How To Write Your Next Post Faster Than A Cheetah!


When a cheetah runs, you will need a 10 mile head start to stay alive! We all know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal on the planet. Why am I comparing to the cheetah is because speed is the common essence here. Time and speed to accomplish a task. The task here is […]

4 Places On Your Blog Where Design Has To Be Beautiful!


The design of your blog is the face of what you do. Design is the dress on that beautiful lady and the impression she gives because she is wearing such a beauty! Do you want your visitors to be impressed that way? I made sureĀ Internet DreamsĀ has a design that is worth your impression! But it […]

Make Your Blog Design Look Like The Eiffel Tower!


Your blog is a content hub for visitors and readers to learn and engage with. If your content is not engaging, then your design is pretty much useless. Design is a very important aspect area of growing your blog. Excellent design will help you get more followers! If you can afford to buy a set […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Writing To Become A Master!


How well a writer gets thoughts down on paper will determine how much the reader gets out of it. The audience comes away with an impression about a writer’s ability to communicate effectively. Writing at your best will get more followers on Twitter and your blog! There are a variety of techniques a writer can […]