Prevent your twitter account from being hacked

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Even Pros Get Tricked

Have you ever received a DM with a message about terrible pictures or other bad news?

Chances are that you have. They are rampant on twitter!

Even pros like Ryan Deiss get tricked in to clicking a link and then authorizing the page to tweet on their behalf (or, more likely it was one of his minions)

How do they do it?

The idea is to blast out DMs to people with a message about bad things being said about you or bad pictures of you being published.

Anything to get you to click the link.

once you click that link then you’re most likely taken to a page that tries to further trick you in to authorizing an app to give you access to the pictures.

if you do that, you’re screwed!

once you give an app permission to post on your behalf, they can then DM everyone in your followers list the same sneaky message.


the message comes to them from someone they most likely know, they will click it and then go on to get hacked themselves.

rinse and repeat.

Why do they do it?

Because once they have your account they can send their spam out to your followers.

even if only 1 in a thousand responds and just 1 in a thousand of those clicks.. etc then the millions of followers they can now access gives them enough successful rubes to make the whole episode profitable.

Be careful

Just be careful out there. Don’t just authorize any app to access your details or post on your behalf.

sounds simple doesn’t it?

who’d get caught doing that?


The next time you get an authorize request for your twitter account, be very careful! even pros like Ryan Deiss can get caught and if they can get hacked, what hope is there for their followers?

see this tweet, poor person is probably already hacked..

Just be careful!