How to get more clicks on your guest posts

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rel=author method

They say that writing guest posts is a great way to get more readers and traffic but almost all guest bloggers on this site are missing out on extra chances to get clicks from google to their guest posts.

It’s all circular

You can link your guest posts to your google profile and let your google profile know about your guest posts on comluv by following the circular linking pattern above

How it’s done

Step 1. Get your contributor account approved.

Step 2. Link your account with your Google Plus profile.

Just visit and log in and click the ‘view profile’ button

Google plus page

Paste that URL in to your bio area of by logging in and going to the dashboard profile area.

wp-image-20935" alt="Profile ‹ The ComLuv Network — WordPress" src="‹-The-ComLuv-Network-—-WordPress1-300x127.png" width="300" height="127" />

This will ensure that your author page on will link back to your Google profile.

Step 3. Tell Google that is one of the places that you publish content.

Visit the URL you just added and click to edit the profile and then edit the area marked ‘Contributor To’ and add the URL


and that’s the 3 parts of the circle.

What this does..

ComLuv links all your guest posts with your author page.

….your author page links to your google profile.

….your google profile links back to your author page on Comluv

your SERPs for your ComLuv posts will now show your pretty image next to the posts..


and that will get your guest posts more clicks!

If you have a better or quicker way I’d love to know! just leave me a comment below…