How to Boost Your Email Subscribers Even If You Are A Newbie?

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Rahul Kuntala
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Rahul Kuntala
Rahul Kuntala
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Do you know small design changes can bring you more email subscribers?

No doubt, email subscribers are one of the best assets to grow your online business.

When it comes to increasing the number of email subscribers, you must focus on giving less options.

That’s the ONLY secret to boost your email subscribers.

Because, when you give too many options to the readers.. they likely to choosing nothing!

When you don’t have a focus on your blog homepage or design, you’re not going to get more email subscriptions.

Boost your emails subscribers using following tips

Landing pages are gold

I’ve seen a rapid growth on my blog’s email subscribers after using landing pages. I’m averaging almost 5 to 7 new email subscriptions almost every single day [Monday to Friday].

So landing pages work!

They work because… they’re laser focused pages!

3 reasons to use landing pages to boost your email subscribers

  1. They act as entry points to give more visibility
  2. Landing pages can give better user experience
  3. They improve the conversion rates of your site

So if you want to see a boost in your email subscribers use landing pages. They should be clear, concise and less distracting.

Note: My blog is just 7 month old.. so the average new subscriptions are really great for any new blog.

Provide only one option.. give or leave

Do more with less. Provide less options to the readers.

What do you want from your blog?

Is it getting more Facebook likes, YouTube views or boost in email subscribers?

Play according to the pitch, you’ll get great results then.

If your blog’s primary goal is getting more email subscribers.. give only one option to the readers. Give your email or leave.

It’s as simple as that.

Note: Give a strong reason to the readers to subscribe to your blog. Why should they subscribe? What are the benefits they’re getting after subscribing to you?

Is it a freebie? A video? Or something unique and useful?

clear CTA’s can make the difference

Call To Actions (CTA’s) play a vital role when it comes to boost your email subscribers.


Your readers are looking for what to do after landing on your page.

If you give proper actions, they’ll definitely do it.

There’s no reason for me to subscribe to your blog if you don’t add a specific call to action on your home page.

Offer something to me, if your offer is really interesting, I’ll certainly give my private asset to you: email address.

Social proof can make you stand out from the crowd

Most of the blogs lack this. They don’t provide a social proof to their visitors.

Your readers will trust you if you’ve a social proof.

Have a look at SocialTriggers home page design.

How Derek Halphern is using smart strategies to boost his email subscribers.

Last but not least: give more subscription options

The following are the 5 most visible places on any blog

  1. Above the fold: Sushant is using this concept right now on this blog. This can certainly give more visibility to the visitors. They can’t ignore noticing the above fold. If your offer is killer, you’ll see a boost in email subscribers.
  2. Top of the sidebar: When someone opens your blog post, your readers will first notice this place: top of the sidebar. If your blog has a sidebar (I’m sure most blogs use this), then make use of it by placing an opt-in form over there.
  3. Your About page: If your readers find the content interesting, they’ll likely to read your about us page to know more about you and blog. If you place opt-in forms there with the specific reasons, then they’ll bring you more email subscriptions.
  4. Below each post: One of the best ways to boost your email subscribers from the blog is: placing opt-in forms right under each post. This thing works especially for the scrollers (who skip everything!).
  5. Footer: If you don’t have a footer on your blog, go and create one now. Footer is the most visible places after ‘above the fold’. Try not to clutter your footer by placing alexa widgets PR etc. Use it smartly, focus more on creating sexy ’email opt-in forms’

In a nutshell:

The best way to boost your email subscribers is this: kill the distractions in your blog design, focus more on creating valuable incentives and grab your readers email addresses in return.