The 3 Biggest Wedding Trends for the 21st Century

Missy Diaz
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Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
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Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss has planned weddings for everyone from Nicole Richie to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi. She’s even the planner behind the lavish nuptials of former Disney star Hilary Duff.

wedding trends

image via (Flickr)

With such an impressive background, Weiss has clearly made a name for herself in the wedding planning industry. She recently shared some of the biggest wedding trends of the 21st century, and what’s causing couples to choose to follow (and sometimes even set) these trends in their weddings.

1. Bridal gowns with sleeves

Even though it’s been more than two years since commoner Kate Middleton wed Prince William in England, more brides than ever before are opting to forgo the strapless gowns so popular in the past for a gown with sleeves.

The Duchess of Cambridge, according to Weiss, is so lovely, so feminine, and so famous that everyone wants to emulate her look on their wedding day. This effortless, elegant, and lovely look is the inspiration behind thousands of wedding gowns worn each year and the trend doesn’t appear to be dying off.

The recent arrival of Prince George of Cambridge only brings the Duchess further into the spotlight, and has made even more women want to emulate her style.

2. Indoor-outdoor receptions

When Weiss planned Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s wedding in 2010, she incorporated the indoor-outdoor trend into their wedding reception. For the bohemian-rocker couple, Weiss used a lot of animal print couches and decor, and mixed the indoors with the outdoors for a creative look.

Everyday couples are using the same indoor-outdoor theme these days. Whether it’s by throwing outdoor receptions that look like they’re

indoors (beneath lavish tents), or outdoor receptions that look like they’re indoors because of the decadent furniture and lighting, it’s a huge trend in the 21st century.

One of the ways in which couples are using the indoor-outdoor look is by taking furniture that belongs inside and using it outside. This look provides a chic and elegant ambiance to any outdoor wedding ceremony or reception.

Couples are also choosing to bring gorgeous chandeliers outside, hanging them from trees and other fixtures to create an elegant ballroom look in the great outdoors. It’s an increasingly popular trend used by Hilary Duff in her 2010 wedding. She had Weiss hang more than 55 chandeliers throughout her reception.

3. Personalized wedding decor

One of the biggest wedding trends that planners such as Mindy Weiss have noted in the 21st century is personalized decor. Couples across the country are now personalizing just about everything they can, from their cake topper to the spotlight on the dance floor to their cocktail napkins.

Another huge personalized wedding trend is the signature cocktail. Couples meet with their caterers and bartenders to create signature, custom cocktails just for their wedding. You’ll find these during cocktail hour, often named something the couple came up with and provided with a personalized logo or glass.

With the growing popularity of personalized wedding decor, many guests are also taking the hint and ordering personalized wedding gifts for the bride and groom. The concept of personalized decor and gifts is big on websites such as Pinterest, a site where some women go to plan their weddings virtually these days.

Wedding trends in the 21st century are far more luxurious and high-end than past practices. No longer do you see the big, puffy shoulders and unflattering bridal party gowns you saw in the 20th century. These days it’s all about elegant simplicity and sophistication.


  1. Exactly Missy, I attended marriage of one of my best friend in california last month and Was really stunned seeing the decor, indoor and outdoor reception. It was good experience.
    Jassie recently posted..Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After PhotoMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I am increasingly seeing personalized decor and gifts in many weddings. There is the signature of the couple in a little gift that they dispatch to all the attendees. Or they do some sort of digital imprints in the gifts. And ya, when the decor and other arrangements are personalized, it gives a total new experience to both the couple and the attendees!
    Jane recently posted..6 Tips To Live Frugally And Start Getting Rich Right NowMy Profile

  3. Tanks Missy , when the decor and other arrangements are personalized, it gives a total new experience to both the couple and the attendees

  4. Twitter:
    Howdy, Jane:

    Me too! I attended two weddings this past Summer and the gifts they gave at the end to us attendees was nothing short of warm and had a very personal touch to them.

