Evergreen Content 101: A Quick Overview

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Nikko Marasigan

Nikko Marasigan

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Nikko Marasigan
Nikko Marasigan
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EvergreenWhen people put up a blog or a website, there is a tendency for people to go for content that will drive traffic quickly and easily to a website. There are topics that tend to be very popular with certain groups of readers.  However, a surge in traffic is not always good, especially if the boost in traffic does not last very long. This is what is known as short term content. What bloggers and publishers should aim for is creating evergreen content.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is timeless. This means that the content remains relevant regardless of when the article was first published and when people start knowing about the content. The amount of traffic it receives daily may be low when compared to more popular short-term articles, but it is consistent. Over time, evergreen articles can generate more traffic than short-term content. Although the Internet has helped create an abundance of information, there is always a demand for useful content. Much like the evergreen tree that produces fresh leaves throughout the year, evergreen content is content that remains useful even years after the article was first published.

What types of content are evergreen?

How to make evergreen content work for you?

Invest time into generating evergreen content. Brainstorm topics that you think people will find useful or relevant even years after you first publish the article. Research it well to provide value your readers. Look for articles that may have touched the same topic that you are interested in writing about and see how they have tackled the issue. Evaluate the content and see if there is info that is lacking which you can discuss about in your article. Providing readers with valuable content will pay dividends for a long period of time. The website will

continually receive traffic as long as the article or website exists. This aids in building a name and reputation for the blogger or publisher.

5 Tips on How to Make an Evergreen Content

1. Avoid Writing Dates

Although it is not impossible to find evergreen articles that contain dates, it does not leave a good impression. There is a tendency for people to think that the information contained in the content is outdated or irrelevant if they see that the article is several years old. Omitting the date will not make the data less relevant. On the contrary, the omission can make the article appear timeless.

2. Research Target Keywords

Know which keywords to use so that people will be able to find the content easier. Determine if there is any competition on these keywords. Use long tails as well to create variety and make the content read more naturally. Understanding how people search online is important to determining what keywords will work for people and search engines.

3. Offer an Alternative Opinion

Covering breaking news is great in generating temporary surges of traffic. However, news has a short shelf life. When producing timeless pieces regarding events that affect the industry, you should try to present it from a different angle. Giving your own thoughts on a current issue will make it more relevant than simply covering an important event.

4. Concentrate on Quality

Regardless of the topic or direction of your article, always aim to produce the best article possible. It does not have to be several pages long but it must offer the reader useful information. The article may not achieve instant success but it could become viral once enough people begin reading your posts and sharing it with their networks. It is important to note that it could take months or even years before a piece of content becomes viral. The beauty of it is that people will still read it or talk about it even after the initial surge of attention has passed.

5. Continually Edit and Update Content

Creating evergreen content does not end with publishing the article. For an article to become truly evergreen and timeless, you may need to update the content every so often. The revisions are normally minor and will not take a lot of time to do. However, going back to old articles and revising them will make them remain fresh and timeless for years to come.