TODAY Last Day to Enter $3550 CASH Contest

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You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

See the Write For Us page for more details

btw.. you can get this author box here

Today, Wednesday July 14 is the very last day to submit your FamousBloggers CommentLuv contest entry to compete for the $3550 in CASH Prizes. This deadline is for your original guest post about blog commenting ideas only. If you haven’t entered the contest today is your last day.

There is still plenty of time to promote your entries and write bonus posts. Here are all the contest related deadline dates to mark on  your calendar:

  1. Cutoff for primary entry (July 14)
  2. Cutoff for bonus posts about any sponsor(s) including CommentLuv (July 28)
  3. Cutoff for promoting your entry (Aug 5)
  4. Announce winners (Aug 15)

If you have already entered and want to submit another contest entry you would need to do that by today. Several contestants have submitted multiple primary posts as you can see by clicking on the image below:

class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1776" title="Click this image to see all Entries in the Comments Folder" src="" alt="See all Contest Entries here" width="200" height="200" srcset=" 200w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" />

If you wish to write about any of our sponsors you have two more weeks. All sponsor bonus posts must be published by July 28th. Contestants are invited to write about any sponsor including CommentLuv or FamousBloggers.

Their bonus posts may be published on their own blogs or on other suitable blogs. If you are interested in writing about a sponsor but do not feel that post fits well on your own blog, Tweet to  @GrowMap or use the contact form to have your guest blog post published in that business friendly blog.

Watch for a new post here by Friday on how to promote your posts using CommentLuv.