How to submit a guest post (and get it accepted) at

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Guest Blogging

You may have seen the post on why I might not approve you as a guest blogger and you’ve read what was there and successfully applied to be a contributor here at and joy of joys, the application was approved!

So now you need to submit your article.

but… before you do, you need to know some things about what your post will need to be accepted here..

What your guest post needs

  • A leading image.
    Yes, you’d be surprised at how much is added to a post when there is a relevant leading image.
    You can find one with a google search, a flickr search or you might have one in mind already.
    Just make sure you give proper attribution if you’ve taken it from flickr or similar (you can do that with the caption option when you add the image with the media uploader)
    You should also set a featured image. When you choose your leading image and you’re uploading it, before you click the ‘insert to post’ button you can click the ‘use as featured image’ so it shows up along with your post on the front page. A good image gets your post clicked and read and commented on.
  • Headings & Paragraphs
    No one wants to read through an entire page of text with no breaks.
    Please use H2 headings or bold headings to break up your post in to easily digestible chunks of text.
  • Tags (maximum of 4)
    Those little things that are used to ‘tag’ the post to let people and search engines know what the post is about.
    There needs to be at least 1 and a maximum of 4.
    If you’re writing about twitter, add ‘twitter’ to your tags or ‘social media’
    That way someone who is reading your article can click on the tag to see more posts that have the same tag.
  • A category
    Please choose the appropriate categories for your post.
    You want to make sure that you’ve chosen ‘guest bloggers’ along with the rest of the categories so you can make sure your post appears on the homepage.
  • Unique content
    Every post is checked via copyscape when it is reviewed for duplicate content.
    If your post is a copy of another post or you’ve just submitted something that you published elsewhere then your article will be refused.
    This is to prevent duplicate content penalties.
  • No affiliate links
    do not use your contributor account to paste affiliate links in to your guest posts.
    People doing this will see their post or links removed.
  • To be entertaining, educational or add value
    To get your article accepted it needs to be worth reading.
    You’re welcome to write about whatever it is that you normally write about but, please make it worth reading!

What happens after you submit your post for review?

Guest post submissions are reviewed every weekend. There’s a lot of guest posts that get submitted each week so make sure you have everything in place or else you might have to wait for another whole week before it gets reviewed again.

If anything was wrong with your article then you’ll receive an email letting you know what was wrong with it. You can also see the reasons in the dashboard when you log in. (see image)

Just log in and edit the post (because it’s now back to draft status) and re-submit for approval.

You can see the reasons why your post was refused in the dashboard area

What happens when your post is accepted?

You will receive an email letting you know that your guest post was accepted and when it will be published.

You’ll receive another email to let you know when it is live so you can come along and answer any comments that you might get. (and you will definitely get some commments!)

Please make sure you respond to comments.

I moderate all comments from strangers and I do not accept any comments that use keywords instead of a name, no matter how good the comment is so you can be sure that the comments that have been approved on your guest post are worth replying to.

Make it easy to get approval

Take a look at Mitz Pantics’ guest posts . She always submits great articles with good images, tags and a properly formatted layout. It’s a real pleasure to have her on this blog.

You can see how to format your posts by checking out the guest blogger category. Just click ‘guest bloggers‘ in the top menu to see all the recent guest blogger submissions.

There you go, some simple steps to getting your guest blog post reviewed and accepted.

I look forward to seeing your article get submitted!