    Thanks for commenting. :)
    Missy Diaz recently posted..WordPress Affiliate Programs: Top 3 to Promote This WeekMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Hi Missy,
    It was great to have an article describing about wedding trends. And that too in comluv!
    yogesh recently posted..Space Telescope: The James Webb Space TelescopeMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hello Missy,
    Don’t forget to add the customized ride at the weddings as well. People now tend to choose the cheeky rides just for that particular day to show off people that they are just married :D
    SAJID recently posted..FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Missy,
    Interesting to read some information about wedding trends. It was a nice article.
    Shorya Bist recently posted..Secrets to Enjoy Your Age of TeensMy Profile

  8. Leon Bailey says:

    Good read. I’ve done about 20 weddings so far and customization is definitely a big thing. More and more brides want to be more hands on and make everything feel more personal. Glad to see something wedding related on this site. :)

  9. Twitter:
    Come to India and you will get to know what a marriage really mean.. :D
    Prithvi recently posted..Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Server (VPS) : Which is better?My Profile

  10. Grooms now as likely as brides to be active participants in wedding planning and decision making. Couples often take mutual responsibility for everything from choosing the guest list to financing to writing thank-you notes.

  11. Twitter:
    hi thanks for this post this reminded of those various weddings that i see and have been through so a different post
    rajat recently posted..Free batman wallpapers for pc downloadMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Thank your for this usefull post
    marc.donovan recently posted..Subway Surfers for PC Download or Subway Surfers for ComputerMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Hello Missy, thanks so much for this master piece of work. I just started attending wedding ceremonies and one of the most interesting things that always catches my attention and makes me want to get married soon is the decor. I love when the decor is personalized cause it makes the whole scene completely different with a special and unique feel. I’ve also noticed that one of the ways the weddings of the 21st century are personalized is by selecting a unique color and using it on everything (the cake, decor and even clothing). Thanks so much for sharing.
    Ngah Benoit recently posted..The ultimate guide to a healthy and successful relationshipMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    For weddings, it’s all about the details. The more effort the bride and groom put into personalizing their weddings the better the result. Like Missy, I love when couples use modern furniture and lighting outdoors or in a barn. It’s so much nicer to photograph weddings that have some individualized style.
    Bill recently posted..Mount Airy Mansion WeddingMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    This is so lovely Missy to accomplish a dream wedding. I like creative ideas which makes wedding colorful in this century from coming up with your own gown design, design reception in an extraordinary way and a crazily designed cake.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted..Download WhatsApp for PC & AndroidMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    All of these ideas sound great to me, but I have yet to attend a wedding to incorporate them. I would love to go to wedding where the indoors is outdoors – I’m extremely visual and this would be such a neat and weird feelings. The last wedding I went to was thrown by two people who didn’t drink, so the barely promoted drinks at their wedding let alone name one after them. :)
    Bellaisa recently posted..7 Tips To Help You Seduce WomenMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments, feedback and kind words. I so appreciate them all.

    Thanks guys! :)
    Missy Diaz recently posted..My Blog Guest: 5 Minute Video Review and CommentaryMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Personalized decor makes the wedding healthier and makess the groom feel special for them, and have a great wedlock@
    Jafar Dhada recently posted..Apple iPhone 5C Price in IndiaMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Hah… i have seen lots of marriages people are trying to make and break new records to become famous and let the bride know how much he loves her…
    SAJID recently posted..Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Nice post Missy. Personalization is always the way to go. Irrespective of the theme or season, personalizing helps to create unique weddings.
    Anchal Bhatia recently posted..Steal Worthy Ideas for Peacock Wedding ThemeMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    Hey Missy,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Wedding is very important part of our life and we all want that it should be grand and always remembered. These trends help in making our wedding best. I like the indoor-outdoor reception.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  22. Twitter:
    These are the biggest wedding trends of 21st century. This post is really nice and helpful. Thanks for sharing this nice post.
    Prakash recently posted..Garageband for PC, Garageband for windows 7/8, MAC, Garageband AndroidMy Profile

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