CASE STUDY: How to use YOUR NAME domain to help Your Online Business.


Como se llamo? Everyone has an answer to this question, right?  Or at least everyone who knows a little Spanish does. We all have a name or something that we want people to call us. Personally, I would like to be known as “the Dude” like the character in that movie The Big Lebowski but so […]

What you can learn from Goldilocks about screening websites for guest posting.


Guest Posting has reached the point where it’s no longer a hot trend, it’s a fundamental requirement for success. How else are you going to get quality backlinks from high page rank websites? Guest posting the only technique that basically 100% of successful bloggers seem to agree on world wide.  They all insist that you […]

Money and Value. How to appraise your online content.


I’m going to say something about money. I don’t want you to freak out, just follow me on this for a moment: 1 million dollars is not an amount. it is a quantity. it’s one million, dollars. What do you need to do in order to own a website that’s worth $1 million dollars? Well, […]

What I learned from Seth Godin and Justin Bieber that changed the way I look at success forever.

Seth Godin and Justin Bieber - SUCCESS - Trace by Darnell Jackson

This morning, I noticed Mary Jaksch’s interview with Seth Godin. At first glance when I saw the big name in the title I thought ok, here’s another lame interview by some blogger and a big name author. I thought, “let me scan through this article quickly and go on to the next important thing to do on my […]