Tips and tricks for increasing fans of your Blog’s Facebook Fan page.

Shorya Bist

Shorya Bist

Hi myself Shorya Bist. I am from India, a Computer engineer, part time Fashion Model and a blogger. At present i am running two blogs one is which is a Youth based blog and another one is where you can find tips and advices on how to make money online. BELIEVE - Every individual have some hidden talent different from others.Everyone is born with some speciality ,the difference is we are not able to find that. who all are successful today ,were aware of their talent. ----"Find-Your-innerself"----
Shorya Bist
Shorya Bist
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Facebook today is the biggest social networking site on internet with page rank 10 and Alexa Rank 1.Millions of people from around the world are users of Facebook.Initially Facebook were meant for communication with the easiest way sitting at any corner of the world,but now things have taken some different shape.

Now Facebook is playing a biggest role in Growing business whether local or global ,small or large, Growing networks,Fastest source of information spreading etc..Today Bloggers have evolved equally as internet network is increasing and social networking sites are becoming great source of pulling new visitors to their blogs

So today I ill give you some of my tips which will help you to grow your Blog’s fan page audience and increase in Fan page will directly lead to increase in visitors on your blog.These tips are not only applicable to Fan page of Blog ,but any one who like to make pages on Facebook and want to increase the fans ,they can also apply and see the results.

5 tips to increase network of your Blog’s Fan page

Give some entertainment doze  to your audience.

Whether you are writing on any topic but time comes when you upload your article on Fan page ,people are use to it some are fed up of daily notification of posts.So  some time it leads to decrease in fans as they leave the page.So for holding them and even for increase more fans give some daily or weekly doze of entertainment.By entertainment I mean anything which attract them and your audience would like to see.

Checkout what all you can do-

  • Posting some funny image(use little funny description with it),You can post based on your niche on which you are wiriting and can post any other image also which you think people will like
  • Post some viral videos as soon as you think it will be liked by your viewers-(gangnam style,kolavari D, skydive  from thousand mills above the earth etc.)
  • Write some normal message like jokes,famous lines, quotes etc.
  • Make some Funny trolls from your niche and post it – when you visit my Blog’s fan page you will see how I use funny trolls to explain my posts as well as for fun and viewer likes it.
  • Talk about some celebrity news. etc

These are the things which you don’t have to give much time but if done in intervals it will hold your audience and will increase it as people will like it and who ill like the post will been seen on his/her wall also so their friends can also see that.It really works for me, try it.

Tag Your posts

Very result oriented and will increase  fans on your fan page  , I will show you how.When you tag some post with 50 friends.Let


facebook tagging

uppose every friend you tagged in have average 400 friends.Now when you tag ,then it will be visible to friend list of your 50 friends.

So how many can see your post,


Now suppose if only 3000 see it and you have something very attractive in your post(image,trolls etc.) then at least some will be interested in your page and will like your page.

Caution: Tag only dose friend who are close to you or who ill not object on tagging,unnecessary tagging will lead to bad impression.

Conversation with audience

Very good step for giving some soul to your fan page, just by posting on your Fan page will look mechanical or without soul.So what all you can do to maintain conversation.

  • Reply on comments of your users
  • Can make a group of Your user in which at least they can chat or interact  with each other.
  • Ask for some opinion or views on some topic by posting.
  • Discussion on some topic on wall itself.

Make relation with other Fan page related to your page

Make relation with other page related to your page, you can do it by commenting, liking sharing.And if you have good relation you can have now chance to post on their page also.This will lead to flow of audience to your page.

Caution: Don’t try to just post on others page before making some relations,this will lead to bad reputation.

Ask some Friend to maintain  your page

I think many of you are thinking above all steps are time consuming ,but actually it is not,infact its very helpful in other sense also.How? For the whole day you work on writing articles ,linkbuilding and thinking.So in between how you take a break.How I take a break to fresh up?Simple, I take a break by doing all the stuff above because its fun to do above things, it divert my mind from blogging to some other thing for some time(which is necessary for a blogger) and it is helping my fan page also.

For those who still think it is time consuming, so I have a solution for them also .Every body have at least 1 friend who like to surf on Facebook or making pages on facebook.So you can take help from them to manage the page if you are not getting time as you are busy on blogging.

Caution:Ask help from trust worthy friend,and give some time at least in a week or month to see the growth of your page and if everything working in good way.

