Artificial Jewellery is most in demand as Gold prices are touching the skies



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Artificial Jewellery

Gold Jewellery has been the most desired piece of ornament for women for centuries and even today females are really obsessive for it. No doubt gold is one of the expensive metals and its Jewellery is considered to be one of the priciest gift a person can give to a women. Although there has been a decreasing trend in the gold prices some months back but still its prices are above reach of people with average income. The precious metal experienced a huge fall in price until last month but it has started to rise once again.

The craze for Jewellery cannot be taken from a women and when gold prices are going sky high, what can be done? A very simple alternative to this problem has been developed in the shape of artificial jewellery which looks identical to gold. Skyrocketing gold prices, worsening law order situation, increasing incidents of snatching have affected the gold Jewellery business really bad. People are rapidly shifting to artificial Jewellery, as it is within their purchasing power.

The trend of artificial jewellery

The trend of artificial

jewellery shoots up not just because it is inexpensive but is having a huge variety of designs and colors as well. The artificial jewellery currently available in the market looks even better than the yellow metal and has caused a real drop in the sales of the gold accessories.

Locally manufactured artificial jewellery in the country is of the highest quality and can meet its competitors all over the globe very easily. However, the increase in demand of this cheap Jewellery has taken such rapid hype that the local manufacturers are facing difficulties in meeting the needs. On the other hand, the retailers have resolved this issue with importing artificial jewellery from China and Italy, and it has grown even popular among the lower-income population.

Market Trends

Artificial jewellery in the market includes the entire variety of ornaments, including ear-tops, bangles, rings, chains, nose pins, necklaces, toe-rings, anklets, bracelets and much more. The markets are filled with these items and women are buying them like hot cakes. However, due to the rapid increase in demand of artificial Jewellery, its prices are on the rise as well. Of course its prices are nothing as compared to the gold accessories, yet high quality artificial sets of Jewellery might cost as much as $100. This demand of artificial Jewellery is subjected to rising even more if gold prices keep moving towards the skies.


  1. To be frank, I always prefer artificials jewellery for me and my mother. Use and throw is always the best way to save money as well to be in fashion :)
    Jassie recently posted…Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After PhotoMy Profile

  2. hi thanks for this article agree with your views about the hike in gold prices thats good to see that artificial is taking place in stead of original
    rajat recently posted…Free batman wallpapers for pc downloadMy Profile

  3. I totally agree with you that now a days people preferring artificial jewelry as compared to gold jewelry as the price are like sky high and everyone can\’t afford buying costly gold .
    Jones recently posted…Trendy Long Hairstyles For Women For Stylish LooksMy Profile

  4. Yes really true.. One can not afford Gold these days and the best thing and great option is using artificial jewelry.
    SAJID recently posted…FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  5. Being in the jewelry business I see that trend as well. That since precious metal prices are so high, specially gold, artificial jewelry is starting to make a surge.

  6. well, it was also supposed to happen. With the price of gold touching skies, and almost no distinction between the artificial jewellery, it was obvious.
    Artificial jewellery is more robust and seems quite nice as well.
    yogesh recently posted…Why should we have a cyber-security system?My Profile

  7. herveywilna says:

    Yes, it’s a true that artificial jewelery are in demand in people nowadays because of highly rising gold prices. It’s become a trend because its very affordable rates and amazing designs.

  8. I congratulate the guy who came up with the idea of artificial jewellery because we can at least afford great gold or silver like rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The best thing is that some of them can be polished if their color fade away and look like new once again. ~ Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Download WhatsApp for PC & AndroidMy Profile

  9. There’s no much more difference in real and fake gold. We can’t spot them until we are so near. !! So why should waste lots money on gold, get artificial jewellary instead.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…HTC One Price in IndiaMy Profile

  10. Absolutely true. Of course it is purely economical, in order to accessorize an evening dress with a real noticeable yet elegant and classy jewelry, say for example a necklaces and matching earrings, you would have to a be a millionaire to afford it. Also technology and new materials allow us to have a very decent looking clean cut artificial jewelry, and unless it is a sparkling cocktail party with high profile celebs, it also socially acceptable.
    Florence Art Jones recently posted…Black Tie Dresses | White Party Dresses | Red Maxi DressMy Profile

  11. Exactly, one should buy the artificial ones which looks the same so what is the point of wasting money? Glad that you highlighted this point :)
    vito recently posted…Bags & Accessories WomenMy Profile

  12. Hey Mahnoor,
    nice post and Yes, these days artificial jewellery are really in demand as price of gold is very high and artficial jewellery are available in affordable price. With artificial jewellery, people can keep them in touch with latest design.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  13. Yes you are right artificial jewellery is most in demand as the price of gold is touching sky. This post is really very well written.
    Prakash recently posted…Retry for Android, Retry for iPhone (iOS), Retry Online Game APK DownloadMy Profile

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