the page is used to deliver content or advertise using a slide show of items off the menu.

Mint Right on the home page you are told what the product does and the call to action is right there for you to sign up – for free. The images used show you exactly what devices this SaaS product will work on as well. Again, nothing flashy but everything you need as a potential customer is right there.

A new business needs many things in order to succeed, but only one aspect can work for you when you’re away; and that is your webpage. Designing an effective webpage is not hard to do; but it takes time and patience to realize its full potential.



  1. That is wonderful I think you should write a book or something
    Paul Gabriel Olofu recently posted..Dry footprints on wet sandMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Great tips for building a website! I think the thing that people overlook the most is the website structure. It’s very important to think about everything you need the website to do and build those functions in early so that as your business grows your website can keep up.
    Bill recently posted..Eastport Photography Website RedesignMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      How right you are! People get wrapped up in looks and widgets before they even think about the foundation. Start with the basics and build from there!

  3. Twitter:
    I personally feel website color, design and navigation really play a crucial part in giving good user experience.
    Pankaj recently posted..Binary Multi Level Marketing SoftwareMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Yes, especially navigation. Color and design are important but often times people forget that they should enhance the site and make it easier for people to read/view the site.

  4. Twitter:
    I think point no 6 is important. If we miss promotion then we will miss the market. Perfect website won’t mean anything without audiences. The right way of promotion will make us find the right audiences that will grow the website even better.

    Great tips
    Okto recently posted..Using Technology To Increase Brand AwarenessMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      it goes along with the thought that content is king. Yes, good content is needed but you have to let people know about it also. The same is said for your site, business, product or service. They can all be the best thing on earth but you have to get the word out.

  5. Agree with you Jeff especially doing it the old school way. Even the most widely read book on Earth agrees with this fact. /”who amongst you that wants to build a house will not sitdown to calculate the cost/”. Planning is an essential aspect of building a perfect website; sitdown count the cost, do some researches draw your conclusions and put them on paper. Review them and implement them. Again the importance of learning can/’t be taken for granted after all no one is above learning even the same great book points it out /”beware he that thinks he/’s standing less he does not fall/”. You can/’t simply say I know everything keep doing your research and learning then you won/’t only build a perfect website you/’ll have success.

  6. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing some wonderful tips with us. Looking forward for applying these tips on my upcoming project thanks for sharing this information with us howdy. Promotion and advertising are the most needed thing in building a new website. If this is going to be a flop then your blog itself would be a great flop.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..Hands On Review Of Panasonic Lumix Dmc -LZ20My Profile

  7. Most of time web designer not paying attention on fonts and color combination of website, but these things are really matters.
    While choosing background color is most important, but I am always choosing white color because no more loading time or not consuming lots of time, website loaded quickly.. :) :)
    Thanks for sharing other tips..
    Nikhil Bille recently posted..MSBTE Winter 2013 Result date at http://www.msbte.comMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Page load times are essential now that many studies show Google takes this into consideration as a ranking factor. Also, the choice of font and color combination are things that should not be thrown in as an afterthought. This makes for some messy looking websites.

  8. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing the tips and ideas for making a perfect website. I agree with your point. According to me First thing is to do market research, i mean niche research with all keywords you are targeting, Then analysis, then plan out all things how you want to go, Then scheduleing , then consistensy and hardwork, then promoting your blog on all social platforms.

    Thank You
    Shorya recently posted..Teen Pregnancy: What Are Your Options?My Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Be careful not to get too hung up on keywords though! Remember that Google has moved away from basic keywords in their search, they want content that answers the visitor’s question.

  9. Twitter:
    A few people always wanted to start their blog from perfect! No, it does not work that way, you need to put your thought to paper and then implement it first. people like pat fynn started like every other blogger until they keep building and improving their sites.
    And the last part is important, advertise and promote your site or product.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..How logo designers can make money onlineMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    This definitely the recipe for a successful website for business/website owners today. When I work with my clients, objectives (business objectives and end-user objectives) are all we talk in the beginning, even before creative direction.

    Having those objectives creates boundaries, which creates direction, which allows for focused energy and idea generation.

    Great article! :)
    Akash Arora recently posted..5 Best Free Security Utilities for WindowsMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff. I agree with view. my contribution is on promotion. No matter how well designed a website may be, if is not well promoted it will remain obscure at the time that competition is very high. So, i advise that the promotion strategies should also be well laid out for ultimate success.
    oladayo ojekunle recently posted..How to become self employedMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    The above tips are really helpful, But SEO optimization is a important one to design a blog think of including it while designing it.
    Dilip Win recently posted..How to Make Video as Desktop backgroundMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    A CTA on the home page is always good. This makes the website more user friendly and also is likely to reduce your bounce rate.

    Also make your content unique. Its not worth it just regurgitating the same old stuff that someone else has already done.
    Adam recently posted..Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump RangeMy Profile

  14. Adithya Shetty says:

    Well, I would say keep the design SEO Friendly from the starting itself. Making modifications in Themes for SEO after completion is very worst scenario.

    Also this article mentioned all the important points which is very useful to me and others also :)

  15. Twitter:
    Great Tips for building a website! Don’t forget to choose a great domain name to build it on though ;)
    Matthew recently posted..Available Brandable Domain Names 6th January 2014My Profile

  16. Twitter:
    hi Jeff,
    You have just structured whole process of building a website.
    Shoukot recently posted..How To Add Recent Posts Widget To Blogger EasilyMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Good post – a couple thoughts to add in (I run a web design firm, fwiw). I’d start with GOALS as opposed to wishes/dreams. Measurable goals. Do you want site traffic? Pick a number to work towards. And why do you want site traffic – to sell ad space? To drive sign-ups? Unpack these goals as much as possible, then you can make decisions that help meet them.

    As well, if you’re not a web designer, I’d really recommend hiring a design shop or freelancer, or choosing a platform like SquareSpace instead of trying to build a whole site from scratch. There’s a lot to learn, and unless you want to actually BE a web designer, your time is likely better spent in other areas (like writing posts, building your network, etc).
    Jeff recently posted..eReader Typography: Why it’s Broken & How to Fix ItMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    I will agree with all of the tips, but also will add one more in section Promotion and Advertise:
    always when is possible on the product add their website for eg. if you make keys add your site on the key. By doing this you get bigger credibility, free marketing and also some visitor plus.
    Tamara recently posted..10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online | Without Downloading AnythingMy Profile

  19. Very useful and must follow steps. I think we should make a clear structure of website which we are going to make.

  20. Twitter:
    HI Jeff,
    Its a neat and informative post.The web designers should follow and concentrate with all of this,Initially 1.idea. 2.coding is major basic things we should decide and avoid some minor errors while designing a site.

  21. Twitter:
    Perfect Site structure and good Desgin with True colors may Attract Many Visitors and as we know First impression is the last impression. Also Having High Quality Content is also a Key in building a Perfect Wesbite.
    Atinder recently posted..How to Plan Before Building a Website or BlogMy Profile

  22. Hey Jeff,
    Nice post and Yes, for building a perfect websites, these points are very important specially structure and promotion. Guest blogging and commenting is good way for promotion. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

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