I hope you all like the tips above and now fell free to ad more by commenting may be i will get some ideas from you as well.
Thank you
Keep Blogging
Shorya Bist 


  1. Thank You very much. These tips might work wonders for me.. Will try them soon..
    Resham Panth recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S 4 Specs [RUMORED]My Profile

  2. Hi,These are some useful tips indeed..The trick of it is just to be as casual about it as you can..The time when you start pleading people to like your page is the time your page does not receive any appreciation no matter how good the content is.
    Suraj recently posted…NME Awards 2013:Full Results from the ShowMy Profile

  3. Hi Shorya,I particularly love that tip on tagging. I\’ve been trying to increase my fan base and also the engagement level of my fan page. These tips will really come handy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I never really knew tagging friends worked like that. Thank you for enlightening us. I’ll definitely put your advice into action

  5. use maximum images in your status updates for more likes and fans.
    Moin Ramiz recently posted…How To Create Sitemap For Blogspot Blog?My Profile

  6. Very well buddy. Great tips and tricks. I agree on the pint that sometimes our fans are tired of usual post so giving them something new entertaining would be a good idea. I’ll follow your advice as i only post article on my page.
    Arslan Shoukat recently posted…Top 10 Bizarre Yet Worth-Seeing Places In The WorldMy Profile

  7. I’ve made a page for my website but my traffic isn’t using the hyperlink to access the actual site, i got to know using crazyegg…what could be responsible for that? i mean should i change my content or increase the number of anchor texts?

  8. Santhosh kumar says:

    Increasing facebook fans will drive us more visitors to our blog. I use tagging people so that many people will get noticed about our blog. Nice article loved reading it.

  9. A useful post for new bloggers !
    I find that integrating a Facebook like boxes with my blog works well and allows readers to easily like my Facebook fan page.
    Nice tips though ! thanks for sharing :)
    Phil M recently posted…6 Simple Tips To Increase Facebook Likes, Comments And SharesMy Profile

  10. Luis Valadez says:

    Tagging your friends in a picture is a great way to get likes. I am fascinated on how using social media like facebook and twitter can expand whatever business you are in exponentially. The only thing is that it has to be done right. If not, like you stated in the article it can ruin your reputation. Once your reputation is ruined it will be extremely difficult change your reputation.

    Great Article I enjoyed your post Shorya!

  11. do i increase immersion on my pages if i have a few friends on my list.

  12. What I do is occasionally post scientific facts that everyone would take interest in. This is a VERY high working way. Just don’t spam it.
    Dexter recently posted…Ever wanted to Draw in Thin Air? 3Doodler makes it Possible!My Profile

  13. Ebele Okocha says:

    Thank you so much for this piece. I just started a blog about 8 months ago and I have been struggling with increasing my facebook fans. I’ll have to try these

  14. great post..
    now I am realize, why my Like is very-very low…
    mardino santosa recently posted…Cara Menambahkan Iklan Google Adsense di Awal ArtikelMy Profile

  15. Funny images and viral videos are the best to maintain the attention for sure! Great post!
    Lots of interesting tips over here. Keep doing it :) .

  16. I set up a Facebook Business Page for one of our clients a couple weeks ago, left the running to them and have been impressed with how many likes they’ve managed to achieve in such a short space of time. So they must be doing something right.
    Hadley recently posted…Transform Your Kitchen & Bathroom With Beautiful Hand Crafted WorktopsMy Profile

  17. Just a note, when you are presenting an extremely professional profile to the public via Facebook jokes and funny images can sometimes hurt your image, even if they increase exposure it might not be the best.

    News articles relevant to your industry are essential as well as things that concern the general public whilst still being related to your industry.

    I also suggest with most clients that they advertise deals and coupons on Facebook in addition to their normal offers (i.e. if you are running a 5% discount on all your products, why not also throw in that if someone is a fan of your Facebook page you will give 6% instead of 5). It is not a huge amount of effort for someone to click the Like button and 1% or whatever equivalent you choose is not a substantial sacrifice.

  18. Nice tips out there. one more thing that i would like to add is that you can come up with a giveaway and ask people to like your FB page. I sa a huge growth in my FB page likes when i posted a giveaway on my blog. :)
    Sushain recently posted…Nimbuzz APK downloadMy Profile

  19. Pictures can go viral pretty easily and it is not hard to find them. The key to keeping facebook fans is content. Some sites also offer exchanges, where you earn coins by liking other peoples stuff and they in turn like yours. Some are better than others, I tried one last week and it brought about 200 likes then stopped, however the next one I tried brought in over 1k in three days. I would recommend googling “How to get fast facebook likes” and trying out some of those sites.
    Richard recently posted…Adult Beginning Sewing Project – Appliqued & Pieced PillowMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing Shorya. Most of people in social media like funny image. I think the positive message is also very importnt to attract many readers.
    Julidarma recently posted…Best Food To Fight Acne NaturallyMy Profile

  21. Hi,Thanks for sharing the tips..I have found uploading a funny pic/status message within a facebook page particularly useful as they end up getting shared exposing the page to many people
    Suraj recently posted…The Shield’s plans announced at WWE Smackdown on 15/03/2013My Profile

  22. Shorya,
    I personally am not a fan of “tagging.” BUT, I agree that being an engaged member on other business pages, that compliment yours, is very affective. I enjoy sharing what others post because I know that they too can help my audience to solve problems. To me, its part of being “social.”

