3 Basic Fundraiser Hints: Tips and Tricks of The Trade

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Missy Diaz
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Arranging a fundraiser is sometimes hard work. Many times it’s work with little or no benefit for the cause. That’s why it’s so important to know what makes people want to donate to the cause.

fundraising tips

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There are three basic ways to make your fundraiser successful.

1. The right attitude

There’s no better way to get people interested in a cause than to relate to them. Be honest, and never play up your cause in order to raise more funds.

Whether the fundraiser is for a medical reason or school programs, only use the right terminology and make sure everyone is informed. Never get pushy about what you are trying to do. Always keep a positive attitude that conveys how successful you hope to be at raising money for a good cause.

Make sure your whole team keeps the same positive outlook and continues to drive toward a unified goal. The fruits of this will show how well the right attitude works when everyone pulls together to make a difference in people’s


2. Refreshments

No matter what the fundraiser is for, you will want to offer refreshments to the attendees. Sometimes, it’s even a good idea to have an additional bake sale as part of the money-raising strategy.

It’s hard for some people to turn down yummy desserts and snacks, which makes them want to stay longer and spend more money. Good marketing skills should come into play when you try to sell food items so that the most money can be raised for the cause.

If a bake sale is not an option, then offering small free snacks of larger orders that are for sale is often a good strategy as well. You’ll find that food sells itself; and with additional marketing, it can bring in phenomenal profits for the charity.

3. Entertainment

Get the attention of your attendees quickly with the right kind of entertainment. Finding a band that’s willing to play for the fundraiser is a great way to raise interest and donations. Many bands will offer their time to help organizations in need.

Even hosting a battle of the bands has driven more donors to a cause, because people love competitions. Always make sure you hire a family-friendly band to play at these events because otherwise, you don’t what sort of music you will get. Ideally, you should have a signed contract that makes it clear that all proceeds go to the fundraising event’s cause.

These tips are the backbone of what you need to know about fundraising. With these fundamentals, you have a shot at maximizing your money-raising potential.