New CommentLuv Contest and Sales Video

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I am the creator of CommentLuv Premium
You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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btw.. you can get this author box here

Here’s the video and transcript to the newsletter to my big ol’ list


Hey how you doing, oh it seems ages since I’ve spoken to my big old list!

I’m sorry about that but it’s been a bit M.S.’y, a bit funny with my multiple sclerosis which, is you can’t really predict whether your gonna be able to type or not.

anyway, I seem to be getting some sort of equilibrium now with the medication that I’m on and also for the kind of things that I’ve decided that I’ll be doing during the week, you know you just gotta reduce everything, the recipe for living with MS is just basically a recipe for a good life you know, you just got to eat nice and not get stressed and stuff like that.

Anyway that’s not the point of this video well it’s kind of really that’s why I’m on video instead of typing it out is because I don’t know whether I can type or not beforehand you know it’s not predictable. So what I will be doing is I’ll be making videos less than ten minutes long and I’ll send them out in the newsletter.

Now I know not everybody likes videos so I’m going to pay some guy on Fiverr who did my last transcription who did a really good job by the way (I’ll put you in the link below this video for him to do transcriptions of videos if you, you know use that sort of service) but anyway I’ll get it transcribed and then I’ll put the text of it on a blog post with the video on top so if you don’t like videos, or you don’t have time to watch videos, or you’re at work and you’re not allowed to watch videos then you can read the text or you can scan it and you can see if it’s worth investigating more.

That’s what I’ll be doing from now on I hope that’s ok and you can be sure it’ll be worth talking about because you know its gonna cost me at least a fiver every time I do it just to send you something, alright. (I wonder how many marketing messages I would have got from marketers if they had to pay a fiver for every one they sent. I’m thinking I’d get less!)

But anyway what I want to bring up in this video are three things :

one is why I’m coming to you on video which I think I’ve just covered, score! I’m winning already.

Two is a contest because I’ve committed to giving away at least one lifetime license to commentluv premium from now until I launch big every week, so I will tell you about that a little bit later,

and number three: I’ve just made another simple sales video which is gonna be replacing the one that’s on the website right now the homepage of I quite like it, but I’d like you to have a watch of it and then give me your feedback and any additions

that you think I might need to make and then you know everyone’s happy and hunky dory.

Ok now let’s go revisit number two, the contest,this is going to be a way for anyone that is using the free version of commentluv to be able to win a lifetime licenses of commentluv premium and anti-backlinker which is doing fantastic things for anti spam by the way.

now the way it works is anyone who uses the free version of the plugin and also the premium actually, it makes a phone back home and it just logs that site is using it and then from that it tells how many comments that they have that received some love, and as soon as they received at least one comment and you know they’ve given them love (given them a link) in the commentluv link then they are registered and they are eligible to winand if that person that wins on the week is a commentluv premium user well they’ve already got commentluv premium

so they don’t need a lifetime license I will let them transfer it to anyone so they can use it for a giveaway on their site and that will help them get more traffic and social shares and whatever it is that they require their users to do to enter the contest and so they get a free lifetime license to give away. quite valuable, pretty sweet huh?

There will be another way to get another entry in there as well and that will involve getting onto a list and blah, blah, blah I will let you know about that next week because I’ve got to get all the dots of the i’s and the crosses of the t’s sorted for that one as well and for the sales video oh I’ve got loads to do!, and then I’m gonna show you the video now and if you can watch the video and then let me know what you think of it that’d be sweet so, here it comes.

So what’d you think then? It’s a short, little, simple video and it’s just a highlight you know the getting more comments, and encouraging, and rewarding readers, and for protecting you against spam. What do you reckon?

Feedback. just let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page or in by email, ah yeah that’s the thing I want to say, if you want to send me an email that’s fine I will read every single email that I receive, but I may not be able to respond to it with tappity, tappity fingers for reasons I’ve said before so if you just want to ask a question then please do just cause if there are other people that ask the same question then I can answer that question on the next weeks video how bout that?,

I don’t have to type anything and also you get to ask all loads of stuff and I get to answer loads of stuff. Good idea right? So don’t forget, feedback about the video, and anything else you want to say.


You can enter the contest just by downloading the free version (if you haven’t already) and I will start drawing a random user out of the active users list every week until launch