  23. Some great tips regarding the Facebook fan page but still i thing organizing a giveaway is the best technique to increase fans on the Facebook page..
    Thanks for the article..

  24. RohanJain says:

    i agree facebook fan page plays a tremendous role in increasing traffic for the blog and also in building relationship with your audience. i used facebook fan page as a pop up in one of my blog and the result was i have got more than thousands of likes which lead to PR 2 of my facebook fan page. and the same tacti am going to do with my current i am agreed with your all above points .

  25. Amazing Post
    Another good way of getting people to like your page is by tapping from the very hot pages.
    Like em with your page and always try to be the first to comment on their new posts

  26. I already use this technique on my facebook fan page. cool post.
    himanshu recently posted…Htc galaxy one a cool phone.My Profile

  27. Suraj similarly i also found this post helpful like you.

  28. I recently add a welcome pop up with a like button. Yes, it does increase more fans to my page exponentially.

  29. Thanks for the post Shorya, some great tips here
    Haroun Kola recently posted…Biggest Financial Scandal yet worth $379 trillionMy Profile

  30. Nice tips for increasing the number of fans in facebook. It is really good idea to be socialize in this competitive world.
    Prakash recently posted…Hike Messenger Download for Symbian, Android, PC, iPhone, BlackberryMy Profile

  31. Shorya Bist thanks for your tips for increasing fans of facebool fan page. I liked you point that is TAG YOUR POST. Actually I am using facebook since many days but i did not tag any of post to my friends because i don’t know its benefits. I thinks that it is use less. but thank you for explaining me that this is use full.
    Chetan Gupta recently posted…Top 10 Incredible Treasure TrovesMy Profile

  32. well facebook is one of the best social networking site at current.Taging with fans is one of the best way to engage your FB fans with your business.All the tips you shared are really awesome . Thanks for sharing them.
    Mahendra recently posted…List of best torrent sites for movie downloadMy Profile

  33. Hey Shorya,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Yes, Facebook is best way to promote our sites and also helps in driving traffic to it. I really like all the points you mentioned above and surely gonna try them.
    Sudipto recently posted…Free Call App For AndroidMy Profile

  34. Prajwal says:

    Posting great content and continuously reaching out to targeted audience also by paid advertising are also the best way to expand Facebook likes.

  35. ajay kumar says:

    i think you gave a great explanation, but also i think always content is king, good content can get you great likes, and the like exchange now a days will too give more likes but they dont give the accurate fans, so better to follow the conventional process of creating great content

  36. one point is here, facebook ads can also easily boost your page likes.
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…How to get Insurance for Apple iPhoneMy Profile

  37. Nice post :) Another good way is to share your page links on other pages and groups with a large number of likes/members.
    Zenu Khas recently posted…WinLock Professional 5.26 Free DownloadMy Profile

  38. Nice and very detailed post. I liked the last one most “Ask some Friend to maintain your page”. One of my friend is helping for this, though I treat him for this :). This definite saves a lot of time.

  39. Thanks Shorya, I think these tricks might be helpful for me, if use them as you have described, Surely I’m gonna try these things..:)
    Abinav recently posted…Facebook Tips and Tricks 2014 Updated!My Profile

  40. Excellent resource, thanks for sharing! I have only just started using facebook as a Blog promotion tool and I am just searching for the methods to revamp my blog’s Facebook fan page. I believe your tips will work perfectly as your article contains valuable tips and is easily understood. Anyway thanks again for a nice share
    somon recently posted…Danger Dash for PC windows 8 7 XP Mac computerMy Profile

  41. Thanks for the Tips. They will certainly work because all are tried and tested ways to increase blogs fan page followers.
    Atinder recently posted…Importance of about page for your blog/websiteMy Profile

  42. Nice article shroya but you left one important method.It is through picture.Create a picture relevant to your blog and write the name of your blog on that picture.People will share your picture and you will get more popularity and also fans.
    Ravi Kumar recently posted…Facebook Changed its Old User Interface:Experience the New FacebookMy Profile

  43. Tagging is a nice way stella.However you can use motivating pictures as well.People will share it and you will get fans for your page
    Ravi Kumar recently posted…Facebook Changed its Old User Interface:Experience the New FacebookMy Profile

  44. ubieranki says:

    Hi, Is facebook advertising worth the money? How effective is it usually? I am thinking if invest into this kind of marketing.

  45. How exciting to see other forex bloggers engaging on blogs. I’d love you to visit mine and get a dofollow link to your own site.
    Haroun Kola recently posted…The Golden Rule of Forex TradingMy Profile

  46. Most of the fans on fiverr are fake. Save your $5, it won’t do any good on your site.
    Foo recently posted…Scarcity Samurai Review and Bonus: WP Plugin that Quadruple Your Sales?My Profile

  47. Facebook ads is great if you can afford. Tagging is quite annoying in my opinion.
    Foo recently posted…Scarcity Samurai Review and Bonus: WP Plugin that Quadruple Your Sales?My Profile

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