Your 6 Point Buying Guide to Engagement Rings

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Missy Diaz
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Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
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engagement ring buying guide

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Proposing to your girlfriend is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. Making the decision to spend the rest of your life with this woman is momentous, and the occasion when you ask should include a few things — one of which is the perfect engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring is intimate business. It requires knowing what style your future wife prefers and which metal interests her, and it requires educating yourself about the four “C”s of diamond shopping: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

Know your partner

One of the easier aspects of shopping for an engagement ring is knowing your partner. While you might not have paid much attention to the jewelry she has worn in the past, it’s time to take note. Does she wear yellow gold, white gold, or platinum? Not knowing the answer to this question can make buying the perfect ring difficult.

Try to get her ring size. If you can’t confiscate a ring to take to the jeweler as an example without her knowledge, try asking her best friend or her mother. Finally, try to understand what style she likes. Perhaps you could bring it up yourself or you could enlist the help of a friend or relative so you know if she prefers princess cut, round, square or ascher.

Know your budget

An unlimited budget

makes ring shopping easy, but when you’re working with a budget you need to know what you can afford. This means checking how much cash you have on hand, what you can afford, and how much ring is enough.

Going into debt to purchase a ring is not a good idea. It also helps to know exactly what type of ring you want to purchase so you have an idea what you might need to spend. This might mean spending a few months saving up.

Know your color and clarity

Color is perhaps the most important aspect of any diamond ring. The color of a diamond is rated based on letters that start at D and proceed through Z. The closer to the beginning of the alphabet a ring is rated, the clearer the diamond. Colors closer to Z are slightly tinted and less expensive.

Clarity is the internal characteristic of a ring. The clarity of a ring is rated on a 10-point scale. The better the clarity, the more expensive and desirable the ring.

All about the carat

Many people are fooled by the term carat. Some think that this determines the size of a diamond, but it actually refers to its weight. For example, a 3-carat diamond may not be half the size of a 6-carat ring because more weight is distributed at the top and bottom of the 6-carat ring.

Cut is important

The cut of a ring matters because it determines how much light shines through the stone. The way a ring is cut can actually affect its value by as much as half. This is because the way the light shines through the ring makes it more or less desirable.

Where to shop for an engagement ring

Where you shop for an engagement ring also matters. Shopping at a retailer such as Kranich’s Jewelers means you’ll find the best engagement ring for the best price. You can rest assured that the ring you purchase is of good quality and it’s designed by one of the world’s leading engagement ring designers.

Buying an engagement ring is a much more intimate process than simply heading to the local mall to find a jeweler. The woman you plan on spending the rest of your life with deserves more than that. She deserves your best effort, and a ring that will last a lifetime.