Stupidities That You Should Avoid While Using Facebook

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Have you heard about Facebook? I know it’s a stupid question because anyone who has internet connection must have used Facebook or at least have heard about it. But while using Facebook, we often commit certain kind of stupidities that proves us a fool.

Facebook no doubt, is the best way to share your thoughts and ideas, remain connected with friends and relatives, but this connectivity sometimes becomes the reason of embarrassment. Facebook is like an anonymous world where everyone is unknown to each other except friends and family members. So, to take advantage of this anonymity, some people use negative activities to just promote their thoughts, ideas or whatever they want and because of lack of awareness some of us easily become their prey and then face embarrassment.

Sometimes we our self, commit such foolish and idiotic acts that are pure form of awkwardness. Below are some stupidities that we should avoid while using Facebook.

Facebook Is Free and Will Always Be Free

It has been observed that some culprits, by representing themselves as Facebook employee, demand money in order to continue using Facebook by posting warning messages and by other methods, targeting specific user profiles.

So, make it solid clear in your mind that Facebook is totally free to use. Facebook never charge its users. The only source of income for Facebook is advertisements that are shown on the website. So, whenever you encounter such type of message, just let it go.

Facebook ads or advertisements

Facebook Is Not a Welfare Organization

Most of you must have seen messages saying that “This child is suffering from cancer. Facebook will donate 1$ to this child for each like.” So, remember Facebook is not a welfare organization. This is just a trick to increase the visitors of Facebook page.

So, don’t waste your precious time by liking and sharing such type of messages and photos.

Facebook donate hoax

Sharing Doesn’t Mean To Fill Out Your Pockets

Few months ago, I came across a picture of Bill Gates holding a card which says that Bill Gates will give $5000 to anyone who will share this photo and I was shocked and laughing at the same time that almost 50,000 people have already shared that photo and might be waiting for the money. Bill gates will become the poorest person on earth if he starts such campaigns.

This is

only one example. There are many other cases in which money is offered for just sharing the message. These types of messages are not more than just a hoax. A famous saying “Think Before Speak” has been changed to “Think Before Like and Share”.

facebook sharing hoax


Annoying Game Invites

Playing games on Facebook is a latest trend and it is not a bad activity either. Even I play games on Facebook but sending unnecessary invites to your friends is like force someone to have a shower in a cold night.

Sending game invites to your friends annoys them and it could end the relation with your friends. This can cause your friends to un-friend you from their friends list. So, avoid unnecessary game invitations and try to send only them who are very close to you or who also play the same game on Facebook.

facebook game invite meme

Don’t Believe in Everything

There are millions of photos and messages posted on Facebook every day and not all of them are factual. So, don’t believe on every picture and message and make sure to confirm their originality before sharing.

For example, if you a see a health tip posted by someone on Facebook, so don’t even think to implement it before verifying it by an expert.

Similarly, people often post pictures and write captions which have relation no with the picture. But because of lack of awareness, users believe on those pictures and start writing comment and sharing with their friends.

Beware of Malware

Malware can be in form of pictures or videos on Facebook. Malware always seems to be interesting because if it is not then it is not malware. Malware often contains stories and visuals that are far from reality and boost curiosity and when you click on one, the rest will be done by malware.

The story automatically shared with your friends and if clicked by one of your friend then it will reach further to your friend’s friends and the chain continues.

Facebook malware

In a Nut Shell

The conclusion is that we cannot blame Facebook for these nonconstructive activities. Facebook was developed as a social network and to provide opportunity to remain connected with friends and relatives, to share our ideas and thoughts. But negativity is everywhere. Everyone who uses Facebook must have awareness about every positive and negative aspect of Facebook and utilize the biggest social network accordingly.