Reasons For Accepting Payment By Credit Cards For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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For an online business, it is almost a necessity to offer the option of making payments by credit card to users. There are many reasons why this is so. When customers buy products online, be they software, ebooks, cosmetics or any other products, they look towards have safe and convenient options for making online payments. Nothing serves this purpose better than credit cards.

When customers have to choose a payment option, they want one that is secure, reliable, and convenient and can be traced. Credit card payments make up for over 70% of the total online payments, showing that they are obviously preferred over methods like echecks, bank transfer and PayPal. The reasons why credit card payments are always preferred by users are:


Payments by credit cards are convenient are immediate. Other methods like bank transfer and echecks take a while to be processed, delaying the purchase process. Although PayPal is also instant, it is a lot more complex when compared to credit cards. The checkout page of PayPal has a lot of steps, which people would rather not fulfil, resulting in abandoning of the process. Credit cards are fast and do not require any additional steps.


The processing after making a credit card payment can be traced along its progress by a customer, so that he is aware of what stage his transaction is at any given point of time. Any undesired payments can be cancelled and refunded to the card, unlike bank transfer and echecks. For money-back guarantee, credit cards are most effective payment methods as the amount can be refunded to the card at any later point of time.


can avail of liability coverage for their credit cards. If money refunded does not return to the card, then the customer may claim it back from the bank. This is the reason why credit cards are so highly trusted and preferred.

Hassle Free!

One can make payments directly on websites using credit cards. For PayPal and other services, customers have to register and open an account on that software. The process is very lengthy and can get tedious. Customers abandon such methods for this reason. Having the direct option of credit cards is most convenient for sales.

Effective and Efficient

As per customers, credit cards are an effective and efficient method of payment compared to other methods. One strong reason for this is refunds and money- back guarantees by companies. Credit card users can also win reward points for their purchases, which on later redemption, give exciting awards. These are the reasons why consumers prefer credit card payments over all other methods of payment.

Credit card payments are most preferred over other payments by customers. However, for a website, it is safer and advisable to also have options of other payment methods including PayPal, echecks, etc. By doing this, you are providing a wide range of payment methods for users to choose the most convenient one for them from. If you want to accept credit payments and other payment methods on your site, then you must open a merchant account or just sign up with companies such as This will enable you to accept payments by all methods and also keep any fraudulent orders out of your way. It will safeguard you fro any online scammers and fraudsters. At the same time, customers can be sure of easy, secure and convenient payments to your site. Thus, all parties win.