3 Most Important Parts of the Online Dating Profile

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Online Dating ProfileWith the ever growing trend of online dating increasing at such a rapid pace, it’s becoming more common for people to meet their next mate or spouse online, but many of these people fail because they are not putting enough work into their online dating profile.

Some people have tremendous success with dating on the internet while others fall short and give up within a week. So if you’re stuck trying to make your dating profile stick out from the rest, or just aren’t getting good results with what you’ve been doing, here are some tips that will be sure to make your online dating profile better. These are the parts of the online dating profile you should pay particular attention too.

1. The Online Dating Profile Photo:

It all starts with the profile picture. This is the first thing members look at, this is your very first impression that people are going to get of you. So you have to make it count. You could be writing and sending emails and some may not even be getting read, simply because you chose a bad profile picture.

When choosing a “online dating profile picture”, make sure you are getting a clear shot with a good quality camera. A mirror shot with your 3 megapixel cell phone camera is just not going to cut it in this situation.  Try to upload at least 5 photos, and make sure they all tell different stories.  For instance if you are someone that likes to fish, upload a photo of you holding the fish you caught, or if you like dogs, upload a picture of you with your dog.

Do not however, upload pictures of just your dog, or 5 different pictures of you hanging out with your dog, just one will suffice and get the point across that you like dogs.  Also this should go without saying but some people like to stretch the truth. Keep your photos up to date and recent, there’s no point of putting up a photo of you when you were 22 years old when it’s 5 years and 40 pounds later. Just saying.

2. The Online Dating Profile Headliner:

This is usually the 2nd thing that people are going to look at. This is the selling point, if they like your profile picture the next thing is the headliner. Try to make it original, humorous, positive, and also less than 10 words. If you are stuck and need a better idea of a good headline to use, you can find hundreds of good ones by simply using the search term “good dating headline examples” or something similar in your favorite search engine.

3. The Online Dating Biography:

This is the closer in the dating profile. Should someone take interest in your main profile picture and headline, there’s a good chance that they are going to be interested in you, if they can make it through your biography.

Keep it short and sweet. No more than 300-400 words. This is the resume part of the dating profile and you have to make this stand out also. Avoid using too many adjectives to describe yourself, instead tell short stories about what interests you and makes your motor go. As always adding humor always helps the cause also.

Make sure to save some room in the biography section to also tell everyone what kind of partner you are looking for. What kind of qualities you are seeking in that person. Last but not least ensure that you are completely honest also, if you are lying before you are even in a relationship, how long do you think it will last when you are in one? Again if you need some examples of a “well written online dating profile“, use your favorite search engine to find them and build from there.