Does Sex Count as Exercise?

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comluvAccording to research, women who exercise on a regular basis tend to have a more active sex life. They are able to reach orgasm at a quicker rate and get turned on easier than women who don’t live an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the more fit a woman is, the more sexual position she will be able to try and the longer the sex will last. It’s obvious that being fit will improve your sex life, but the question is does sex improve your fitness level?

Sex as Cardio

It has been monitored that sex has the same internal effect on your body as cardio. Your heart rate goes up, you get a metabolism boost, calories are burned, and your muscles get a stretch. Sex has even proven to better your immune system and get rid of stress just like going out for a run would do.

On average, people have sex for 30 minutes each session. During those time, the individuals could burn anywhere between 50 – 100 calories. The amount of calories you burn will depends on how much effort that was put into it, how much you weigh, the position and duration.

Sex as Strength Training

A lot of muscles are used during sex. Whether your love making session will count as exercise or not will depend on the position in which you were getting busy. If you are on top, it will workout your legs and arms. The back and forth motion is a good way to firm up your abs, and glutes, which will have a positive effect on your posture.

So far, the argument seems to be going in favor of sex being a good way to get a workout but don’t throw away your gym membership yet. There are some other factors to consider.

Strength training is defined as giving the major muscle groups in your body a workout where they are used to their full capacity. It’s true sex targets some of muscle groups, but the impact isn’t vigorous enough for it to count as strength training. As far as cardio goes, if things are heated up enough, it can spike up your heart rate high enough to burn a decent amount of calories. But, odds are, you will focusing more on the pleasure rather than keeping track of your heart rate in order make sure that it stays at the needed level

Conclusion: Does Sex Count as Exercise?

The bottom line is, sex can’t replace a decent workout routine. If you are not in the mood to go to the gym every once in a while, then lighting some candles, putting up some romantic music to have a good time with your partner is a good alternative. It will pump up your heart rate, relaxes your body and burn a little calorie. But, the effects won’t be intense enough for sex to be considered a workout routine.