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This post is a case study about an accidental discovery through my blog recently. I must say that this is one of the most uniquely tested and proven methods ever known to me with regards to generating a huge amount of traffic over a short period of time.

The influx of visitors into a website is often associated by many with that of financial gains or profits. While this statement is apparently not without basis, the benefits of deriving a huge amount of traffic into a website may also include the ability to reach such a nobler motives and social responsibilities by means of proliferating the awareness and spreading the information by the organizing charitable institutions or individuals.

The Case

The recent political uproar in Egypt (#jan25) had caused quite a stir to the world at large. Since many Malaysian students, most of whom studying medicine, were residing in the affected Egyptian cities, their safety became quite a concern specifically to the parents of those students and generally to the nation. The situation in Egypt turned from bad to worse when the lines of communication to the outside world, in particular the internet, were cut down and thus instilling more worries into the minds of the people in Malaysia.

A friend of mine who was a student over there wrote me a long message in Facebook, asking for my assistance to spread the word concerning an allegedly real situation in Egypt at that time. She wrote to me on behalf of her friends who were still in Egypt and described the actual condition experienced by the Malaysian students there. From the message she sent, she basically tried to inform the authorities that those living in the main Egyptian cities needed immediate evacuation as public chaos and rampant criminalities were the order of the day. In addition to that, she specifically set up a blog to spread the word about this unfortunate political chaos.

My Execution

Most people would, by default, write an ordinary blog post: briefly mention the situations in their post, express the way they feel about that matter, and explicitly tell their readers that the intention of that post is non-other than trying to get as much visitors to the blog as possible. In my opinion, such effort would work depending on the situation and urgency of the event but in most cases, blogposts which have a cause will always fail to attract the masses. As for me, I do have the intention of attracting visitors too but I do it in a slightly different way.

The usual underlying problem in traffic generation is that when people have a vague idea of what to do to get the most out of such a scenario. In the same vein, a sense of antagonism would be harboured by some people because they think if they were to give this guy a retweet or share his link on Facebook, he’ll surely reap the benefits alone.

In this case, you can’t really blame those people for thinking like that because the blogosphere is a dog-eats-dog world where everyone is seemingly competing with one another. Thus, there is always a tendency for rivalry to take place among bloggers. So what I did in response to this was to let them copy the whole entry and repost it in their blog (in praise of the idea of a tumblelog). I specifically told them to copy the entry, each and every sentence of it and do whatever they could to spread the news as widely as possible. It proved to be working.

At this stage other bloggers would think, “hey, I’ve got the latest scoop about the latest buzz in the internet world, free content, legit and has its own cause. I should post this in my blog to let people know what’s going on so that something could be done.” They won’t think that I’m in this solitarily for my own personal gain because they have a part in it.


here’s where the magic happened. Please note that I did not ask them to give me credit at all but being cultured bloggers themselves, those who copied my post have had the simple courtesy of crediting the entry back to me, by way of citing myself as the original source. Readers of those blogs would then in turn clicked on the link which led to my site. The process did not stop here. Other bloggers would keep on reposting the entry, creating a long chain of reactions, so long as the matter-of-subject was still shining under the limelight.

MLM Network

MLM Network


Done with the blogging part. Now how do we get loads of people to retweet this even if they don’t read the post?

Given the circumstances that there was a necessity to urge the Malaysian government to extend help to the Malaysians in Egypt at the quickest rate possible, I purposely included the Malaysian Prime Minister’s tweet handle in the post title. By doing so, each retweet published will be automatically subjected to the Prime Minister at the same time. The tweet is good that people will hit the retweet button the instant they read it because it brings a matter of some importance and has a reputable receiver, that is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

People will also be encouraged to retweet because they will then be able to take part in the expression of a shared sentiment to a credible audience. It is as good as it is thus gives people more confidence to retweet it as some are really concerned about their follower counts that they carefully choose what to retweet and what not. Again, if masses know what to do they will take action.

The Result

The actual entry on my blog

The actual entry on my blog

I got a whopping 500 retweets, at least 4000 Facebook shares and at least 50,000 pageviews for that page in the same day it was published. The blog that I was promoting managed to get 30k fans on its Facebook page for that day.

The title says: [Latest] The Egypt Crisis – The Condition of Malaysian Student @NajibRazak. Now tell me, who wouldn’t retweet this?

What Now?

For the purpose of this contest and its theme (traffic generation), I strongly believe this is one of the best ways to gain traffic. I’m not saying that this is the ultimate success formula for all but what I’m sharing here is essentially an overview of how to tell people what to do and actually make them think that they should do it. This is as legitimate as it is and let us imagine if charity causes or donation drives on the internet implement this kind of strategy – I’m sure they will be achieving results more favorably.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your insights on this. Don’t forget to give me some love by retweeting this, you know you want to. I really appreciate it and thanks for reading =)

Shout out to my best buddies, Amir from Project 2074 and Yuyu for helping me with the proofreading task and final editing. Thanks a lot!