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Even Pros Get Tricked

Have you ever received a DM with a message about terrible pictures or other bad news?

Chances are that you have. They are rampant on twitter!

Even pros like Ryan Deiss get tricked in to clicking a link and then authorizing the page to tweet on their behalf (or, more likely it was one of his minions)

How do they do it?

The idea is to blast out DMs to people with a message about bad things being said about you or bad pictures of you being published.

Anything to get you to click the link.

once you click that link then you’re most likely taken to a page that tries to further trick you in to authorizing an app to give you access to the pictures.

if you do that, you’re screwed!

once you give an app permission to post on your behalf, they can then DM everyone in your followers list the same sneaky message.

because the message comes to them from someone they most likely know, they will click it and then go on to get hacked themselves.

left;">rinse and repeat.

Why do they do it?

Because once they have your account they can send their spam out to your followers.

even if only 1 in a thousand responds and just 1 in a thousand of those clicks.. etc then the millions of followers they can now access gives them enough successful rubes to make the whole episode profitable.

Be careful

Just be careful out there. Don’t just authorize any app to access your details or post on your behalf.

sounds simple doesn’t it?

who’d get caught doing that?


The next time you get an authorize request for your twitter account, be very careful! even pros like Ryan Deiss can get caught and if they can get hacked, what hope is there for their followers?

see this tweet, poor person is probably already hacked..

Just be careful! 


  1. Twitter:
    thanks for the advice. getting hacked is very common and I usually won’t click thanks that look suspicious. Even a twitter account from big companies such as KFC get hacked too.
    Winson Yeung recently posted..How To Get A Google Adwords Promotional CodeMy Profile

  2. i lost my twitter account recently.

  3. Twitter is one the most happening social media sites and I too have an account with Twitter. Thanks for the post and for letting us know how to prevent our Twitter account from getting hijacked.

  4. Twitter:
    My account has never be hacked. I always take precautions by clearing my history. I just wish there a tool that can help detect twitter hackers. That will be much more better.

  5. Twitter:
    Good info. We figured messages like that would be some sort of hoax. Also noteworthy, if you don’t have a need for Direct Messages (DM) on Twitter, you can turn off the feature in your Twitter settings.
    Greg recently posted..How SEO and Space Exploration are SimiliarMy Profile

  6. Getting your Twitter hacked can be very scary and bad for business. Good post!

  7. Twitter:
    My account wasn’t hacked but well I was using some automated online tools to do mass unfollow and I don’t know what happened but twitter suspended my account. After some talk with their support I was finally able to get it back and running.
    Keral Patel recently posted..The Best Server Options For ColocationMy Profile

  8. Sounds we have to be aware on hacking stuff. Thanks for keeping us remind, I do agree that social media accounts matter for business today so if it got hacked, that’s terrible

  9. Deepak Mehra says:


    I like these type safe trick post. It also good for me to teach another interesting and useful thing.

    thanks for share with me!!

  10. Wow… Never thought of doing something to protect my Twitter. I have multiple accounts that I use for different purposes. Thanks for this useful article.

  11. Twitter:
    Its not only on twitter but also on any other social networking sites that we should keep ourselves away from clicking any suspicious links to be on the safer side.
    yogesh pant recently posted..UPSC | INDIAN FOREST SERVICE EXAMINATIONMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Wow… I kinda suspected those accounts were hacked but this confirms it and makes perfect since. I don’t even pay attention to them now.

    I’ll start warning people…
    Dennis recently posted..Tweet Adder Review: Build a Brand On Autopilot With TwitterMy Profile

  13. Liam wong says:

    thanks for the great post provided me with really good advice. With the number of apps out there today it’s clear to see how this can happen.

  14. Twitter:
    Once I also landed on a page that was asking for my permission to some app that was looking genuine. But I closed that and now I came to know that it helped my saving my Twitter account. I never knew about such tricks of hacking accounts. Now I’ll share it with everyone. Thanks for letting us know about this.
    Anirudh recently posted..Get MORE “Email subscribers” for your Blog!My Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Hey andy
    thanks for these twitter security tips. I also don’t want to unsecure my twitter account. Now i am going to implement these tips to secure twitter account security.

  16. Twitter:
    I also landed on a page that was asking for my permission to some app that was looking genuine. But I closed that and now I came to know that it helped my saving my Twitter account. Thanks for the Suggestion!!
    shiv recently posted..Galaxy S2 I9100P : Upgrade with XXSLQ Jellybean 4.1.2 FirmwareMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    I’ve known so many friends that have fallen in to the trap of clicking these links in their DMs, even though they have been warned, but then they say “No, I didn’t click anything”.

    It just pays to be vigilant on what you are looking at and clicking on when it comes to Twitter, it also pays to frequently search for your name/user name on Twitter as people will also impersonate you once you become popular, but thankfully Twitter don’t take kindly to those types of users!
    Karen Woodham recently posted..Twitter Impersonation: What To Do And How To Contact Twitter [UPDATED]My Profile

  18. Twitter:
    True! The Twitter hackers are constantly at it and it’s commonly through the DM route. I rarely actually look at DMs, most people who want to get hold of you will tweet you anyway and many DMs are just autoresponders from a follow. Many people I know and talk to don’t look at these either so perhaps not the best strategy for those who use them?
    Andrew recently posted..Happy Birthday LinkedInMy Profile

  19. this is a great read. will study this carefully as i am thinking of having my own twitter account. I had been apprehensive of twitter as I don’t find it as interesting as facebook (or am I wrong, then?)
    Ria Dancel recently posted..Chateau Royale – NasugbuMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Some of the really nice tips you have shared here to prevent hacking my Twitter account from hackers! My Account is really very important to me!
    Pawan recently posted..Download Bad Piggies for PC or Computer (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  21. I got my account hacked once and also did a friend of mine. Thanks for the article, it really helped. Hope I won`t be hacked again !

  22. Hi Andy,
    I don’t like apis that just enable themselves either. The necessity to go back over things and find where the problem is a pain. Maybe you can send some luv your way.

  23. hi andy, my twitter account many times hacked and i recover many time but last two time i can’t verify and lost. but with your advice i think i prevent my account now.
    Neha patel recently posted..Know what your dream meaningsMy Profile

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